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    bones strippping help

    I have been away from painting and these boards for a while. I recently got back into painting and started with some of the bones 3 ogres. I made a rookie mistake with bad lighting and decided they had to go in the Simple Green bath. The ones that I based coated with brown cleaned fairly well.The armored ogres had Vallejo Coal Black and the stuff will not come off after 36 hours.That is not even a primer, just black model paint. So has anyone had this problem? Do I need to step up the cleaning solution to acetone free nail polish remover? Brake fluid? Has anyone tried nail polish remover or brake fluid on the Bones? how does the plastic react?
  2. MonsterSlayer

    Rustoleum Matte Sealer

    Wow, I was at Wal-mart and saw the same Rustoleum stuff the other day and wondered the same thing. I chickened out because I am such a slow painter I would hate to finish one and mess it up with a sealant. But would love to see someone test it out.