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  1. By which I assume that you are actually Paid for your weirdness??? Like, it's part of your resume??? GEM
  2. [purple on] Once you have the house picked up, where are you planning to set it down? [purple off] GEM
  3. Looks to me that the concrete barrier qualifie as a "road defect", making the public agency responsible for that section of road at least partially responsible/liable. GEM
  4. Irish Breakfast. Nothing quite like hot Black Tea served straight. Of course, if you have some shortbread biscuits handy they mke an excellent accompaniment. GEM How is her medical report? GEM
  5. Vorpal Frying Pan of Concussion. Double damage is dealt if hot grease is present and the target fails to make a succesful save vs. Acid Splash. Effect lasts for three turns with damage dealt halving with each successive turn. GEM
  6. Sounds like there is moisture in the system. Only takes a few molecules of water to do what you are describing. The fix is to evacuate the sytem, change the dryer, do a complete purge which includes pulling a high vacuum on the system, holding that vacuum as a leak test, and then recharge with new refrigerant. If it's under warranty they don't want to do it because it's a time consuming process and good [or even mediocre] A/C techs don't work for cheap. GEM
  7. So wear funny shaped hats. GEM
  8. I wouldn't call that a rant, more like a carefully reasoned statement based on professional experience. And as to men and women wearing the same hats, doesn't it all come down to the sort of ornamentation, adornment applied to the basic hat? I've been a "hat person" all my life. This acursed hyperaccusis I suffer with has limited me to wearing only those that closely conform to the shape of my head. I did just this month buy a "Smokey Bear" type hat with a very tall crown. Very much like the style worn during the silent era of western movies. Since I can't wear it, why would I buy such a hat? So I can properly display my growing collection of National Park and Monument pins, with the ocasional State Park pin thrown in just because it's from an interesting place I've been. Oh Bad - Bad - Bad! Somebody owes you a cheesecake, wih interest, which means you are due Two Cheesecakes. GEM
  9. Actually, I personally am of the opinion that properly tailored men's formal wear looks good on both men and women. The downside being that when everbody is in a penguin suit it makes it difficult to identify a specific individul from a distance. Also, few things are sadder than a man who has "gone to seed" in a poorly fitted tux. GEM
  10. It's been a stressful 24 hours plus. The plan was to leave yesterday AM for a convention for the uniformed branches of our fraternal order. Somebody was suppoed to be delivering to our house or we were supposed to pick up from somebody circa a half hour away some baskets of floral arangements for the events, just prior to heading out. Total fumble/foulup miscommunication on time/date. Long story short, had to redo schedule and leave at 9AM today so instead of a low stress 4 1/2 hour drive it's a 5 hour plus drive with the Sunday Crazy People on the highway. We are here, safely, if with somewhat frazzled nerves and settled in to our room. I've laid claim to 3/4 of the desk for the current project at hand, whcih is preparing a bunch of Reaper Pilgrim and Indian Mouslings for Thanksgiving Table Decorations. On the upside, my Wet Palette arrived on Friday and it is prepped and ready for its first use, which will happen in a place with higher humidity than my normal desicated environment.
  11. I tend to keep something along the lines of the Emerald City protocol most days. GEM
  12. The pertinent question being,: What percentage goes on the project, and what percentage ends up on the Froggy? GEM
  13. I feel your joy. You have discovered the reason why Super Glue comes in such small packages. If you are buying the hobby shop size, the large size pins are your friends for stoppering the bottle. I use the big T-pins and will use a pin to pierce a new bottle so it forms a tighter seal when I need to stopper the bottle. GEM
  14. I don't know about the car insurance portion of their business but the people who use the logo that looks remarkably like Lady Liberty [please notice I'm not naming any names] have the stuff that pond scum excretes staffing their workers comp division. GEM
  15. >Screws earplugs in tighter< >Clamps headphones on and taps right earcup< >Flashes quick tight smile and slinks off to cave< GEM One day you will find all of the lost packets in the last place you looked. GEM