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  1. My friend is actually GMing a DCC event on Friday night! Depending on the day, we will probably want to join.
  2. Awesome, thank you! Looking forward to playing with you all :)
  3. I'm tempted to pull a "cough cough I'm sick" so I can have more time to paint (and pack)!
  4. Will this be premade, adventure league, or new characters? :O I'd love to play if you have room.
  5. I just started one, but I think I can get it done if I no-life it until 5pm Friday next week. I'll sleep when I'm dead.
  6. I bought the Golden crackle paste medium instead of going out to buy the GW crackle paint... but so far no crackles in my test swatches. I'm hoping some people here have tried Golden before and have any tips. Do I need a base coat? Glue on the bottom? Thicker layers? Does it need the full 3 days to dry & cure even for small terrain pieces? I'm hoping to be able to just use what I already have, but I might be able to buy some Agrellan earth this weekend if the Golden doesn't work. Or if there are any good crackle paints for a dry desert texture I could find at Joann's or Michael's or Blick. Thanks! :)
  7. Looks great! What kind of crackle paste did you use? I'm currently trying to create a desert diorama, and I bought Golden crackle paste from Michaels. The test swatches (painted thin, and a little thicker) didn't seem to crackle much overnight. :( I might have to shell out for GW dry earth paint, but I'm hoping you have some tips!
  8. I hope there's still space to sign up when I get there!
  9. Sweet, thank you for the clarification!
  10. So the site says "themed costume" but I didn't see a theme for this year anywhere... or is it the Factions/Dreadmere? Could we wear just any type of fantasy inspired costume? The Faction page says "30 points each day you wear a costume," and on the Reaperbucks page it says "each day you wear a qualifying... costume to receive these ReaperBucks. No repeat gains." If I wear the same costume every day, can I get 30 Faction Points & 100 Reaperbucks? Or can I only get the 100 Reaperbucks once? It says "each day" but it also says "no repeat gains."
  11. Aye but everyone knows chainsaws are the best tool for sculpting greenstuff.
  12. Great info, thank you so much! :D
  13. What's the deal with costumes? Might be fun to dress up but we're kind of there to just paint, right? :P
  14. I don't have any metal minis to trade in, but I could just buy them by the pound, right? I thought that was at the con itself. Is it at the factory and not the con area? I'm pretty sure I had a few hours open, I'll have to look at my schedule again. It sounds like I should go! :)
  15. This is my first Reapercon, I'm really excited. :) I've been trying to find out what the factory tour is all about, and I'm not sure if I should schedule time to do it or not since the scheduling with classes is pretty tight. What's available at the factory that isn't already at the con? Are the minis there super cheap? Are there free goodies for tour attendees? If anyone has already been on the tour before, I'd love to find out more!