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    Caravan to Reapercon 2019

    Hovercraft. In case of a lottery win, definitely hovercraft.
  2. aturriff

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I remember that making those up was a game back in elementary school. Longest word wins. And then there is the Satanarchaeoluegenialkohoellische Wunsch-Punsch... :)
  3. aturriff

    Caravan to Reapercon 2019

    Lost my message... *sigh* Anyway, trains. We're looking at 96 hours in transit, going WA --> CA --> IL --> TX (can you say long way around?), for the low, low price of $1600 per traveller... I miss the European rail network right now.
  4. aturriff

    Caravan to Reapercon 2019

    @Sylverthorne The @ thing absolutely works ;) So, I was plotting my route via SLC and Denver, with the mental goal being no more than 10 to 11 hours on the road per day (thus allowing for food and bathroom breaks and driver swaps), and Thorne and I would like to drop by a friend's place in Denver while we're underway. There's actually multiple reasons for me contemplating this, one of them being money (bloody hell, they all take it from the living...), one being that I /want/ to do it (but then, I'd like to drive the Panamericana at some point in my life, too - I'm strange), and one being that it would solve some problems with transporting things to and from - neither Thorne nor I trust the baggage manglers at the airports, and we seem to lose suitcases to impact damage on a regular basis. To get my rambling back on topic, a caravan seems like a good idea to me - meet up in the morning, arrange waypoints and all, drive. Hadn't considered trains, but truth is, it would surprise me if that was a viable option.
  5. aturriff

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Book of the Damned. I do not think this is the time or place to go into further detail. @TheAuldGrump Ah, we were speaking at cross purposes. I was thinking about the internal game design processes and procedures at Paizo, lumped in with the office politics and all. I agree that Jacobs has been quite vocal in the past about principles, ideas, techniques, table experiences and it is surprising to me as well that he is not commenting on PF2 at all.
  6. aturriff

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Somewhat late to this party, but I doubt that James will say a damn word about the inner workings of game design and office politics. I mean, unless you get him both in private and drunk, and even then, I would give that low odds. As for infighting going on at Paizo, I am convinced that has been the case for much, much longer than last year. They've burned through a number of creative and business staff, replacing them (from what I can see) with promotions from the fan base, and have decided to shift their target audience rather sharply. I have no wish of getting into a discussion of politics, so I will leave that particular thought right there, but to get back to the infighting, I cannot believe that noone at the company argued against, for example, reprinting books with content removed due to complaints of a handful of online personae.
  7. aturriff

    RC2018 rides thread

    We'll arrive in DFW 2018-08-29 1528L. We have a car rental lined up, and can take someone along to the hotel. We should have two spare seats available.
  8. aturriff

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I hadn't realized the prefix "octo-" operated the same in Greek and Latin. Then again, they are both indogermanic languages, and surprisingly similar in their grammar; for example, the -i plural exists both in Greek and in Latin for words belonging to the -o declination, e.g. barbarus (latin) -> barbari; barbaros (greek) -> barbaroi
  9. aturriff

    Reaper classes?

    How about "Painting Scars&Wounds?" Same day, Michael Kliemann, no "Purchase Addon" link shows.
  10. aturriff

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    So, my perspective here is quite simple: Use the appropriate tool for the job. It's been the year of "Linux on the Desktop" for what, 15 years now, and it has not happened - that indicates to me that the userspace applications are simply Not There. Wine is a crutch at best, and not a good one. So is, in the other direction, WSL, as much as I love the idea. As for the Free Software attitude of "if what you want is not supported, fix that," most people have neither the ability nor the time nor the inclination to write up that code themselves, nor the resources to hire a professional to do it for them. I am a lifelong systems admin and home user of computers, and quite frankly, unless I am expressly working on something new, I expect my tools to Just Work. I have no more patience for a program I need to get into the guts of and rewrite the code for than I would have for rewiring my oven every time I want to cook something different.