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  1. KDM: Zachary

    Did some blending on the shadows, hopefully I didn't overpower them too much. Also some work on the eyes,
  2. Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game

    Wow great job(s), love the eyes on the first one. I just Started painting the base set as well, wish I could paint eyes like that! Like your OSL on the second one as well. I primed mine in white but I'm having second thoughts after that one, it would be cool to make the whole figure darker except for the parts that the lantern light hits. I'm not sure but I *think* the world is supposed to be shrouded in darkness? So if that is the case it would fit.
  3. First mini that actually means something to me

    Looking good! A lot of painters pooh pooh cheap paints, and better paints can definitely make it easier, but it's much easier to get a color selection and base to start from with wal mart brand paints. I did my whole blood rage set almost exclusively with wal-mart apple barrel and folk art paints. Serviceable at the least, I would say.
  4. Survivor Zachary, assembled, green stuff'd, primed in white, base flesh tone and hair, and skin wash. Working on the eyes now, he's not supposed to look like batman.
  5. Spellweaver

    Finished Spellweaver from Gloomhaven for a comission. First attempt at OSL, and first bona fide 28mm eye job. C&C welcomed.
  6. Tinkerer

    So I'm pretty happy with how the base is coming, but I was gonna put this up to see if anyone has any tips or ideas to make it look better.
  7. Spellweaver

    Holy Broccoli it always looks good until I see it zoomed in. Then I can't live with myself.
  8. Spellweaver

    Hokay, so first attempt at osl, might be a little too drastic? Please tell me what you guys think, I wasn't sure how to shade the blue skin with yellow and red from the fire so I just glazed it over. And some ugly flash ones to show the colors better (Maybe?)
  9. Tinkerer

    Working on the base for this guy, thought I'd put it up. Put sand down and then painted over it black, trying to make it look like a river of lava (DON'T ASK WHY THEMING-WISE, IT JUST SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME.) Still planning on messing with it, running some red and darker shades through the yellow and maybe some red cracks through the black.
  10. Spellweaver

    Alright got the eyes as good as they're going to get right now, still look a bit bug-eyed I think, but good. Also did some touches on the armor and clothes detail and highlighted the crystals a bit more. Sorry for the harsh lighting I wanted to be sure to get the eyes.
  11. Spellweaver

    Thanks for the input, I had actually been using this video as a basis for painting eyeballs, but I had never thought to note the brush motion. I think I've got it acceptable at the moment though, I'll have to try that on the next mini. She still looks a bit bug eyed though, the mini has like raised pupils or something built into the sculpt, so I just tried to paint the raised areas. I'll put some pics up tomorrow. Oh I should probably clarify my earlier statement was more of a rhetorical whinge than a request for instruction. I think I have the theory down, I just have trouble putting in paint.
  12. Spellweaver

    fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, HOW.
  13. Spellweaver

    Oh god disaster. Well no, not quite, but it's far too far from perfection for me... LEND ME YOUR EYEBALL... expertise, SO THAT I MIGHT uh draw eyes. btw First Bona Fide eyeball detailing, so be kind, not too kind though. I've seen some youtube tutorials and that's about it. Started out black the whole eye area, then white over it, then about 10 tries to get the pupils, then trying to clean up the eye sockets. I think I have the shape pretty good, my main question is should there be some white above the pupil? Or should it just go straight to the eyelid like that? I know I still need to go in and clean up the whites more, but I'm going to do that monday probably. Please comment if you have helpful advice! Or just to say you suck lol. Also bad camera sorry.
  14. Spellweaver

    Touched up the fire and icefire, think they're done, just need to get the skin and crystals to a place I like and decide if I'm going to try to shade the clothes.
  15. Cragheart Finished

    Thanks for the advice, I'm going to leave this one but will definitely keep it mind for the future.