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  1. Been painting Blood Rage again, for a friend, and thought I'd post the pics of what I got so far for the big guys. Most of the shading and detail work done, planning on making the skin less glossy by finish and still need to base. Any C&C welcome. P.S. "Frost giant says pls no I'm not ready."
  2. ThirstyBob

    Airbrush losing pressure - Help!

    Thanks for the help guys, I'll do that.
  3. ThirstyBob

    Airbrush losing pressure - Help!

    It doesn't seem to , same speed to get up to full pressure, just drops after I start painting. I haven't had it for very long, under a year. I also don't use it very frequently. I may have put some extra strain on it by leaving it pressured up all the time though.
  4. ThirstyBob

    Airbrush losing pressure - Help!

    It doesn't ever, I usually leave the compressor on with a quick release valve on it that I just slot the airbrush into. Maybe I shouldn't be doing that? Also the compressor is also a paasche brand compressor, came with the brush. I'll check the model number later.
  5. ThirstyBob

    Airbrush losing pressure - Help!

    It's an auto shut off tank, it turns on for a few seconds when you power it on, and then turns off until air is released. So if the filters weren't tight, I believe it would turn on every few seconds? There is no sound of leaking either. The Airbrush works fine at first it's just problematic for getting even coats if the pressure drops down to 5psi. Would it be the motor if the compressor has no trouble running without the brush connected?
  6. So today when I started airbrushing, I noticed that after I sprayed a bit the pressure on the tank was dropping, which made it difficult to get an even coverage. I'd start at around 15psi, and it would hold for a couple seconds, then drop steadily until it was down at 5psi. Turning up the pressure did not help, it still dropped psi. I took out the needle and checked and cleaned it and the rest of the ab, then tried just shooting air through, without needle or anything but the nozzle lever. Same result. Seals are airtight at least until I start shooting air through. I have a Paasche TG-3F, bought it with the compressor in a package deal, compressor has a humidity filter on it. EDIT: Just noticed that while air is going through the airbrush, adjusting the pressure does nothing at all. I can turn it up or down and it stays at 5psi. Unless I reduce the pressure below 5psi, then it goes down. Adjusting the pressure when I release the airbrush changes psi normally.
  7. ThirstyBob

    -Spoilers- Sun class

    Thanks a lot man!
  8. ThirstyBob

    -Spoilers- Sun class finished

    If you are playing gloomhaven or plan to and do not want to be spoiled to the unlocked classes stop reading here. This is the class with the sun icon Last warning to avoid spoilers. Just finished up the Sunkeeper for Gloomhaven, I think I'm gradually overcoming my fear of highlighting. As always, C&C greatly appreciated for things to do better next time or general tips. Work Process (as far as I can remember) Primed in white, followed up with gunmetal grey over most of the figure, except for obvious cloth, highlighted some of the armor with chrome, detailed the clothes, then added royal gold for the gold, washed straight black for the crevices in the armor, followed up with aztec gold, gradually mixed with lemon yellow, then a hansa yellow transparent for the final highlight. Cloak and cloth were in there somewhere with crimson to scarlet to pink, washed dark red and blended. Hair was pretty much just white washed black highlighted white. Face went through a ton of phases but mostly caucasian fleshtone mixed with pink and a touch of burnt sienna, dropped the sienna when highlighting. Cobbles on the base were greenstuff'd then used matt gel with some burnt umber for dirt, scattered pebbles and grass, after set followed up with some matte varnish and a touch of gloss on the cobbles. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81555-spoilers-sun-class/ Harsh Lighting Soft Lighting Base
  9. ThirstyBob

    -Spoilers- Sun class

    Thanks for the help @LarsM I highlighted the cobbles a bit but decided to leave the loose stones how they were, but with a matt varnish. Harsh Lighting Soft Lighting Base
  10. ThirstyBob

    -Spoilers- Sun class

    I highlighted the armor more, gonna post pics soon, the thing about the ground is a good idea, the original idea was the base is some sort of ruins, so it would be hard stone. I brushed off some of the loose stone though so it's less saturated.
  11. ThirstyBob

    -Spoilers- Sun class

    This is the unlocked class with the Sun icon. If you do not want spoilers stop reading now. --------------------------------------------- I was wanting some c&c, if I could get it, on several areas. The mouth and the base are the main ones, so if anyone has any critique for those that would be helpful. I'm also thinking of highlighting the gold armor a bit more, any thoughts?
  12. ThirstyBob

    HOW TO POP SHOGGOTH -- Popped, thanks :D

    SHOGGOTH POPPIN NOW. Thanks for the help guys, geoff your technique sounds amazing but this is supposed to be a quick tabletop job, so I went with the faster route.
  13. Please help guys, I should be done with this guy by now but I just need the purple to POP, I think. Maybe something else needs doing?
  14. ThirstyBob

    Great Cthulhu

    Thanks! Yeah I was looking for more contrast, the colors were too similar so I tried that.
  15. ThirstyBob

    Great Cthulhu

    Finished Cthulhu on Saturday, I think I'm learning to overcome my fear of highlighting too far, I still didn't go as light as people said I should. Some say you can go practically to white, but I am very hesitant to try that. I think I've made progress though. C&C welcome! Soft Lighting--- Harsh Lighting, to show detail---- And WIP thread if anyone is interested...