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  1. Nyarlathoptep

    More work on Nyar's eyes.
  2. Flying Polyps - Wynken and Blynken

    Nod is coming along now. Going to do all the eyes on this one and leave the others. This is a tabletop commission after all, just doing the eyes as a demo.
  3. Found a new game!

    Did some basic fatiguing on some cars, still working on the reconstructions on others. Also got some ww2 guns in. C&C welcome! Those 1:35's are huge but I think I can work around it, kinda need to on my budget. They were the cheapest I could find.
  4. Found a new game!

    Wh00p, started tearing them apart and experimenting, this is what I got for the OMNI-bus. Option A: Option B: (I think this is a little much, honestly.) Option C is just the Yellow one on the back, which I think I like best. Project 2: Then...
  5. Found a new game!

    Yeah I was thinking of getting some 1:35 ww2 model machine guns, not sure the exact size difference but I think it would work?
  6. Found a new game!

    Found a new tabletop game called gaslands. Has some amazing model builders already, tearing apart hotwheels and similar and mashing them together in amazing ways. Got some today and was working on some concepts for post apocalytpic cars, mock ups with blu-tac and toothpicks followed. No painting or actual modelling done yet, just ideas. Anyway check it out if you like the mad-max/deathrace setting. https://gaslands.com/
  7. Hunting Horror

    LAST ONE FOR THE NIGHT I PROMISE. Sorry I had a bunch of stuff I hadn't taken any pics of in ages so I figured I'd dump them all on here. Thanks for any c&c is offered, you guys are great!
  8. Alright go these guys to a serviceable spot for a test game tomorrow. Forgot that there was a third one, I know I had it when priming and pre-shading, probably the hounds of tindalos again. DAMN THOSE CORNERS. Btw does anyone have any suggestions, beyond "just don't touch them," for playing games with half painted minis? I don't want to varnish them and was hoping there was a better way. @Talae I know you play while wip, do you do anything special?
  9. Nyarlathoptep

    Ok so progress, possibly. Working on the eyes atm, I think I've kinda stalled on the big center one. Not sure if I need a touch of soul in there or if I should do something else first. The bloodshot effects are as good as they're gonna get though, I do not have the brush control neither the brushes to do thinner blood vessels. Hopefully it gets the point across. As for the rest of it, I think I'm pretty much done, I could go and do some further green shading on the shadows but... that way, madness lies. Spent too long on this guy already.
  10. Brom Hard Bark

    Just threw away all my paints and minis, gg. This is amazing stuff.
  11. KDM: White Lion

    So taken a few pic of this guy as I was painting him, started out priming black airbrush pre shading white, then painted the whole thing in brown before changing my mind and going this direction. That was the shadows and blending, then I did some yellow highlights on the back and mane, and detail on the face. Not sure if I'm done, maybe a bit more blending on the stomach, I think it's showing a bit too much blue.
  12. KDM: Antelope and Kingsman

    Some work done on the Kingsman over the last few weeks, here's an update. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE NYARLATHOTEP IN THE BACKGROUND
  13. Nyarlathoptep

    Some in progress works of nyar as I work on him. Started with black primer, airbrushed white pre shading, drybrushed transparent dioxane purple, accenting the shadows, then coated in transparent pthalo blue.
  14. KDM: Antelope and Kingsman

    More work done on both but Pictures of the antelope top side.washed with purple then brushed over with quinacridone red transparent. Coat was a mix of burnt sienna base, shading up to yellow ochre via drybrushing, with a black wash somewhere in the middle.
  15. Started on these this week, thought I'd throw them up before I went to bed. C&C always appreciated, especially on the antelope, I'm having a hard time think what I could do to improve it, but I think it was too easy to get it looking that good. Underside of the antelope is still a wip, BIGTIME, I've barely started on it. I mean the gorey sinewy muscle for the tips to make better. KDM story spoilers ahead...