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  1. Ocean base

    Oooh, I will have to follow your progress on this as it is something I am interested in doing.
  2. Crowley's Paranormal Exterminators

    Oh gosh those are great! I needz them!
  3. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Looks great! I am still creating too many excuses for painting large scale monsters like this. I tell myself I need an air brush, or I need a proper place to paint, or I don't have enough time. Until I am ready I will Surreptitiously live my large monster dreams through you guys.
  4. Werebat: 03791

    Looks great! I especially like the color for the wings! looks like you picked up right were you left off bat.
  5. Chipmunk mage and Cloud Giantess

    Heya! Just started two new projects and I am excited to share. I didn't know which one to do first so I prepped them both. This is my first time at a resculpt. Nothing major. I covered the mold lines on Yephima's hair and on her back. For the chipmunk mage, resculpted the tortoise shell because I didn't think there was enough definition. Also I had to fix the scroll because there was a hole. I am undecided on the color schemes, but for Yephima I am thinking a clouds at sunrise palette. Any thoughts from you folks?
  6. Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    It is very inspiring to me to see the progress that others make. Great job, I am especially fond of the base work. Stuff like that still intimidates me a little.
  7. 03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    I love this little dude! Nice color scheme and good job! Do you happen to know what model this is? (edit) after checking the tags on the top of the post I see the model number now >_<
  8. Rivani iconic psychic

    Hmm, I never thought about using construction paper. I will be using that advice. Thank you.
  9. Rivani iconic psychic

    *Insert shameless self promotion here* I just finished this months long project and I think it is my best mino to date. I don't have a fancy photo set up yet so forgive the lowbrow photos. This was my first attempt at textured fabric and dark skin tones. If you have any constructive criticism I am happy to hear it.
  10. Mouse's Mouslings

    I am jealous of your collection! These little critters are so fun to paint, which one are you going to do first?
  11. Kitty

    Oh gosh, this makes me want to do something with green hair!
  12. 77396 Olivia, quick paint-job in purple monochrome

    your class was very informative at reapercon. It has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and attempt a Monochrome figure very soon. I wish I had a little more time during each class because I have such a relaxed pace while painting and I get a little hard on myself for not keeping the same pace as others. I also wanted to say that you are a very well spoken dude! Thank you for sharing the finished piece!
  13. Just finished my first reapercon! Thank you to all the forum folks that showed great kindess by sharing their wisdom with me. I hope to come back next year.