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  1. Geoff Davis

    14012 Gauntfield

    It looks pretty good except the highlights on the scythe are upside down. If you invert it so that the dark areas are at the top and the light areas below it will look much better. You could also push the dark areas to be even darker. Black would be good. The greater the contrast between the light areas and dark areas the shinier the nmm effect will appear. Your white edge highlights look really good. The overall appearance of your figure is really good. I particularly like the effect of the blue eyes next to the tattered orange shirt.
  2. Geoff Davis

    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess

    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess sculpted by Derek Schubert . I bought this figure a couple of years ago when it first came out but I had a hard time getting a vision of what it should look like. Then someone asked me to paint it for them, so I went searching for inspiration. Turns out, there are a lot of people who dress like this for the festival and there are lots of photos, so here's my interpretation. C&C welcome.
  3. Geoff Davis

    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard

    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard sculpted by Derek Schubert. This guy was supposed to be a speed paint, but I got too interested in putting diamond patterns on his clothes.
  4. Geoff Davis

    14465: Durin Dwarf Pathfinder Sgt

    14465: Durin Dwarf Pathfinder Sgt sculpted by Tom Mason. I never would have tried this blue and bronze colour scheme of my own choice, but one of the players in my D&D game requested it, and now I like it.
  5. Geoff Davis

    DSM1159 Female witch with wand

    Thanks very much. I used the Autumn Browns triad for the leather. I start with the darkest brown and work my way up to the brighter ones with thinner layers. I add golden blonde from the warm light browns triad to the highest highlight colour to make the worn looking bits of the leather.
  6. Geoff Davis

    03346 - The Bonecracker

    Nice job! Is that the shield from the dragonman warrior? If it is, nice job converting it!
  7. Victoriana from Bombshell Miniatures, sculpted by Patrick Keith. This is the figure I entered into the Miniature Monthly Masters painting competition. I really like this sculpt, and in fact I bought two more of her to paint just last week! Some of her WIP photos are here: WIP
  8. Geoff Davis

    DSM1159 Female witch with wand

    Dark Sword Miniatures Female witch with wand, sculpted by Jeff Grace.
  9. Geoff Davis

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 - Victoriana

    Hey cool! She won the Bombshell manufacturer's award in the Miniature Monthly Masters online painting contest!
  10. Geoff Davis

    03428 Barrow Warden Mystic

    03428: Barrow Warden Mystic sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
  11. Geoff Davis

    03428: Barrow Warden Mystic

    Here's my next project, partially finished. Barrow Warden Mystic sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I seem to be obsessed with OSL. Not sure how I managed to avoid putting tartan on this guy, but no doubt OSL X Tartan is in my future. Anyway, I started out sketching in the shadows on this guy then rapidly got out of control. I then spent the last few painting sessions fixing the damage. I'm using a bright green for the glow, so I mix the green into every colour. This turns the reds very grey and makes the greys a bit lighter. It seems to be working so far.
  12. Geoff Davis

    Templar Knight

    Ok, I'm back and it's time to finish this guy. Blocked in the basecoats on the leather and the surcoat. Added light brown over the parched ground. Shading and highlights on the leather and surcoat. Added white highlights on the armour (part of the underpainting process). More highlights on the leather, surcoat and base. Added gold trim to leather belts, gloves and scabbards. Why am I doing the details when I haven't painted the armour at all yet? I was only able to take a couple of minutes here and there to paint, so I focused on things I could get done fairly quickly. The armour and weapons will be metallic, so it takes longer because the brushes have to be more thoroughly cleaned after each step. I also redid the wash over the earth on the base. Painted in the cross, worked some more on the gold trim. Worked up the highlights on the base. Painted the first coat on the armour and weapons. Also added shadows and highlights in the cross on the surcoat. Applied black wash over all the metal. Did the next two layers of metallic paint and did an edge highlight with white added into the metallic paint. Also tidied up the paint on the edge of the base. It's chestnut brown to enhance the overall dusty look of the figure. Added some dead looking static grass to the base and he's done.
  13. Geoff Davis

    Ahoy, Canada!!

    Hey Cyradis, just saw this thread...hope you are feeling better soon. I've been hanging out watching the smoke drift by too, in Halifax. That's one heck of a smoke cloud. By the way, don't forget to visit the Burgess Shale now that you are in BC!
  14. Geoff Davis

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 - Victoriana

    Thanks very much to Cyradis for the suggestions. I really like the way it turned out. Here she is with the plaid finished. Next I prepped the base. I used the Happy Seppuku fish scale pattern for street cobbles. Then is was time to paint the carpet bag. I worked out a pattern and practiced it a few times, then jumped in and gave it a shot. It could have turned out better. I think I would need to rework the highlights on the gold colours and re-shade the pattern to match the shading of the purple in the background. However, I am out of time and won't be able to do any painting for the next week, so she's done. Finished! Or at least finished enough for this project. I really like this figure so I may just have to paint her again, soon.
  15. Geoff Davis

    Templar Knight

    Next step was to put a couple of layers of brown on the base. The next step for me is always to select the light direction and paint in the initial shadows. In this case I used a dark grey on the edges of all the chain pieces and walnut brown for all the other shadows. Next step was to apply two washes, one to the base on one to all the armour areas. I did these both at the same time because they take a while to dry. Once they are done, I will be able to finish the rest of the miniature in one painting session. The base is going to look like parched dried up mud, so I used a brown wash. For the armour, I did a couple of coats of black wash, working the paint carefully into all the little holes in the chain mail. Nothing is more annoying than finding those spots that are still white when the chainmail is nearly done and it becomes very difficult to get black paint into the deep recesses. I will inspect the miniature carefully once its dry and do another layer of wash if I see any white spots. That's going to be it on this project for a little while. I have to wait for it to dry completely before doing anything further. I won't be able to do any painting over the next week, so hitting the pause button on this one. This is the next project on my list to finish, though, so the suspense won't be too long!