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  1. She is posted in Show Off. Any criticism or suggestions are welcome. Glenraven Showoff Thanks, Geoff
  2. Rescued from my shelf of shame. WIP is here: Glenraven WIP Any comments, criticism or suggestions are welcome.
  3. 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) (Updated)

    Right on! That sword looks super now.
  4. I'm starting to feel like she's done.
  5. DSM5075 Margaery Tyrell

    That was a very informative video. Ì had the general gist of the concepts already but was missing the critical concept of repeating the process multple times over to achieve colour saturation and smooth blending. I will work on it for future projects. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I redid her eyes. I'm much happier with this result. I went back to the Dark Sword website to look at the picture of the greens. Turns out I was painting her eyelids, eyes and cheeks as though they were her eyes. They are tiny. However, when I turned the model upside down after repainting it to straight rosy skin and giving it a light brown wash, I discovered that the eyes are much much easier to access that way. I also finished the highlighting on her hair, highlighted the cloak and highlighted her skin. Still some work to do on the face and details, like lips and gems. Then the next step will be the NMM on the sword. I will need to add some kind of yellow and orange wash to tie all the colours together with the sunset theme. I also need to brighten her skirt, boots and the leather armour/headband somehow.
  7. DSM5075 Margaery Tyrell

    Thank you very much for taking the time to provide detailed observations. I am reaching the point where I need specific advice to be able to continue to improve and this is very helpful. I am uncertain about what you mean in number 4 by "painting over the deepest shadows". Do you mean that by increasing the contrast between shadow and highlight in each area of detail that it will look more naturally seperated rather than looking like it was blacklined (like it does around the gold areas)? Thanks again for your comments. Geoff
  8. Continuing to work on adding in the colours. Painted her shirt. Did some washes on the plants, painted them their base green colour. Added blue into the shade colours on the shirt, added orange into the highlights on the shirt. Hopefully this will reinforce the highlighting when I add yellow to everything facing the sun and magenta into the shadows. The skirt needs a lot more highlighting and to be brighter. So does the ground closest to the light source. Next stage will be the flesh tones and then the light-facing side of the hair. After that I'll start to brighten the highlights on the skirt and boots.
  9. Darksword GlenRaven - Female Rogue with Sword and Dagger DSM3103 Dennis Mize. Any comments, criticism or suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Continuing with my exploration of lighting, I have retrieved GlenRaven from my shelf of shame and I am sending her striding across a grassy knoll at sunset. I had already added the skirt a few years ago when experimenting with greenstuff. First step in rescuing her was to repair the base (I previously tried and failed to remove her) and build a slight hill. Next I marked where I wanted the light to be coming from. The top of the arrow on the cork is aligned with a mark on her base. When I have visually lined up the mark and the arrow, I am looking at her from the lighted direction, which I find helps me be more consistent with light direction. Then I marked the shadow position the same way. And viewed from the front you can see where I have marked all the shadows in a first coat of walnut brown. I also did a very light wash of oxford blue to bring out some of the fine details. Then the eyes, which were very tough to paint. I'm not totally happy with them and may yet repaint them. They are far too big and incorporate both the sculpted eye and her upped cheek. I am finding them very hard to get at. I made lots of progress on the colours tonight. I have added the deepest shadows on the back of the cloak and the back of her hair. I've highlighted the skirt and boots, but I think they need to be brighter and yellower. I haven't yet shaded/highlighted the flesh tones because I want them to match the colour and brightness of the other lighted areas when the sunset colours are added in.
  10. DSM5075 Margaery Tyrell

    Darksword Margaery Tyrell DSM5075 sculpted by Tom Meier. I struggled with this miniature quite a lot. She was on my painting desk for several years. The reduced size photos make her look a lot better than she really is, so I've added a closeup of the face so you can see where I had challenges with details and blending. Comments and criticism would be gratefully accepted.
  11. Iron Wind Metals Slassan (67-108)

    Slight progress on the base. I am finding it hard to attack this miniature with paint. Maybe its because there are too many legs in the way of the paintbrush.
  12. I feel like it's less accident and more inspiration. That happens to me too, all the time. I love it when I get that moment of 'coup d'oeil' and I can suddenly visualize what the end product will look like and the steps I need to take to get there.
  13. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Dungeon complex with many screaming goblins making suicide attacks in waves, with lots of humiliating traps and a big bad undead guarding a magic sword at the end. Bonus points if the magic sword talks and tries to convince the party to put it back where they found it and leave it alone. That or the dungeon from 'Keep on the Borderlands' aka the Caves of Chaos.
  14. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I have a box of lead minis (about 5 lbs or so) going back to 1975. I sometimes go through and pick one out to paint, like that half elf who I painted last month. I also have about 20 Ral Partha from the 90's set aside to paint/trade/give away. The only old minis actually in my paint queue are eight old Ral Partha Battletech lead miniatures. I am planning to paint them up as two lances and sell them. They are mostly from before the whole copyright issue occurred, so some are no longer in production (for example Stinger LAM and Battlemaster).
  15. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I had the night off work tonight due to a storm. I should be painting. I need to paint. Must paint! But power is out. So sad. I actually spent 20 minutes in the dark sorting through unopened miniature blisters looking for new projects because my shelf of shame is starting to look too thin. Too bad OSL won' t actually light up the miniatures. I'm going back to sit at my painting desk and weep in the dark now. Ps longest 'snow day' I ever experienced was a three day blizzard in the arctic in 2001. Whole town shut down due to high winds and extreme windchills.