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  1. Yoon - 60200

    Your flowers are wonderful. The colours compliment her hood very nicely. Geoff
  2. 01596 Joy Winter Fairy

    That is brilliant. I love her wonderful mischievous expression. I am also very impressed by the snow. I can't get snow to look that good for the life of me. Geoff
  3. Magnifying products for painting

    I love my magnifier. It is easy to keep clean and to position with its extension arm (45 inch reach). I agree with ced1106 about the importance of the light. I use a magnifier model with a bright fluorescent tube light which is quite cool (bluish). It's also not hard on the eyes the way I find some of the LED lights mounted on magnifiers to be. I have a triple fluorescent strip light above my painting desk which has full spectrum bulbs, so the two seem to compliment each other. I have a daylight lamp as well, but I find lately that I haven't been using it as much because it partly shades out the light from the triple fluorescent. I do find that I often have to take the miniature away from these lights and bring it close to the natural light from a window to get a sense of what the colours really look like. When the light is too bright, I find it tends to make me think the highlights have more contrast than they actually do when viewed under less intense light. The main problem I find with the magnifier is that I sometimes can't get the right angle with my brush when trying to paint into deep recesses on a miniature because the brush handle collides with the frame of the magnifier. The other minor problem I had is that the mounting for the lens and bulb is plastic on my model. I had the tension knobs adjusted too tight so when I went to change its position, the case began to progressively crack and it became less steady. I glued it back together with epoxy and it's fine now, but I'm thinking that one with a metal case around the lens would be better. You also have to be careful not to pinch your fingers between the sides of the extension arm when setting it up/taking it down. There are models available now which have enclosed arms so this is less of a risk. I'm thinking about getting a visor, but I've only just recently started wearing glasses and I'm still trying to get used to them. Geoff
  4. 14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero

    The thing I like about WIP forums is the additional motivation it gives me to get projects done. I've been working on this one for a while and have been horrifically stalled. I was playing a fighter in a D&D campaign. She started as a crossbow wielder. But because the party had no tank, she had to armour-up to survive. And she got a horse. Then I sensibly figured that she should ride the horse... so a conversion began. But then of course the character got killed and motivation dropped to, well, zero. Here is the story of that conversion, as yet incomplete, but which I intend to finish. No longer will she sit on my shelf of shame. I bought another Finari to desecrate convert. I also got this figure to provide the horse/lower torso. 14177: Onyx Chevalier,Overlords Solo Torso severed preserving her belt. Sword was removed preserving the hilt and shield removed. It took me quite a while to decide where to cut and what to preserve. All the parts fitted and laid out for assembly. After fitting them together I realized the sword on the saddle just wouldn't work so I removed it and made a new one out of greenstuff using the preserved hilt I removed in the first step. Primed and base-coated. And moved from the shelf of shame to the front of the 'must complete' row.
  5. 14566 Razig's Revenge - Salty Saber

    The weather has been horrible this weekend, so I have lots of painting time. Here is my next completed miniature for the Jan/Feb RPChallenge. I am running Princes of the Apocalypse for D&D at the moment, so he will be my "Gar Shatterkeel". Geoff
  6. 03393 Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

    You are right. He deserves better basing. I got in the habit of not putting much effort into the basing because the players in my D&D game tend to be very rough on miniatures. For example, pushing them around the board with the tip of a felt marker (why bother putting the lid back on...grrr). I need to get back into the habit of giving the miniatures the proper finishing touches. Anyway, I gave him a quick and dirty basing upgrade. As a druid, once the players are done murdering him, he should get to spend the rest of his existence on a shelf surrounded by the wuids, while drinking fermented fluids. Or, barring that, at least surrounded by a few little red flowers.
  7. DSM5058 Lady in Waiting #2

    Thanks very much, I appreciate the compliments. Geoff
  8. 03322 Effreet Emir

    Your point is well taken, though. I stopped putting much effort into basing and the miniatures deserve better. Here is an example of one I did a while back. Shazathared as an efreet I'm thinking I might try to add some smoke to the emir's base to make it more lively.
  9. 60061 Shazathared, Marid as an efreet

    My last thread today, not trying to be a spammer. Just for comparison to the base of the efreet I posted earlier. The base is super fragile. I made it using plaster, and I probably should have made it with epoxy or greenstuff. I'm also not super happy with the way her eyes and the gems on her head turned out. There is not enough contrast with her skin and hair. I probably should have made the gems bright yellow or amber and used pure white for her eyes. Geoff
  10. 03322 Effreet Emir

    Yeah, I generally don't put much onto the bases because I use most of my miniatures for gaming. My players tend to knock off anything more complex put onto a base. Geoff
  11. DSM5058 Lady in Waiting #2

    My favorite miniature that I've painted. I did this one a couple of years ago. Geoff
  12. 03322 Effreet Emir

    I've been working on this one for a while, but finished it up today. Geoff
  13. Jan/Feb RPChallenge!

    Jan/Feb RPChallenge 1. Vistaril Quillscratch (12 Jan 2018) 2. Efreet Emir (13 Jan 2018) 3. Salty Saber (14 Jan 2018)
  14. 03393 Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

    I am inspired by the wonderful painters on this forum. My first entry for the Jan/Feb RPChallenge. Geoff
  15. 77163 Male Storm Giant

    I initially had the same problem with the storm giant's sword. I put the unpainted miniature into boiling water for a few minutes. When I took it out, I held the sword in an overcorrected position then plunged it into ice water while still holding the sword in position. The sword slightly drooped from the position where I held it, but that left it at close to the right position. I find this works really well with reshaping Bones overall, especially for straightening them on warped bases. I also find that after cleaning them in boiling water, application of the first coat of paint is much easier. You have to be super careful when using boiling water, of course. With small minis, they cool off very quickly once removed from the water. With a large mini like the storm giant, they hold onto a lot more heat so you need to hold them carefully. I generally use a strainer to put them in/lift them out of the boiling water. I've never tried this with a miniature which is already painted and I wouldn't recommend it. It might help you with a future project, though. Well done on the paint job, by the way. I have yet to tackle this one as I find holding the larger miniatures a challenge. Geoff