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  1. Hello everyone! Last week, I posted pictures of one of the two D&D adventuring parties I am DMing (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81365-my-dnd-adventure-group/). These were minis I painted about a year ago. As there is a second party, I wanted to post some pictures of it as well. I painted the second batch of minis quite recently, I hope you like them. Here they are : "60071: Eccardian Drovenge" is Alrune, a Tiefling druid who was raised by Ents. Taking a step back from it, I think tha the blue wasn't the best choice, I should probably have gone for brown on those blue parts. I love the mini but with all those little details it was quite a challenge to paint : "03828: Crusader Champion (Sword and Shield)" is Guy Saint-Hubert, a human butter maker who decided to become a paladin of the goddess of death, justice and night to avenge his family : "03476: Kasham, Reptus Wizard" is Kigozaloph Jeanpatrine, a Silver Dragonborn necromancer. I was worried about the metallic paint to make his skin, but i'm happy with the result : "14567: BSG Hok Sergeant" is Miroslav Bulldosex (sigh), a Halfling fishmonger who decided to quit the civilisation and chose a barbarian life. All the pink marks on his skin are supposed to be scars but I didn't manage to make it obvious : "14553: Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant" is Polodriell, an Elf ex-soldier. He lived in a jungle, that's why his arrows are made with parrot feathers. I couldn't manage to make his eyes look good because of the cloak :
  2. Shpam

    Minis we would like to see

    - A treasure golem, being the loot AND the guardian. - A bamboo treant. A big one.
  3. Shpam

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I’m having great fun following this thread. These guys (girls?) look amazing! Aren’t you going to add the rings at the end of the handles and the fancy pommels on the sabers ?
  4. I got the 03142: Zizzix, Mantis Warrior mini a few months ago and was wondering how to paint it as a Thri-kreen. That WIP thread is a great source of inspiration, is there any chance to get some pictures of the finished minis ?
  5. Shpam

    My DnD adventure group

    They will probably look like goblins!
  6. Shpam

    My DnD adventure group

    Hello everyone! I am DMing 2 D&D games on an irregular basis, and I decided to get some minis for everyone. I thought I could share some pics of them, so here they are: 59028: Warlord Kang is Bargalt de Bargi, cleric of Moskantor, the God of Life: 03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard is Kael, Tiefling Warlock: 60090: Degenerate Serpentfolk is Kimbatuul Balasar, a one-eyed Black Dragonborn barbarian, who deeply thinks he's a pangolin: 14357: Vale Archer is Pikett, cute but brutish Elf huntress : 02510: Balto Burrowell, Gnome is Puduk “Clover” Zobvolo, Gnome noblesman who happens to be married to an Orc priestess: 02472: Thain Grimthorn is Verghedür, Dwarf warrior, mason and hammer collector:
  7. Shpam

    Minis we would like to see

    Giant pangolins, and a giant war pangolin. The war pangolin could have a spiky harness and an eye patch (armor would be useless as its scales do the job). The scales would be worn out, but the claws sharpened. A saddle and several goblins or a gnoll riding it would be fun too.
  8. Shpam

    Shipwreck Golem

    This has to be the coolest golem ever. I can’t find it on reaper’s website, has it been released yet?
  9. Shpam

    14672, battle nun

    Thanks for the advice! I finally tried to dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and gently brushed the mini with it. It removed most of the gray filter, so the battle nun is back to business. It seems to have removed all the matte sealer I put on, and even some paint (the pewter is visible on some angles). I should probably clean the mini before putting some paint over the nail polish remover. I can’t use the usual toothbrush and soap, do you think I could just rince it with water?
  10. Shpam


    That new scaly brow is just brilliant. It gives it such a mean gaze ! :o
  11. Shpam

    Female Humanoid Dragons????

    I can't really imagine a dragon-girl with boobs. I would emphasize other feminine attributes, like narrower waist and wider hips. Maybe put some jewelry. 03403: Na'Kaat, Female Half Dragon Paladin definitely looks female to me. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/female dragon/sku-down/03403#detail/IG_2082_1
  12. Shpam


    As I prefer the new shape of the eyes, something feels strange with the ridges. Maybe they’re too thick. Are you going to put the rhino horn you drew on your first post? I liked it!
  13. It's supposed to be a character. As Baran was a fighter, my guess is on some kind of spellcaster.