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  1. Goblins being hugely varied is appropriate anyway. You just need to make sure the weapon and banner etc styles mostly match.
  2. I agree that the goblins' colour scheme isn't that interesting, certainly not as nice as the dwarfs' yellow and green. Maybe they should've gone for electric blue, or black and white. The miniatures themselves nice, though, and the line has a lot of promise. I like that the miniatures are relatively plain and old-fashioned. I feel like they'll really reward a good choice of colour scheme and even minimal conversion efforts. Plus the value seems so good I'm tempted to buy the light and heavy dwarf infantry boxes simply to have around just in case. I hope they do ogres, trolls or minotaurs. I also hope they make crossbow sprues for the dwarfs.
  3. Werebat: 03791

    I'm echoing the sentiment that the purple looks good and that the wood grain is well done. The coffin is actually really great with realistic, subtle nuances in colour. I like it a lot. I think the bat would look even better if the fur was all grey because it would give greater contrast to the brown pants and the brown coffin.
  4. November Hobby Goals!

    My November goal is simply to get a hobby area properly set up and start making terrain. It's been a year since moving house already, it's well past time I got myself in gear.
  5. Minis we would like to see

    I would also like more manticores done oldschool, like so: The whole manticore/satyral/lampago family More monsters done to more closely resemble their goofy-creepy original medieval art instead of modern badass fantasy art would be great.
  6. 77306: Translucent Slimes and Tamiya Clears

    Thanks for the pictures. What happens if you paint the clear gloss over one of the coloured clear paints?
  7. Minis we would like to see

    Giant mantis Giant caterpillars and larva Cockatrices A dragon werewolf