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  1. Yeeaahh. I've been waiting for them to get rolling on that since I first learned the line exists. Honestly I would've preferred it if they just skipped the humans and went all in on dwarfs, elves and goblins. So I'm very much looking forward to infantry variants, cavalry and such.
  2. Twalrus

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    I placed an order just the other day and it included a ghoulie bag. I see no reason to think it wouldn't have the same paints and miniature as is listed on the US site, though presumably any candy included will be British. It would be funny if the names of the paints were spelled differently... My final order also listed three of the month's bonus vampire despite me only ordering 40 euro of stuff so uh I guess I'll just have to wait a few days to see what's up with that. The only negatives I've encountered is that clicking the tag on a miniature to display, say, all orcs or whatever doesn't appear to work yet and that the entire sortiment isn't yet available but I chalk those up to it being a beta site.
  3. Twalrus

    Best Version of DnD?

    That's entirely justifiable, though. your character is just so drunk it passes into local folklore. a fairly standard fantasy dwarf would absolutely, inevitably know a lot of passed-down stories of inexplicable behaviour carried out by various ancient druncles and attributed in spirit to some mythical beer trickster who was so good he could trick himself into beliving that everything he drank was brandy.
  4. Twalrus

    77514: Iron Golem

    Between the base providing an interesting pattern, the golem itself being a plain but respectable mass and the gas adding that extra little splash of something I think you're really on to something here. I thought it was magical fire first, it's rather pointy, but I'm not really any good at gas so I don't know if expecting something more rounded is correct. Maybe the golem could do with some more areas being washed? The side shots make me feel like the arms could do with something extra where the plates meet. It could just be the lighting.
  5. Twalrus

    GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    In fairness they did include pictures of the assembly process, and iirc they also note that the little turny bit to manipulate the deo stick works nicely as an engine nozzle.
  6. Twalrus

    GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    It's possible a pure resource book would sell less than a rule book but they've certainly done pure fluff releases previously and if they just include sweet enough pictures and conversions I suspect there could be a big enough market. I mean, Black Library technically does nothing but fluff. If nothing else, people would just spend the previous rule book money on miniatures and branch out more because the barrier of getting the book was lifted (which would increase retention between editions). It would be easier to have a main army and then one or two additional Kill Team forces. Encouraging small projects seems important to me and like it could pay off. Buut I'm just a layman crudely applying observations from other companies, Steam sales and the general trend of hobbies.
  7. Twalrus

    GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    It did suck that GW for decades would have options and sometimes entire units that just didn't have models, but removing previously existing things because you aren't planning to make models for them yet kinda sucks more. I also wish that GW had moved away from the rulebook model and made the rules available for free online. That way you can actually balance things little by little, and release just a single new unit if that's what the best thing to do is.
  8. Twalrus

    Female Humanoid Dragons????

    Being as how humanimals don't actually exist, there is no way to depict them that is really "accurate". There are some traits that can be tonally inconsistent with the story or whatever you put them in and of course having lizardmen with duck bills might be odd because it's a trait you associate with a different animal altogether. There's also the matter of the degree to which they're humanised. A 70/30 split in favour of the animal is going to be different than a 30/70 split. So, yeah, sure, dolphins don't have boobs. Dolphins also don't have legs or any human traits at all so giving them those is inaccurate. It's all up to whatever the person doing the illustrating or describing wants to achieve.
  9. Twalrus

    Ancient dragon

    Check out the Bones range of dragons. Some of them are quite big without breaking your bank. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones dragon/price/77328 The little triangles in the bottom right corner each indicate half an inch, so you get some idea of how a typical 28-ish mm miniature would stack up.
  10. Twalrus

    B for scale

    I was wondering about the little B and figured it was a broad size indicator but i would never have guessed it was a quarter inch tall. Is the size of the thing mentioned anywhere on the site other than forum threads? It would be handy with a "Model Size" section up at the top that explained the triangles and letters.
  11. Twalrus

    Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    I'm fine with the snakemen being kind of dumpy. That's a plus in my book. I was expecting them to have snake tails instead of legs but this is still good.
  12. Twalrus

    GW to re-release Necromunda!

    They didn't stop supporting squats because of the name as such, they did it mainly because no one at the studio felt very strongly for them or otherwise knew of a great direction to take them in. The whole biker dwarves in space deal wasn't exactly super fleshed out. They got a much bigger presence in Epic because that was a scale of game where the designers felt they could have great ideas for a unique style. Personally, I would focus on them viewing themselves as the true inheritors of humanity and have the whole underground fortresses and shortness be incidental.
  13. Twalrus

    GW to re-release Necromunda!

    The helmet and the padded jacket are so extremely Rogue Trader it's a surprise he doesn't have a hoverboard.
  14. Twalrus

    Anyone know this guy?

    Well, "mystery dwarf of unknown origin" is an accurate description...
  15. Twalrus


    The Schleich dragons I have seen haven't just been of high sculpting quality, but also have a good variety of styles. I don't think they'll need more work to fill in gaps and paint than a typical tabletop dragon. Gonna have to think about picking one or two up myself, now...
  16. Twalrus

    Best Version of DnD?

    You could have some creature spreading a truly nasty smell, preventing them from getting a good rest and keeping their food down.
  17. Twalrus

    Help with a hag bargain

    The hags could demand a bodypart. Most of a leg, perhaps. They could of course be tricked, very easily even, but only if the player characters are absolutely stone-faced in passing off a large sausage stuffed into a hollowed-out branch as a dwarf leg or whatever. Less of a devil's bargain and more fairy tale, I suppose.
  18. Twalrus

    Best Version of DnD?

    Your orcs favouring javelins and clubs because they're much easier to make yourself isn't standard issue gear, it's just a sort of materialism. No doubt each orc who uses those weapons has a different preference as to exact dimensions, spikes and decorations even tho they're all mechanically the same for the sake of practicality. Maybe one orc paints their club red to mimic blood and appear more ferocious (and is thus always on the lookout for fresh high-quality red paint (excellent minor bribe target)), maybe another carves hieroglyphs into his club for every sort of creature he's fought with it. IMHO, you should just have a lot of cosmetic differences for the random orcs, like helmets and coats, with some extra thought put into determining exotic and fun weapons and items used by their warlord, liutenants and the occassional specialist or maniac. The others can have various sizes of clubs, sometimes shields and then something to throw just so you have more than one kind of grunt. Unless there are going to be a lot of orcs all of the time, I wouldn't sweat it. As an aside, this model of orcs is great for conveniently having something useful to the party nearby that can be stolen. I suppose they could be taken as a gentle ribbing of the loot piñata monster.
  19. Twalrus

    Best Version of DnD?

    Javelines are, as far as I know, just lower-tech than bows and presumably easier to make than throwing axes. It's a very old weapon (not that bows aren't very old, either, but you get it). If you don't like them for thematic reasons, maybe spears feel more elven than orcish, then at least have the common raiding orcs throw stones and leave the specifically manufactured throwing weapons to the higher ranking and/or more professional warriors. They'd be able to afford them or demand them as tribute from the lower classes. Orcs having to pay to join the more select squads isn't such a bad flavour point.
  20. Twalrus

    My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    I think this is the best out of the lot because it's so perfectly 80's sword and sorcery cheesecake and it makes decent sense as a pearl diver who's been given some starting fighter gear. I also like the subdued pink hair contrasted with the blue pants.
  21. Twalrus

    Minis we would like to see

    Do you mean the upper body of a human on top of a crustacean, or most of a crustacean on top of a horse?
  22. Twalrus

    Best Version of DnD?

    If you got a bunch of orcs and want something quick and clean, just make a random table and use that. Throw in some plain bad equipment like ratty trousers or the like for flavour. If you don't got a lot, assign each light or heavy armour and then give them a main weapon, a trophy weapon and a ranged weapon. One weapon or weapon set that they're most used to, one set of weapons that they picked up from a memorable fight or location (perhaps even something exotic like bombs) and then something to shoot or throw at other people. invent some quick background, refer to places your game has visited or mentioned so far. a spear, an extra sword and some throwing axes, for example. another guy could have an axe and shield, a dagger and a set of javelins. a third could have a bow, a machete and a variety of enchanted arrows. idk how detailed DnD gets with weapon types. maybe one orc with a pole axe and a blowpipe? Usually, a main weapon plus a smaller backup plus something to do at range just makes sense. A dozen orcs might not have the same make of weaponry but if someone makes a living by fighting they can't afford to be dumb about it. Mostly this seems like something you mainly establish by having models that are dressed and armed very eclectically but still fundamentally have a hand weapon, a shield and a helmet. That sort of thing.
  23. Twalrus

    Best Version of DnD?

    That sounds pretty Saturday-morning-cartoon, so it should make for a good session.
  24. afaik, there are a couple of different troll sizes for GW's LotR lines. The first cave troll fit on a 40mm base and was a little bigger than those ogres. So I guess that troll is great if you're supposed to have a big troll.
  25. I got a box of the dwarfs for christmas. I've only opened them up to look at the sprues but they're really very promising. That each sprue contains the bits for a champion and a standard bearer rather than including a separate command sprue is quite nice. Too bad there wasn't a musician as well but it's still a handy enough box. I'm looking forward to future releases for sure. I hope they do unarmoured goblins and elves, plus berserkers for elves and dwarfs.