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  1. The art definitely shows voodoo dolls complete with pins, but I'd prefer to see the one in the model's hand as a mandrake root, or even a corn dolly - more druidy than sticking pins in things!
  2. I would not touch this one with a 10ft pole. It looks ill-conceived and unrealistic (100 free minis at £100,000 - say the rough-average pledge is the 'standard henge' at £55, that's min 200 backers, equating 20,000 'free' minis, in addition to 41x200= 8,200 'stones' in the core pledge, not including magnets pins etc. This seems like a hell of a lot of work to turn around at 30p per item, when the goal of the project appears to be to fund the purchase of 'Pansensis' droids, and do all design and manufacturing in-house. Plus: worldwide shipping? Anything? Add to that the fact that: "We will be visiting a dozen Henge sites around the UK and north France". That's fine and dandy, except that there is only one henge site with the kind of stones they're looking to make, Stonehenge. What they are hoping to gain from visiting the other 11 is anyone's guess. A henge is technically an internally-ditched circular earthen bank (and most certainly did not date from 10,000 y.a.), the wooden-post component of many has long since vanished (recreations exist at a few sites). Perhaps they mean stone circles? Or standing stones? Megaliths in general? Who knows - but certainly not the creators of this kickstarter. Also, if you're looking to recreate Stonehenge (to the point that a fieldtrip is required), you're going to need more than four types of stone - this site http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/stonehenge/history/stonehenge360/ would be a timesaver. Pretty down on this one, aren't I. Happy to be proved wrong.