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  1. I had a really hard time with the face, not much detail in the sculpt. The cloak and dress were really fun though. This was an experiment with color theory, something that’s new to me. Criticism and critique is welcome.
  2. gmvader

    03846: Vatanis, Maggotcrown Necromancer

    And now it’s done...
  3. gmvader

    03846: Vatanis, Maggotcrown Necromancer

    I’m slow. Here’s my progress for this week.
  4. Here's my next phase. It's hard to see the difference in the pictures but I added some shading and highlights. I didn't get too much into the details because what I really wanted was to have something to practice OSL on. Then I jumped into the OSL. This is my second time trying OSL and the first one went pretty poorly so I'm trying to figure out the technique. These pictures were taken when the OSL glaze was still wet so it's really shiny. I think I thinned it too much because the 'glaze' kept pooling in the low spots more like a thick wash. I'm going to try again with a less thinned glaze. I'll post next time I have updates. If anybody has advice for OSL or sees something I'm doing wrong let me know. I appreciate any feedback.
  5. I picked this guy up from metal trades at Reapercon. He was missing his right hand so I gave him a nice axe in its place. I don't know who made this mini -- I can't find it on Reaper's website but I may have missed it. Does anybody know what this is? Anyway, I'm using it to practice OSL and eyes, two things I've been trying to figure out lately. I've already applied a base coat. My plan is to make the green pouch on his belt glow softly to practice my OSL. Updates will likely be slow as I only have time to work on it occasionally.