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  1. Rainbow Sculptor

    Ittie Bittie Kitties...Again

    You are so right about the gap between the eyes! The big differences in cat faces that I've noticed (as opposed to human faces) is the triangular shape to the whole head. Very wide and flat up top and big eye sockets that seem to angle up on the outsides like elf eyes. Even the nose mimics the same triangular shape (again, this varies by model).
  2. Rainbow Sculptor

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    That looks so disturbing, great job!
  3. Rainbow Sculptor

    Barbarian Sculpt

    It was a hard to get started today. I burned a sculpt yesterday (boiled it from the inside out) and lost a lot of time investment. But I made it to the desk this morning and got to work giving this guy a cool axe and a giant shield! I also restarted my burned sculpt and I'll be moving on to her after I finish this guy up. Only a few more things left to do for him. Gonna put everything together tomorrow and give him some hands to hold on to stuff. He'll get a hairdo and I'll need to fix the bottom of his boot that's been cracking.
  4. Rainbow Sculptor

    Barbarian Sculpt

    So, I went back and worked on the face some more. It's difficult to photograph but I'm pretty happy with the results. I was really struggling for a couple of days with this because the shapes weren't working and my broken thumb makes working at this scale VERY difficult and strenuous. My husband gave me a piece of my own advice (from the material I recently wrote for my character design class) and I was able to fix it in a couple hours lol! Really hoping I'll be about to get this one finished in time for ReaperCon.
  5. Rainbow Sculptor

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    This is looking great!
  6. Rainbow Sculptor

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Rainbow Sculptor Forum Pic I'll be there all four days!
  7. Rainbow Sculptor

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    Really like the teeth so far! You could round the edges either with a clay shaper if the clay is still wet or with sanding sticks if it's baked already. The gum layer on top is going to really make these pop, I can't wait to see it!
  8. Rainbow Sculptor

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    I haven't used magic sculpt specifically but I'm assuming it works like the other two part epoxies in which case you're good to layer on top of dried stuff and bake. The sculpey form I've found to be a bit grainy so you might have trouble with it adhering well as you layer. You can take some sandpaper and rough up any areas that you might need more grip.
  9. Rainbow Sculptor

    Barbarian Sculpt

    Adding some accessories to the upper portion. He got an armband, a leather belt across the chest/back, and now he's sporting a gauntlet. Me and the hubby have been brainstorming and think we have come up with a cool idea for the weapon. I've also altered the plans for the shape of the shield and have gotten a frame going for that. Side note: I closed my right thumb in my car door yesterday and likely broke it towards the top so sculpting has been a struggle technically speaking but I'm still pushing through and overall I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.
  10. Rainbow Sculptor

    Barbarian Sculpt

    With the raccoon nearly finished I've switched gears and put in quite a bit more time into this guy and another female figure. Finished the legs/boots and loin cloth. Moving on to upper body accessories, hair, and weapons. I'm trying to get to a bake point each day to avoid my clay drying out too much as it's been really finicky with the current temps.
  11. Rainbow Sculptor

    The Werendor Watch

    I like the characters, that dwarf is probably my favorite!
  12. Rainbow Sculptor

    Work in progress from Oathsworn Miniatures

    I was looking at that a couple weeks ago, really cool sculpts and looks like an interesting game!
  13. Rainbow Sculptor

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    Hey, really cool sculpt idea! I typically work with Fimo professional and Premo for my sculpts so I can help with baking questions. There's a couple of things to keep in mind for baking. 1: Don't bake drastically uneven clay thicknesses. What I mean by this is to avoid baking a sculpt that has a quarter inch thick wet clay at the top and an overall layer of thin touch ups. You'll get an uneven bake which will lead to cracks and problems with later layers. 2: You can definitely do several bakes of "under" layers. Building up shapes and forms and giving yourself a solid structure to layer wet clay on top of. Then layer your final details over certain areas and bake as you are happy with them. I avoid baking anything that will show in the final that i'm not happy with. (If it won't show then no worries) 3: If you're not sure whether something will show or if you'll have enough room to create the depth you want after baking, chop it off, bake, then add it back in. It's way easier then trying to file or cut it away after it's hard. I hope that helps and makes sense. If you have any questions I'm happy to help! I look forward to seeing this one come together!
  14. Rainbow Sculptor

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    So you'll need the right foot to be directly in the center of the body's mass in order to support the weight. I'm pretty sure that's what Andy was saying but I wasn't sure. He definitely pays more attention to this phase of a sculpt than I do. I get it generally where I want and shore up any mistakes in later phases. Looking good!
  15. Rainbow Sculptor

    Barbarian Sculpt

    This guy hasn't been my main focus lately, trying to finish off the rogue raccoon, but decided to put some hours into him today. Moving right along.