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  1. Rainbow Sculptor

    Getting to know you March 2019 brought to you by Glitterwolf

    I love the new Ifrit, her face really captures Izzy's style so well!
  2. Rainbow Sculptor

    Metal Queen

    i love the jacket detailing!
  3. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    OK! So, we're prepping the printer for our test print. I've spent the day doing polish work and adding extra bits/details. Caterpillar grew legs, Absolem's costume got sleeves, a pouch, a sock dagger, a bedroll strapped to his back, his pipe, and his hands got adjusted. I readdressed the smoke and I think this leads to a better overall flow. We also learned how to record a turnaround video! So we will be posting that up soon and I'll leave a link here when that's ready! Thanks for sticking with me on this sculpt, I've enjoyed and appreciated all of your feedback, support, and critique along the way. I'd love to hear your final thoughts and opinions. I think it's fun to look at where this all started with a couple moodboards and an idea and see it all come together into it's own thing. From here I'll be resculpting the white rabbit digitally and then will move on to the Cheshire cat. I hope you got something out of this thread, I certainly have, and I hope you join me in my next project!
  4. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Thanks for following along! I'm glad you mentioned the hand. I was okay with it but after your comment my husband said he had been thinking the same thing but didn't say. I've made some modifications to both hands now and hopefully it will resolve that issue, thanks for the comment!!
  5. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Thank you! This comment made my morning!
  6. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Got a lot of work in today (Thank goodness for Spring Break and everyone being home) and I'm almost finished. The caterpillar still needs legs and I'm still figuring out what to do with the smoke coming from the pipe and how to integrate that into the flow of the composition. I had the big puffy droopy sleeves in there and sculpted and didn't like them. It made everything too busy and didn't read well so I think i'll add some bracers to support the wrists instead. Just about ready for a test print!
  7. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    YES!!! OMG where are those?! The one I got for my phone has been worth it's weight in gold. Even when Kirk decided to use it as a bath toy haha Wanted to give you guys a little update. Working on costuming and sculpting out the smoke.
  8. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    The sad part is we only bought it about a year ago. I have kids so it's fallen from the coffee table a few times and I'm notoriously clutsy so I'm not too easy on it either. That said there was a slew of keys that didn't work when we got it and the aftermarket charging cord I got I don't think was a good idea.
  9. Rainbow Sculptor

    Doctor Banjo, or Even Further Hubris

    Wow, your first time in GS, man I'm impressed! It definitely helps to get a feel for the dry/cure time and be conscientious of that when deciding what to work on. Fur I've found much easier later in the cure when it's stiffer and light pulls make deep textures. Talespinner is always saying to work in patches but I'm not that methodical and struggle to listen to directions haha Don't worry about comments/reactions. Sometimes people come take a peek and think "it's coming along, wonder where it's going" then they wait to react to a later update. This was a VERY challenging pose and you tackled a lot of different materials/surface types. You should be very proud, you did great!
  10. Rainbow Sculptor

    Doctor Banjo, or Even Further Hubris

    He came out fantastic! Excellent work!
  11. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    That was my final iteration. I changed the shoes to be more slipper like. But I think that'll be what I start with. Offers a lot of freehand opportunities or just easy to paint areas which won't lose too much being covered by smoke. Hopefully it strikes a good balance between posh and adventuring.
  12. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Worked on some costume designs while my computer charged. Tried repeating shapes I found in the caterpillar, mainly the mandible and claw shapes. This will serve to subtlety make these characters feel like they belong together. Finding a couple of simple shapes or patterns that you can repeat throughout your designs will make a piece feel unified and focused. As a general rule soft, flowy, round shapes read as unthreatening, nice, natural, good guy or sidekick material. Edgy diamonds, triangles, and hard edged materials read more villainous or dangerous. I'm combining both of these elements to create some questioning as to his alignment. The soft flowing sleeves, open chest and relaxed footwear would imply good guy. However the pointed edges on things like the collar, shoulders, and claw inspired clasp designs suggest something more intimidating.
  13. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Sorry I didn't see your question before. I have always been willing to cut or scrap a sculpt although with more years experience that gets easier and easier in general. That said, digital has made me VERY willing to scrap, undo, redo, and experiment more with my ideas. I love that I can take a generic ZSphere body, customize it, pose it, and sculpt basic anatomy in less than two hours. It feels less defeating and more like sketching in the sense that I'm investing time into variations that can either make it to the final or be reused for something else in the future. I also used to be very guarded once I got things to a good place in clay and couldn't let Kyle touch it with a tool without biting my nails. Now I'm like, "Sure, go crazy! Do whatever you want I can just undo it!" Haha
  14. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Haha I'm problem solving that. As it stands it's going to be difficult to wrap all the way back up to the pipe but I really like that idea so I'm going to still try to make that happen. I don't want to block too much of the figure out the main part of the caterpillar with smoke so it's gonna be tricky. Why? Did you have a better idea?
  15. Rainbow Sculptor

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Ok! So, moving forward with this design I started working out shapes and transitions for the caterpillar/smoke. Took the idea for using the texture of Carrion Crawler sculpts from @TaleSpinner and @GHarris and incorporated that into the smoke design right before it becomes the regular caterpillar. I think it reads really well and adds hints of a darker nature. I'm also trying to costume design to make him look more playable. Thinking about weapons, armor and bags and such that would be necessary. I managed to snap this photo with my phone right before my computer crashed so I apologise for photo quality but so far so good?