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  1. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    So today's update is less than awesome. The last few days here has been a humid thunderstorming nightmare which made most of my work yesterday just trying to get clay to stick to the figure. I sat down in the studio today and decided that it wasn't worth trying to save so I ripped off the arms I had been working on and decided to put the base layer for the tail instead. This will be baked and then I'll layer the actual fur of the tail on top. If I tried to sculpt the fur straight away with this thickness it would move all over the place, I'd inevitably create air bubbles which would crack the figure when baked, or at the very least force me to spend much more time than necessary. So I bake the basic shape which gives me a firm base to build on making it much easier to layer the textures I want and much less chance of creating air bubbles in the clay. Tune in next episode for fur!
  2. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    I shall heed these words and lure my victims with confectioneries in the future
  3. Rainbow Sculptor

    AoW - Orc Shaman

    That's actually not true. Even in traditional drawing/painting you will never draw attention by having less saturation or contrast. You can use either technique or both to great effect on your focal point but in order to draw the eye you need something eye catching.
  4. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    So true! haha Much to the chagrin of my family members who are never excited to model for me!
  5. Rainbow Sculptor

    AoW - Orc Shaman

    Really great piece! I really love the basing, the tree is so cool, and the figures are very dynamic together. My only critique would be that because the green grass/moss on your base is so saturated your figures are struggling to grab and keep attention. This is especially true of the orc because he is himself also green. Some ideas for how you might bring the attention back where you want it would be to lightly airbrush the terrain around the figures (the furthest out) with a dark blue. This would result in a more vignette effect and would keep the highest points of contrast on the action. Alternatively you could go back in on the figures and punch up the contrast directly on them which would keep them the most visually striking portion of your composition. I'm sure there are more ways to resolve this issue but those are some ideas I had. The scene is so cool and you've done an excellent job so far, can't wait to see how it turns out!
  6. Rainbow Sculptor

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    Love the toads! This one was my favorite.
  7. Rainbow Sculptor

    Great Race of Yith

    Love those necks, how'd you get that texture?!
  8. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    Finished polishing up the folds (thanks to my stepson for modeling for me) and added the stitches and buckles to the vest.
  9. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    Starting on the vest. In my original concept art I just did some cross marks on the vest like it was quilted or something but since I've already done that texture on another figure I wanted to do this one as a more simple leather which would theoretically let the character be more agile in his movements. I've marked all the seams, the big folds, collar, and holes for laces. I had put the little cap sleeves on but I removed them in order to layer them over the arms instead of trying to shove clay into the sleeves. I'm happy with the progress so far, I had to put it aside for a couple of days to work on other commission work so, it feels good to get back to it.
  10. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    I'm pretty sure it's gonna be fine. After adding the GS the bulk shouldn't be excessive. I'll have to be contentious of managing my clay thicknesses to make sure it looks even with the other side.
  11. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    Added ears and nose also added GS to the arm wires. The next clay layers will be to work on the vest/chest area then probably belts/buckles, arms/weapons, feet, then tail. Still a lot to do but making good progress I think.
  12. Rainbow Sculptor

    Rogue Raccoon

    Thanks! That was a super important component of the design for me so I'm glad that it's working!
  13. Rainbow Sculptor

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I really love all the details in this piece. Some of your best work!
  14. Rainbow Sculptor

    Reaper classes?

    Oh my, good to know there was no permanent damage. I'd be happy to talk to you guys about products, tools, techniques I've discovered (often the hard way)!
  15. Rainbow Sculptor

    Reaper classes?

    I believe it is one and the same, see you there friend!