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  1. JGroeling

    Spring Exchange - Galladon or "Man I hate cursive!"

    Both adorable and amusing, this made my morning, thanks for sharing.
  2. Recently finished this for @Kangaroorex had a lot of fun playing with the spring theme and a monster. Also first time I've tried to build a flower (wire with paper wrapping for leaves, heavier paper for flower itself, and magicsculpt for some of the other details). Mama Werecroc with baby Croc, watering a swampflower.
  3. Glad you're happy with it and that it made it to you safely. Looking forward to seeing how your shots of it turn out.
  4. Mailed mine out on the 15th. Not in any rush to receive from partner as I'm out of state for Motor City con this week, anyway. Hope everyone else is having a good time with their projects. Had a blast with mine.
  5. JGroeling

    Market stand, questions for working w Balsa wood

    May try coffee/tea on another project. For now I'm building out the stuff to fill the space. Will update in another week or two w progress.
  6. JGroeling

    Market stand, questions for working w Balsa wood

    Played around with some scrap last night, liked the results I got from priming w black gesso and layering browns over that. Still need to paint the base and design on the signs portion. Also have some sculpting to do for the wares that will fill the shop. Lots to do. The two unfinished planks are boards I was using to test materials on.
  7. JGroeling

    Market stand, questions for working w Balsa wood

    The stall you are looking for is around the corner and across the children's play field. Honestly I'm not so sure that treatment is worth the 5¢, but to each their own.
  8. Decided to put together a little farmstand scene for a basing project. Split pieces of balsa wood to give a rough lumber approach, now I'm considering how to do painting/sealing on it, as I have minimal experience w Balsa. Want to keep all that little wood grain that popped up when I split them visible. Going to paint it slightly darker with acrylic browns, and then some slightly darker spots and lighter drybrush highlights to accentuate the grain. Should I gesso, or stain the balsa before working on it? Can I just work straight on it and seal it with a varnish afterwards? Any balsa wood experience/suggestions appreciated.
  9. JGroeling

    77116: Colossal Skeleton

    The initial shot I just thought dirt mounds. wasnt until the full overhead shot that I realized the dirt markings were all failed attacks and laughed. Great job.
  10. JGroeling

    GW-CSM Kharn the Betrayer (classic) w custom basing

    Thanks. I personally find the grittier look to be quite fun, glad others appreciate it as well. The faces are freehand. A mix of very tiny brush for layering, and selective use of a micron pen.
  11. Finished piece in Show Off forum, here.
  12. Finished this one up today, Been working on him a little at a time to get it done for a small competition that required painting a mini that was over 20 years old. Happy with how it turned out, as well as the Khornate Icon he's standing on. Learned a lot from what was my first real base scratchbuild. WIP Forum link here Starting off with an artsy shot. and a closeup
  13. JGroeling

    Ancient Statuary

    Was just saying hi to this lil fella at the MET last week. Definitely think you caught the feel of em perfectly. Well done.
  14. JGroeling

    IMEF Troopers

    Digging the bold paint jobs on em, makes me think of the cell shaded style of Borderlands (which is a fantastic and vibrant style). Good luck at the convention.