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  1. Ancient Statuary

    Was just saying hi to this lil fella at the MET last week. Definitely think you caught the feel of em perfectly. Well done.
  2. IMEF Troopers

    Digging the bold paint jobs on em, makes me think of the cell shaded style of Borderlands (which is a fantastic and vibrant style). Good luck at the convention.
  3. This turned out fantastic. I'm a detail junkie so all the little bits and bobs in the treasure horde really make this come together for me. Coupled with your excellent paint work, I'm sure your players are going to love this. (Although they may dislike you for dropping that great beast on them)
  4. Yay insomnia. Got the backpack about 98% of the way, going to touch up some highlights on my next time with it (primarily on the rivets/bolts on his pack). Also have to leave a little paint in the connection point for arm. Out of state for work for a week, will try to get back to this next week if possible.
  5. Got the gun arm done, and varnished. Going to attach it later using a tiny bead of magicsculpt and a pinch of glue. Havent decided if backpack or head next. Would love more time to work on it. But commmission projects take precedence.
  6. At this moment I think I might actually be done with the base and body. Will let it sit and come back to it later/tomorrow if I decide to change anything up. But pretty happy with how it looks at the moment. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. Front back and some closeups.
  7. For this one I had a rough idea of what I wanted, and just went about adding things to it as they came to mind. Next time I'd prefer to have my exact plan, and cut everything out from sheets so they're all measured out and even. This one is more sloppy, which is Ok for this particular base and figure. Something to learn from. Also some more layers of paint.
  8. Put a bit more work into the building part of the base. Pretty happy with how it looks, although definitely lots I will do differently next time I try something like this. After priming with black, started painting. Lots of different drybrushing on the skull pile, looking good sofar (intend to add some washes, dirt and splatter effects when done). The icon itself I'm not too happy with, think I'm gonna rethink at least some of the colors on it and go back into it
  9. Thanks, didnt want it to go to waste.
  10. Couldnt sleep last night so I got a little more work in on it before heading to airport. The top right of the front part is basically what I've got in mind for the rest of it. Going to use what is basically cardstock for the designs. Then will be adding a bit more detail with either super thin wire, or just more magic sculpt putty.
  11. For a painting competition entry I had to find a 20 year old miniature to work with. Digging through my old boxes of minis (mostly Games Workshop) I found a "Kharn the Betrayer" chaos space marine from 96 (I think was the date on his tab). Decided I wanted to give him a fun base, something more than just the general skull pile he's usually on. So, started scratchbuilding a symbol of Khorne for him to stand on, here's two pics of the understructure. (Bottom of the actual base is the black, white cap is just for handling.) This (although small) is the most involved basing project Ive done to date, and I'm already learning lots on how to do things better, and a lot of what not to do. Anyway, will be updating as I progress further on him. - Added some more detailing to the base, and started laying ground for skulls. - More skulls and playing around with details on the symbol, have added a removed a few things that didnt turn out how I liked. - And some more skulls, also added paper cut of potential plating on the symbol on top right portion. Think I like it and will add to the rest of them for next update (which wont be til next week, as out of town til then.)
  12. 01571, Bonesylvanian Jake

    That's for sure. Included some of them on the knife.
  13. 01571, Bonesylvanian Jake

    Had picked this one up a while back and after a priming frenzy recently where I brushed a grey gesso mix over a bunch of cleaned up minis, I had him ready for paint. Pretty happy with how he's turned out, especially as my first mini of the year. Think I'm going to try and finish off the Bonesylvanians set if I can. (Note: This was a special edition mini in metal only that Ive not seen again since I picked it up.)
  14. Warg Rider Conversion WIP

    Finished figure in Show Off
  15. Finished figure in Show Off