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  1. 77609 Bonesylvanian Lou

    Havent seen the Mermaid Mary one yet. I did order the Jason one online (metal) and have a bunch of other bones ones to play with. So they'll likely be popping up in Dec on the boards.
  2. 77609 Bonesylvanian Lou

    Do it up. It's a fun figure as the Bonesylvanians all seem to be.
  3. 60184 Meyanda, android priestess

    That is a beautiful paint job, may try my hand at this one as well. While freehanding the hexagons, is that all brushwork, or did you use a pen?
  4. 77609 Bonesylvanian Lou

    Finished off this little guy as a break from other projects. Fun figure. Experimenting a bit with my brush on this one. Like how it turned out with some of the textures and colors, but not 100% if it captured well enough on camera. Think I need to build a mini lightbox to shoot my figs in.
  5. This is a scale question. Specifically on the big guys in the back. When I had started roughing out the wireform and slapping a little base putty on them, I had the idea of Trolls in armor. Now that I'm looking at them compared to some reaper conversions, I'm thinking they might end up having to be giants, demons, or something else. What do you think would fit for those figs at the scale they are? Prefer DnD themes if you think Troll wouldnt work. Also, open to weird fantasy creatures as long as they fit the scale and are tall and wirey. These aren't for any game/encounter in particular, I just enjoy making stuff. L to R, - WIP necromancer and ghouls I'd started scratchbuilding before they got shelved. Looking forward to getting back into those. - Big guys in back are undecided - An old barbarian conversion WIP from a reaper bones - Recent child scratchbuild - My warg rider conversion WIP from a Reaper Bones (which has it's own post here) - and I believe this was a Warhammer Chaos figure that I had added tentacles to an painted about a decade ago.
  6. Reasonable commission rates ($?)

    Can you message me the link? Wpuld certainly check it out. Thanks.
  7. Warg Rider Conversion WIP

    A lil woof told me.
  8. Reasonable commission rates ($?)

    Roman? I know nothing John Snow. Interested in seeing other artists work though. It's not information I discuss with clients. That's just how I think of monetary projects when budgeting, cost/time. I know this well. Will look at that company's page later. Definitely going to have to figure out where the industry standards for these tiers are. Hypothetically, a 3$ bones figure would cost a client $6 for her to paint to Tier 2? As above, I dont discuss hourly costs with clients, it's just how my brain processes numbers for projects. Thanks all
  9. Warg Rider Conversion WIP

    I get the feeling you might be a little bit swayed when it comes to wolves.
  10. Reasonable commission rates ($?)

    Guess I need to figure out the differences between tabletop, tabletop +, and legendary. Haha. Project pricing works for me too. With more experience I'll be able to better gauge my time needed. For now just trying to find a ballpark. This is helpful, thank you. Looking at this as another art field to work in and generate income. My entire career and income is based in the art world, so the more arts I can make, the more money I can generate. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  11. Reasonable commission rates ($?)

    Thanks, I searched a bit but didnt see anything pop up. May have just been using the wrong wording. Per piece rates are great as well. I just have zero knowhow on this. Tabletop and tabletop plus I'm not sure the difference. Display only pieces I understand can be far more delicately built and finely detailed.
  12. I've recently been posting some of the minis I've painted (here as well as my art pages and social media). Have now had people asking about pricing on purchasing or commissioning painted pieces, and even possibly some custom sculpts and paints. My question, what are reasonable rates for mini sculpting and painting (seperately or together). In my experience, prices tend to vary from field to field, and the going rates for 'amateur vs professional' is also drastic in each field. I know what I can ballpark in the other art fields I work in (comics, murals, illustration, tattoo and concept art), but minis are a new breed for me. Any experience, suggestions, advice, much appreciated. InB4: "Figure out time to make project, what your time is worth, that's your rate". Because for some art jobs I've charged 20/hr, and for other jobs I've made 200+/hr. Just need some ranges to figure out where I can charge that isnt overcharging a client, or screwing myself. Thanks in advance (Also feel free to move post if this isnt the right forum for it)
  13. Thanks @TaleSpinner I like seeing how to change normal trash and such into projects. Few other tidbits: -The water tower is an old film canister that I've used for mixing paints in. -The metal grates are all pieces of scrap wire mesh left over from a mask I built. -antenae tower on back, as well as part of the support strut on the front are actually cut up sprue pieces from a GW set I'd recently gotten.
  14. King in Yellow -- Completed

    Also works great for mud splatter on figures and stars in space on 2D pieces. Look forward to seeing how it works out for you.
  15. King in Yellow -- Completed

    Are you trying to get a splatter effect? If so, take an old toothbrush you dont intend on using in your mouth, some slightly watered down red paint and dip the brush head in. Then (I recommend trying on paper first) point the brush head at a surface (like a remote control) and then using thumb, pull the bristles back and let them loose. Paint will splatter as small dots across surface. You can also use paper and/or tape to cover anything you dont want to get splatter on. Again, test this out on paper beforehand, as it's a messy method, but I use it often for paintings.