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  1. Harrocks

    The Struggle is Real

  2. these are just great. long time no post I appreciate, but hope things are well with the poster and project.
  3. Harrocks

    Aquarium Plant Jungle

    what a great collection. I thought I had a lot of aquarium terrain ...
  4. just a brilliantly resourceful and imaginative idea - and you've done all the necessary demanding textural stuff so well, which makes all the difference to this sort of thing succeeding or otherwise... fantastic.
  5. Chris, sorry to break the train of thought here for a post, but just to say I've got to thank you re: your early posts about using thick cork (of a particular 'kind') for buildings etc. although it seemed quite difficult to get the right stuff here in the UK, I finally managed to get hold of a couple of large 20mm thick sheets. A bit too thick arguably, but as I'm using it primarily for GA ruins I was able to get adequately shaped pieces, and the overall 'look' given the amount of modelling I've had to do is just great as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't have thought of it without your posts in this thread - so, again, thank you very much. pic attached of my GA set-up, although the watchtower isn't painted etc yet in it. hope it's ok to put up in your thread - if not let me know and I'll delete it.
  6. crikey - those trees ... and the giant sort of skeletal rodent - brilliant.
  7. Harrocks

    My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    great stuff. will probably follow your lead in randomising Heritor abilities etc. look foward to seeing the rest of the crew.
  8. Harrocks

    Static Grass Applicators

    clumps that are anything other than too perfectly 'round' in shape aren't common - and those that are, are relatively expensive in my experience (at least compared to getting a bag of the stuff and sprinking away ...) again, my experience hasn't been 'effective' so much ( I really must be rubbish at all this stuff ... I'm still in denial but the evidence mounts ;-) ) - I'm tried more than one similar recepticle, and after a few moments use, the grass has clumped up internally to the degree it doesn't come out of the holes very well. Have you not encountered the same problem?
  9. Harrocks

    Static Grass Applicators

    blimey, think you're being a bit hard on him / the product. I've aways found the hand-sprinking approach to static grass pretty tedious (and definitely no less messy than what I'm seeing here) - and I've certainly not got as good coverage as I'm seeing in this movie. Mind you - as someone says above, it's almost too good. I wonder if using different lengths of grass together at the same time works effectively ... there are much cheaper 'sieve' sprinklers around aren't there - not sure if they work as well?
  10. yes, she looks great. excellent expression on that figure. and in saying that (and as a confirmed 'no-eyes' painter myself) it's your great job on her peeppers that have brought that out. Super painting.
  11. going back to your cork buildings, how did you paint / spray them? on the face of it, the approaches (for painting cork) I'm seeing online are a bit involved, and I'm hoping that for model use one spray to rule them all will do ... grateful for any advice / instructions you can provide. any GA action yet, btw?