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    First Commission - Stranger Things

    Was commissioned by some friends of my brother to remake the minis the kids in Stranger Things used. There's a lot I'd like to have improved and fixed, but had to rush it a bit due to the deadline, but here's the finished project Which were mostly based on these 2 images Demogorgon Wizard Dwarf Fighter
  2. Alex_kxs

    First Miniatures

    I checked it out, really liked the look of their miniatures, the game itself also looks interesting and I might give it a try being a Tactics fan myself, it's a shame they're closing indeed.. Yeah, usually when I make these they're for the players in my group which are mainly guys with male characters, but now I kinda want to start expanding a bit more so female characters are definitely on the list! Thanks for pointing out the noses, I will keep that in mind on the next one I make, I've only recently changed to greenstuff (used to work with beesputty) which has made things a lot easier but some things like the faces are still a bit hard to get right.
  3. Alex_kxs

    First Miniatures

    Thanks for replying, this actually gets me motivated to make and share more miniatures, have a couple others here that I’m thinking of reworking and posting after. But again, thanks, means a lot!
  4. Alex_kxs

    First Miniatures

    I've been trying to sculp and paint minis for the last couple of years, and I feel like these are the first ones that I'm somewhat happy with to start showing. I wanna get much better at this so all sorts of criticism would be appreciated! Flynn - Bladed Scarf Dancer Hadrogh - Rogue Sorcerer Leon - Wizard