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  1. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Next on the list. Cleaned up a couple Pathfinder goblins. Picked a mix from 60017: Goblin Pyros & 60006: Goblin Warriors and the 60014: Goblin Commando. Along with the little guy (Frostgrave soothsayer apprentice) lying down in the corner of the stand, they're all going to be part of a diorama. Had to do a touch of green stuff on the commando because he was floating above his saddle and to complete his reins. AND, in my search to find some foam to help build the diorama, I dug deep enough in storage (because it turned into a spring cleaning exercise) and found the box containing these - Finding original boxes surprised me because I had at least the dragons sitting in a case and one of them is on this year's list. Thought I'd tossed the boxes long ago. In the back of my mind I knew I still had a few loose old minis lying around somewhere, but what?! Supposedly, I have an old Blood Bowl goblin team too. But sadly, it wasn't among these. Hmmm. . . . Trying not to let them distract me. But the Ogres of the East are tempting.
  2. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    There's a few tiny touch ups I'll be wanting to do before sealing, but otherwise, 4 of 4 done! Our Goliath warrior is a collector, thus his slightly incongruous equipment. I think he might be my favorite of the group.
  3. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    The hubster is an enabler. The goal is to not buy minis to try and reduce the stock of unpainted ones that I already own. But today, he hands me over some that he picked up over time from his visits to the FLGS. Some were to represent characters he's played during his weekly game night and a couple he recently found in the random minis bin. I love that he knew I would love a fat valkyrie pig lady. I know the pig lady is Helga the Conqueror and pretty sure the bird is a GW great eagle. But I couldn't figure out who the big armored "orc" on the left is. I love his bulk. Does anyone recognize him?
  4. Vacaroja

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Since we drive in, we always stay outside of town. Even with the fee for parking, it ends up cheaper, which is good. Near the airport has been our go to as it's been the easiest to get in to the convention center from there. We were high on the registration queue this year and even though a few things opened up later in the day and we snagged another one or two events, I, in particular, didn't get everything, sadly. But after some time I've accepted it. Frankly, I always tend to over book so maybe it's a blessing in disguise this year. And I haven't had issue popping in to some things with generics. It is a huge affair, but it's never really bothered me. I only went for the first time 6 years ago, so I've only ever known it as big. And we only go every other year. It's sort of a special birthday trip for the husband too, since his has landed during the convention. And maybe it's the type of work I do for a living. I'm surrounded by environmental distractions constantly. I also tend make sure to drag the husband out of the convention and set aside time to explore the city's culinary delights because said work compels me to. Anyway, I've learned a certain balance I think. So I've always enjoyed myself. Did stop by Adepticon this year. Only other game con I've been to. After Gen Con I actually thought it was cute. Haha.
  5. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Okay! Two things happened today. I took a more careful look at images of green quartz and while running errands, the hubs wanted to hit the FLGS and so I ended up buying a new bottle of paint, Vallejo Yellow Green. Also, worked on better blending. Results - Before After Better. Happier. Done. Next!
  6. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    I'm on a roll today. 3 of 4 complete. Maybe. I'm not 100% happy with the gem, but after the few hours I've spent on it, I just can't do it anymore. More practice needed on that kind of thing. I might have energy tomorrow to see if I can improve on it.
  7. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    The 2 of 4 almost done. Need to finish up some base details in order to call it complete. Plus, you can see where I'm headed next once the 4 are complete.
  8. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Full disclosure- On his cloak and outer robe are nightshade purple and blue liner. I wanted to differentiate his inner robe so used brown liner with green ochre to bring in some warmth and then blue liner for the deep shadows. And the armor is black green, pale lichen and blue liner.
  9. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    The first of four almost complete. I will be obsessing over a couple details before I call him done. Trying to decide if I paint a pattern similar to that on the bottom hem along his hood. A lot of black that isn't black. Blue liner and nightshade purple have become my favorite "blacks". And a couple references I've been using.
  10. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Thought it was a good update moment. March into April was a very busy work month meaning I haven't been able to focus on painting until recently. Here's what I've been able to get to in the last couple weeks. The Wizkids Dragonborns were two different attempts at seeing what I could do under time limits. The lower one was what I accomplished in an hour. Very much need to work on how to speedpaint. Will more than likely take the time to finish him off. The other, in red, I did within a day. As for the other four, I'm taking my time. I've also found I love painting skin and faces. I was a bit afraid to do it when I first started up. And then there's this guy already posted in the Show Off forum -
  11. Vacaroja

    Dain Deepaxe : 01610

    Another attempt at NMM. And funny enough, on another dwarf. And my first shiny gems. NMM is a touch inconsistent this time. I ended up rushing it a bit after the hubby said he wants to use it for a D&D character he started playing. But I have two of these fellas, so I get to work on it more on the other one and as much as red IS the color of dwarven beards, I'll probably play around with a little salt and pepper on the next one.
  12. Vacaroja

    debasing miniatures

    I've tried saws, dremels, exactos. After all of it, my go to has become my Xuron flush cutter. It's been the best for clipping off plastic and metal bases cheaply, easily, quietly and cleanly. Around the feet and then the leftover under the feet. With a bit of sanding to finish it off, if needed. Sometimes the feet of metal ones will twist a little when first clipping off the base, but that's easily remedied with the help of pliers to reposition.
  13. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Did a little conversion work this week. Around Christmas, I finally hunted down some minis that properly represent my D&D group's characters that we've been playing since last year. (When we started I used some Dark Sword Antropomorphic Animals as character reps.) But I needed to convert a couple to make them really work. These are the originals - 03724: Thund Bloodwrack & 03389: Deckard Nightveil Thund was a fairly easy conversion. Flaming sword and shield added. Shield is just tacked on, so its position will probably change once I finally get it secured. Deckard was a bit of a different story. The character is suppose to be a Dragonborn Cleric of Talos. Removed the skull emblems and replaced them with a 3 lightning bolt symbol. I based the image off of Odin's horn designs. They became 3 bolts encircling a center point because trying to make ones that intertwined was a little too complicated for me. A little hard to read in the pic, but I think it'll look good once painted. New face, new foot, and a new mace head finishes it off. The face comes from the Dragonman Conversion Kit: 03457. The skulls are from GW. They came out with a box of nothing but skulls late last year. So many skulls! I admit, I only discovered them last month. But got super excited because I'd been trying to figure out how I'd get the mace done without a lot of crafting. This is actually my first attempt at detailed green stuff work. Anyway, I ended up buying the skulls. The hubby tries to comfort me and says I didn't break my resolution because they were not minis but conversion tools. I'm still conflicted. He is, of course, now expectantly waiting for me to find something to stand on a mountain of skulls.
  14. Vacaroja

    Ral Partha Witch Doctor: 01-338

    Nod. I've picked up some pieces from them the last couple years at Gen Con. But as you've said, they don't quite have all of them.
  15. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Witch doctors complete. Just wanted to show the difference in size between them and the next ones I'm working on. Look at that giant dwarf!