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  1. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Been awhile. Had to go out of state for a bit. This is where I left off before I left. And we'll see how far I get in the next month. Life transitions! Moving out of state so much packing and tossing of stuff to be had.
  2. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Before bed last night, the polar bear was mostly base painted, while I had to do a little touch up and more fill with the lizard rider after priming. Found a couple more mystery holes on the lizard's cheek and had to further repair the damage I'd done to the rider when I had bent the legs to have her sit. Today, I got all the fur and body on polar bear done and started basing the lizard and rider. Amazon's eyes and skin are mostly done too, though we need a little more highlight and definition on the skin. And here are some of the color/pattern inspirations - For the polar armor And for the lizard, komodo dragons -
  3. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Today's progress. Much green stuff. Original saddle horn removed and reimagined. Removed and added on skulls from Citadel. I have hundreds. Have to use them up somehow, ha. And I added some tusks and horns to those I did not remove. Nothing too dramatic. Just wanted them to express not human. And then also filled in a lot of seams as well as removed a couple elements I simply did not understand. I think one was a tab that might have been there to attach a piece of equipment of some sort.
  4. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Next on the list - three figures. First is the Polar Bear Warrior from Dark Sword Minis. Already glued and green stuffed the seams. And then I'm taking two items I picked up from Iron Winds Metals a few years ago, a lizard mount and an Amazon woman, and combining them. Amazon was a standing figure that I manipulated to get her sitting on the mount. There's quite a bit of green stuff that's going to be needed for those two. As well as some other modifications, like I will be removing the big skull saddle horn and adjusting the saddle to fit her better, and converting some hanging skulls to be more monstrous. Monster hunting, lizard riding Amazon!
  5. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    And the rocks changed color again! We are on the home stretch. I touch of highlighting on some points, but pretty much done. I wasn't completely happy with it the last couple days. Then the hubs said that a fairy dragon should be glittery. Yes! Not the easiest thing to see under the desk lights, but, oh yeah, the glitter from interference paint is joyous.
  6. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Last major set of colors, green bits. We'll see what color the base stones end up being. I'm being indecisive. They've changed colors 3 times already, ha.
  7. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Today's progress was on the belly and then some work on the purple of the body. Mystery purple for the basecoat because it's such an old bottle the label has faded.
  8. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    I'm on a break from work at the moment. So lots of painting will be happening for a little while. Today, I used GW shades for the first time. They're a happy thing. And also now there are eyes! Was scared of them a bit, because they were so bulbous. But after much internet searching, Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon" became my inspiration.
  9. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Basecoating. Right now it looks like a 5 year old got a hold of the crayolas. Which is amazing. Hehe. The inspiration is this guy.
  10. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Taking a break from the goblin diorama. I've gone a decent way on it, but I'm obsessing a bit too much on detail and its keeping me from moving forward. So it's set aside for now. Book stack is all glued up, but the goblins and furniture are still separate pieces that I can pull off to paint. The last couple days, I focused on the snake man. He's almost done and I've moved on to setting up a Grenadier dragon as my next project. Already pinned and green stuffed.
  11. Vacaroja

    Gencon: The Loomining

    I managed to get into paint & take this year thanks to the fact that they were taking hourly reservations. Ended up doing it Friday afternoon while the hubs had a seminar. By then they had run out of brushes to pass out and that left us with whatever badly treated brushes were left on the table. Combined with the strange variety of paint colors near where I sat and that we had only an hour before we had to leave to let the next group sit, it was kind of like a demolition speed paint challenge, haha. Coupled with good convo with fellow painters, it was a fun little hour though. Ended up with this guy -
  12. I've yet to meet an old mini that doesn't have big gaps, ha. I have some Grenadier dragons on the list of things to do that need GS help for sure.
  13. I return from Gen Con with too much loots, if such a thing exists. My wallet cries, but discounts are hard to resist! Magna racks from Battle Foam, 4 Guild Ball teams and a limited edition Critical Role Vax'ildan. A visit to Iron Wind Metals booth to get some Ral Partha recasts. Concentrated on beasties, both animals and monsters, about 25 different pieces. But among the bin mix I also found this guy - And I have no idea who he is. Even the cashier was surprised to see him and couldn't remember seeing him before. A later piece seeing as he's marked the year 2000. Driving me crazy not knowing. Also picked up, at a good discount, a couple Rackhams. Love the sculpts and since they're getting hard to find, I couldn't pass it up. Wish I could have bought more. And last, but not least. My favorite find. The hubby was a bit bewildered by my OOOOOOOOH! A Checkmate Dragon! Not the original box, but who cares. Price was awesome! Super excited to paint it up.
  14. Vacaroja

    D&D Party - 1 year later (Pic Heavy)

    It is. What's funny though is since I finished his mini, he died and his contract got traded to a Celestial being who brought him back to life. So now we're in need of a new, less death and destruction mini.
  15. About a year ago is when I picked up a brush again after decades and it was because I started playing D&D again. Unable to quickly find proper representations of our characters, I settled on some Dark Sword Anthropomorphics for the time being. As our characters have developed over the year, I was able to get a better sense of them and finally able to find minis to truly represent who they were. Our Wood Elf Swashbuckler (02543 - Elladan, Elf) Our Half-Elf Warlock (03381 - Satheras, Elf Warlock) Our Dragonborn Cleric of Talos (03389 - Deckard Nightveil, Bone Pander Death Priest. Converted) Our Goliath Warrior (03724 Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian. Converted)