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  1. Dain Deepaxe : 01610

    Another attempt at NMM. And funny enough, on another dwarf. And my first shiny gems. NMM is a touch inconsistent this time. I ended up rushing it a bit after the hubby said he wants to use it for a D&D character he started playing. But I have two of these fellas, so I get to work on it more on the other one and as much as red IS the color of dwarven beards, I'll probably play around with a little salt and pepper on the next one.
  2. debasing miniatures

    I've tried saws, dremels, exactos. After all of it, my go to has become my Xuron flush cutter. It's been the best for clipping off plastic and metal bases cheaply, easily, quietly and cleanly. Around the feet and then the leftover under the feet. With a bit of sanding to finish it off, if needed. Sometimes the feet of metal ones will twist a little when first clipping off the base, but that's easily remedied with the help of pliers to reposition.
  3. Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Did a little conversion work this week. Around Christmas, I finally hunted down some minis that properly represent my D&D group's characters that we've been playing since last year. (When we started I used some Dark Sword Antropomorphic Animals as character reps.) But I needed to convert a couple to make them really work. These are the originals - 03724: Thund Bloodwrack & 03389: Deckard Nightveil Thund was a fairly easy conversion. Flaming sword and shield added. Shield is just tacked on, so its position will probably change once I finally get it secured. Deckard was a bit of a different story. The character is suppose to be a Dragonborn Cleric of Talos. Removed the skull emblems and replaced them with a 3 lightning bolt symbol. I based the image off of Odin's horn designs. They became 3 bolts encircling a center point because trying to make ones that intertwined was a little too complicated for me. A little hard to read in the pic, but I think it'll look good once painted. New face, new foot, and a new mace head finishes it off. The face comes from the Dragonman Conversion Kit: 03457. The skulls are from GW. They came out with a box of nothing but skulls late last year. So many skulls! I admit, I only discovered them last month. But got super excited because I'd been trying to figure out how I'd get the mace done without a lot of crafting. This is actually my first attempt at detailed green stuff work. Anyway, I ended up buying the skulls. The hubby tries to comfort me and says I didn't break my resolution because they were not minis but conversion tools. I'm still conflicted. He is, of course, now expectantly waiting for me to find something to stand on a mountain of skulls.
  4. Ral Partha Witch Doctor: 01-338

    Nod. I've picked up some pieces from them the last couple years at Gen Con. But as you've said, they don't quite have all of them.
  5. Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    Witch doctors complete. Just wanted to show the difference in size between them and the next ones I'm working on. Look at that giant dwarf!
  6. Ral Partha Witch Doctor: 01-338

    Some classics. So much smaller than the more modern minis I've been working with, picking out the details was a challenge. But it was lots of fun. Even researching for colors was a hoot, partly because of all the cultures these minis pull references. So politically incorrect, ha. Yay, fantasy. I wish I'd picked up more of this series back in the day.
  7. Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    As I'm trying to decide what to paint next with the witch doctors getting close to finished, I pulled the Wizkids Dragonborn Paladins out of the package to inspect them. A little disappointed with the amount of things that need cleaning up. The many little hairs primed onto the mini bother me the most. Trying to decide how serious I take them on. Do I give them the love because I adore dragonborn or do a practice speed paint job because they're cheap.
  8. 77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    I painted some of the pieces separately to make it easier. I attached the neck pieces to the main body, then filled the gaps, building some extra scales with putty because the seams looked too obvious. The head pieces and wings were painted separate because the seams hid or fit in really well naturally. The whole body was separate from the base parts until finished and sealed all around. I painted most of the wings before glueing them on and then finished painting wing details and highlights after glueing so I could have a better sense of where to highlight. Heads were glues on last.
  9. Vacaroja's New Year's Resolution

    With the big Ma'al Drakar completed, I'm moving on. These guys are my first foray into human skin. After doing a little research, I decided to try a certain technique. And they're currently in three different stages of it, the left being complete. For those who don't know, these are old Ral Parthas - 3 stage Witch Doctor: 01-338.
  10. 77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    I have to admit, I'm actually not 100% happy with the white one. It took me the longest to finally just stop futzing with it and accept what it was. I know I didn't want to go the usual blue/cool shaded white that I see most folks do. So I used a stylized version of some natural resources for color choices instead. I think it's the "chalkiness" of it, which I've heard can be an issue when painting white. But everything on her was an experiment. And in the end, I'm happy with the overall figure as I learned a lot doing it. Base is an 11" wooden round plaque I bought at Michael's. And thanks, everyone, for the compliments!
  11. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    And she's done!
  12. 77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    The visage of Tiamat looms over the ancient and ruined temple of her rival Bahamut! After 6 months and about 400 hours of work, she is complete! Wow, didn't think it would take me that long. And a few more detail pics.
  13. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    I'm so close to done!
  14. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Back from my vacation! I could not finish before leaving town, try as I might. But after I got back today, I got back to work on it. Glue and grass! A tease with some landscaping.
  15. 01-129 Celestial Dragon

    I love that you remained very minimal on this one. I picked up a repro of this a couple years ago, digging through a bin of random pieces in order to find the whole thing. I agree with the not being sure how exactly to handle it because it's so pretty. But pretty is why I got it. And you did a great job with the application of less is more.