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  1. Vacaroja

    Ma'al drakar tips

    I mirror what some have already said. I didn't have to pin anything as all the tabs and slots were pretty sturdy and deep. Just some CA glue and filler. In my case, I used Milliput instead of greenstuff. Painted it partially assembled - tail, legs and neck pieces glued to body - because they had the worst gaps that needed filling/sculpting attention. Head pieces and wings I painted separately because the seams were well incorporated once assembled. I have a WIP thread from last year that will show the paint and glueing process, if interested. It's travelled with me to gaming sessions and been handled quite a bit without any issue.
  2. Vacaroja


    Some process pics tonight. Torn flesh and rotting guts. Start with some layers of Marigold Yellow mixed with Violet Red. Then layers of Marigold Yellow mixed with Buckskin Pale. A wash of Citadel Nuln Oil, then a dry brush of Pale Lichen. Push some detail shadow with Brown Liner.
  3. Vacaroja


    Tonight's progress was a test patch to see if I like the direction I'm imagining. Played with details along the front right shoulder. Fleshy, rotting parts were brought out with Marigold Yellow, Buckskin Pale, Pale Lichen. Deepened with Brown Liner. The scales were brought out with Twilight Blue and Pale Lichen. I'm probably going to blend some richer blue into the scales.
  4. Vacaroja


    This past week, I got to priming Nethyrmaul. Primed him with a light gray first. Helps find all those blemishes I missed and can fill or trim accordingly. Also got to get the first base coats on. Very purple and red looking. Colors so far are Nightshade Purple, Violet Red, and Pale Lichen. But by the time I'm done, he'll look totally different. I'd show source material for the color choices, but quite a bit of it is rather gruesome. Decided he'll be climbing out of the sea, so I've been looking at a lot of dead animals rotting in water for inspiration. Gotta say, there's some great pics of salmon at the end of their spawning cycle out there. And I've seen some interesting videos of exploding dead whales.
  5. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    I officially declare the team assembled. I don't feel like they're as polished as work I've done in the past. But my goal was to spend only a certain amount of time with each, forcing myself to not obsess and attempt to work techniques quicker.
  6. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    Finally got some time today to spend on the last of the dragonman crew. He doesn't look too different from his initial base coat in the photos, but I did pull him into a more purple range with his armor. My next step will be to go through all of them quickly and deepen shadows and brighten some highlights where needed and then finish up the bases.
  7. Vacaroja


    Although I am making this a part of my 2019 goals to paint up a bunch of dragons, I doubt I'll get through all of them this year. And Lord knows I will not be giving up on acquiring more, so this thread will probably be ongoing. But we will make a good effort! The current collection of unpainted - The smaller stuff, mostly old Grenadiers and a couple Ral Partha/Iron Winds. The more elaborate stuff. And, of course, some Bones models. Out of all of them I decided to start with Nethyrmaul. He, of course, came out of the box all bent out of shape so I went through a couple sessions of blanch and shocking his parts. After getting all his wing spines "untangled", I popped him together and decided his wings were too droopy and uneven, so another session to perk them up. Before - After- After a dry fit I decided I would just glue him all together, including to his base, and paint him that way. Then there were the gaps, despite my best efforts to carve and fit the parts together even though I know they never fit perfectly. Milliput, which I've found I prefer to use for the bigger fill jobs that don't necessarily require much sculpting. Though I do use it on occasion for simple sculpts like a couple scales I added on. Just need to clean up the mold lines and blemishes I missed during the first round of clean up. Then we're all set for happy brush time!
  8. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    My recent progress - I have lovingly named this guy Bumblebee. I'm actually not happy with the NMM on his armor. It's fairly sloppy. So I'll probably stare at him for hours deciding if I want to delve more into it. And then there's this guy. I decided to cheat and not worry about trying to paint a glass bottle and made it ceramic. And then I revisited this one and decided I didn't like the TMM on the armor and brought her into line with the others and NMM'd her armor as well as finished off the accessories.
  9. Vacaroja

    Vacaroja's 2018 Wrap-Up

    Those three fellas are some of my favorite figures in my collection. They are the Ral Partha 3-stage shaman set from the 1980s.
  10. Vacaroja

    44001: Bones Black Owlbear

    This guy was great to paint. Love the Bones Black. If you've ever played WoW, then you might recognize the color scheme.
  11. Another creation from the random Iron Wind Metals con bins. Don't know where the wings originally came from, but the main figure was a Ral Partha Anti-paladin, aka Drako. I experimented and only used 3 colors of paint on him, Black Green, Deep Red and Pure White.
  12. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    Thanks. My NMM isn't the smoothest. There are actually quite a few casting voids and dings in his armor and I decided to use them as indications of battle damage instead of filling and smoothing them out. I'll probably do a little work to clean up where my brushwork went a little awry and accentuate that "damage" more, but otherwise, I'm actually liking the rougher texture.
  13. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    Have only been able to put in a bit of time on these guys here and there over the past week. Aside from life, I've been a little distracted by the boiling of a dragon and an owlbear. Biggest progress was on this guy -
  14. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    Have given them all their general base colors. And then started working on the details of each. Being the copper dragon, I added in some blue and green tones around the face and feet details. Will probably add more on the arms as well to pop out more detail. Toned her down with some sepia glaze and then popped out skin highlights with some silver paint. Unlike the guy above, I decided to try metallic on the armor too. Not sure which I like better.
  15. Vacaroja

    Dragonmen of Varanadar #10030 - Team #1

    I decided to try undershading with these guys. White primer, glazed with Citadel Nuln Oil, then went back with some Brown Liner and white to pop things in and out more where needed.