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  1. pikammd

    77438 Half Orc Paladin as a Dragonborn

    That would be awesome! I'll be sure to do that. Thanks!
  2. Man, it's been too long since I painted one of these... But here we go! In the campaign this mini is used in, he holds the place of Kriv Shieldbiter, a golden dragonborn paladin, so he got an interesting paint job to match. I'll be sealing him tomorrow, but if anyone wants to comment an idea or something that needs work, I'll be able to do some adjustments tomorrow before I do so. Apologies if the picture quality is not the best. I'm up way too late, but I tried my best. Enjoy~
  3. pikammd

    Can I keep this from breaking?

    It's not broken quite yet. It bends super easy (I've bent it back a time or three already) and there's no actual crack yet. It's a lead figure if that helps any.
  4. pikammd

    Vintage Paints for Christmas

    Thank you so much! I dare say I improved quite a bit with these!
  5. pikammd

    Vintage Paints for Christmas

    Wonderful! I look forward to seeing what you do with one if you do.
  6. pikammd

    Vintage Paints for Christmas

    Oh wow, that's so awesome! I did not know that! Congrats on your nice trio, too!
  7. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    And done. ^-^
  8. pikammd

    Vintage Paints for Christmas

    Hello! My dad has some old minis (over 30 years old), and for his Christmas gift, I painted them. They turned out amazing! I'm so proud of these, especially the mage. Dad used the two in the middle as the standing/crouching versions of his thief, Starfire, so they are painted as close to the same as I can manage. Comments/crits are always greatly appreciated! Before: After: And yes, that is a completely freehand, no references Phoenix painted onto the mage's cloak, and a matching feather to boot!
  9. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    Wow. That sounds like a lot. I'm pretty sure I'm not at that caliber yet, by any means. Sorry.
  10. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    Thank you! He was so worth the effort! ^-^ I'll see if my dad has either adaptation. He has a lot of electronic stuff so he might have something. I'm not even into my double digits of mini paints so I haven't really had a chance to seek out better picture-making sets. I'll work on that over the holiday break. I'm afraid I don't have any similar weapons, and frankly, I'm a little afraid to try a weapon swap on these guys, considering I've never done it before and don't have any others of the same material (lead). I might have to get dad's permission to do so, as well, since they're his minis. For now, I'm just going to roll with the character has way too many knives (he really did) and has his choice of picks. After Christmas and I show the current product, I'll ask if I could/he would be okay, with me doing something like that.
  11. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    I think I finally got these guys completed as well! They look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I somewhat wish I had used grey/black instead for the cloak since I did the other one in blue, but eh, I'm sure it's fine. I'm going to call it a night. As always, comments/crits (especially crits) are well appreciated! I can take those into account tomorrow morning before I finally seal the quad. Feel free to comment/crit on any of the 4! Thank again, and g'night!
  12. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    Thank you! Those eyes were so difficult, and it was honestly accidental that they ended up like they are, but they look really neat now! No complaints here. ^-^
  13. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    And now, on to the next ones! these are supposed to be the "same character" standing vs. crouching. That's how dad used them for his rogue, Starfire. So, here's to hoping I can paint them about the same!
  14. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    Thanks! I'm quite proud of this one!
  15. pikammd

    30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    I think I've got this one handled! Crits/comments please?