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    A little of everything... Mainly, anything to do with biology, reading/writing, Pokemon, animals, and learning something new.

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  1. 77421 Monk

    I'm going to do a quick paint on this guy, just for fun. Crits would be appreciated! I'm trying a new upload style so apologies if the pics don't load well.
  2. Arnoorian Knight In Progress

    Thanks! I hope you're happy with yours now. ^-^
  3. Arnoorian Knight In Progress

    Thanks! I worked pretty hard on him. ^-^ Maybe with a little more shading, or a duller version of that blue you would like it more? The studded leather looks amazing though!
  4. Arnoorian Knight In Progress

    Current progress is now posted. I think I may be done. I'd LOVE some last minute critiques before I seal though!!
  5. Arnoorian Knight In Progress

    Update! Critiques majorly appreciated!
  6. Arnoorian Knight In Progress

    Thank you so much! I do actually have a design planned for his shield. It'll be simple, but something special for my own little D&D group. And thank you so much for finding the name/number! I really appreciate that.
  7. Arnoorian Knight In Progress

    How's his face look?
  8. Hey everyone! I'm going to start on this little fella below, and see what happens. In my D&D group, my character's mother comes from a place called Arnoor, so I'm going to gear this guy towards Arnoorian style colors, etc. It'll be similar to the Aeris I did awhile back. Hopefully, this guy turns out as well! Sorry I don't remember the actual name/number of this guy. If you have any advice/ideas/criticisms (I love crits!) as I go, I'd really appreciate it! Current progress: I think I'm about done. I'd love any advice/critiques before I seal this mini! (Note, the base is probably temporary. Once I find something better, I'll move him over.)
  9. First Shot at Spiders

    Thank you. :3 I think the blue will be the one I end up using in game. He turned out so nice, especially for being the one I spent the least amount of time on. I have entire sets of good brushes and brushes good for little else but full coverage or drybrushing. It's a trip mixing and resorting the sets after I've used half of both. I'm doing pretty good in that department. Next time I get some time, I'll work on stalking threads, etc. Thanks for the advice. ^-^
  10. A Few Spiders

    Hehe, exactly what I'm going to do. My group got attacked by several spiders in a deep cave (which is why I'm going for shiny cave spiders) and I managed to tame one. So, I'll be messing with the rest of my party with him for quite awhile. Thanks everyone!
  11. A Few Spiders

    Hey all! I had 3 spiders and no desire to sleep, so here's what I got! Technically, the white, brown, and blue are my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ever minis painted, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. ^-^ Enjoy!
  12. First Shot at Spiders

    I did, and did not. And the paint already on my spider was dry. Maybe I just brushed too hard or something?
  13. First Shot at Spiders

    That's the one I used, but the gloss version. It was only the fangs and part of one leg so I was able to save it without much trouble.
  14. First Shot at Spiders

    Well, my sealer semi screwed up the blue spider, but overall, I can't complain too much. I was able to fix most of it. Once they dry, I'll post a final picture.
  15. First Shot at Spiders

    Part of the problem is these are going to be used in actual gameplay so it can't be a super heavy base, and it's also 2AM (too lazy to get up at this point) and I have no glue. xD But I can walmart that easy enough. But I do have some really neat paper I may use on the next paint. It's reflective and really pretty, and I fell in love with this spider, so a shiny base would be awesome for it! Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe on my way to class tomorrow, I'll find something neat. For now though, these guys are just going to be without a base. Temporarily, of course. ;)