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    Need help getting a leg up...

    Thank you Glitterwolf for your post! There defiantly is one picture you have there of Kaladrax's leg that is in pretty good profile. I am sure my friend can use that. That is a very nice diorama btw. I always like seeing people's creativity.
  2. Glitchies

    Need help getting a leg up...

    Hello wonderful people of the Reaper community. I need your help. I have an Kaladrax (#77192 original bones kickstarter) that I have lost a leg from. I moved a while ago, changed jobs, blah blah blah... life stuff, anyways I wasnt able to get around to painting him back then. I pulled him out yesterday to do some planing, and noticed that his back right leg has gotten lost. This is not a case of a part missing from the box, since I have assembled him in the past so I know everything was there when I got him. So this is where you come in. I am hoping that some of you out there have this model and would like to share pics of him with me. Well, of his back right leg. My plan is to get good enough pics of it that a friend of mine can just sculpt me a replacement. I know about Reaper's awesome customer support, but this is my fault and dont want to bug them about something that I did. Besides, this guy has been discontinued. Here is a link to his Tinder Reaper profile. Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.