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  1. GreenBeams

    Father of Frost Dragon

    Hey all, just got to do a repose for this mini(ish) character.
  2. Really nice, clean and solid start! Much better than the paintball casualty that was my first mini
  3. GreenBeams

    Homemade Bathysphere "Benthic Walker"

    i LOVE this x 9!
  4. GreenBeams

    Compound - The Cyborg Alchemist

    Love your skin work - it's always so understatedly... right =)
  5. GreenBeams

    Massive Darkness - High Troll

    That painting's just amazing!
  6. They're impressive and fair play to the guy, but i can't quite move away from Night Goblins done in a Moonstone style oh, er... :)
  7. GreenBeams

    Fire Giant jailor WiP

    Love the skin - really nice!
  8. GreenBeams


    That looks really interesting, thanks.
  9. GreenBeams

    Pathfinder Red Dragon (as a blue dragon)

    Really nice paint job!
  10. GreenBeams

    My Undead Army (so far)

    Those are fantastic, mate! You have a couple of werewolves in there too - are they rackham minis or something else? I don't recognise them from GW but i may be well off here: Again though, beautiful work on your paintjob. Really nice and tactile looking!
  11. GreenBeams

    "On Top" Ork

    love this guy - nice paintjob, too!
  12. GreenBeams

    Father of Frost Dragon

    Thank you very much, Arbiter10! I've seen you painting and terrain pieces - really nice! My profile page here has a link to my site but i'm not actually selling anything on there. The whole, sculpt-for-print-at-home thing is rather new to me, actually. My time through the day is usually taken up with working with miniature companies so i don't get much time to do anything else. Thank you for the intrerest, though
  13. GreenBeams

    The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

    Thank you, @Darsc Zacal, i'll keep my eyes open when posting next time!
  14. GreenBeams

    The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

    ah - i'm sorry, i didn't see it. Thank you, WhiteWulfe =)
  15. GreenBeams

    Father of Frost Dragon

    Thanks, TaleSpinner! I had missed the KS page so thanks for that. I've updated it now