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  1. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    managed to do a little base work during lunch:
  2. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    So i've sent the final version to print already but am approaching some parts of it again after some wonderful crits by @TaleSpinner here's tonight's progress: Cloth reworking (proving to be super difficult to make it chunky and threadbare!) and a simple base (may need to shrink that down) any crits would be super welcome, or hyper welcome, or... erm... ready salted welcome. it's late and i'm not sure what i'm saying. Until the next time!
  3. Golem Hired Muscle - Finished

    Cheers, @TaleSpinner! I've convinced my wife that a pilgrimage is to be undertaken next year! Thanks for the vote of confidence too. No-one gets to see the" ohcrapohcrapohcrap-wait.. it worked!" moments I've been in touch with a few companies and have heard back from one big one, saying they might have work at the beginning of the year so to contact them then. It's a nibble, to be sure! Oh, and, i sent the golem to print tonight (the version you see above) and have started on the redo with base. Bloomin' eck but getting cloth right is difficult! I'm continuing it in the WIP thread again. all the best, Andrew.
  4. Golem Hired Muscle - Finished

    Thanks, @TaleSpinner As it goes, i sent Reaper my portfolio about 6months ago and didn't hear anything. That's not surprising as it barely anything in. The website says to try back every 6months so that's what i did. That was a couple of weeks ago and i've got 9 sculpts in there now so i may do a bit better this time. I found an amail address on the site ( artsubmissionsATreaperminiDOTcom ) and that's what i've been using to apply. That's right, isn't it? i feel like they're super busy and, tbh, maybe i'm not at the right skill level yet and they want to see what i can do in 6months. I'm cultivating my patience. you know, excited, every-day-checking-emails level patience but i'm cultivating it! Cheers for all the help, too!
  5. Golem Hired Muscle - Finished

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give a wonderful critique! I'm sorry about the lettering. it was the easiest thing to do in the sculpt.. i'm.. making it worse, aren't i? xD I'm totally with you on the cloth. I'm trying a few alternatives to making it sharper and more frayed but most of it is still coming out clumped like melted plastic. i'll try and sharpen the edges of the holes and fray the bottom of the cloak. I adjusted the cloth around the neck today at lunchtime and, again, you're right, it looks more believable that way. Ironically, the iron rings were all individually done and took near the longest time! xD I'm redoing them again with hopefully more readable wear and tear. Concerning detail level for minis - with traditional, you can only physically get so much on there but with digital you can get into every nook and cranny going. It's difficult to know when to stop(or start in some areas) Can i ask, is it better to add in all the detail you can and be told to simplify it down or work up with each review? Also, is it something you just develop an eye for over time? I've been focusing on character sculpts for 8 months now and i realise that i'm still unsure as to what amount of detail to put on a sculpt. OK, i'm probably bending you ear now but i'l get some changes made and then post back up in the WIP forum. Thanks again and all the best!
  6. Golem Hired Muscle - Finished

    Mr. Stitches The Golem and Cat the Cat (also, a Golem) xD Except, of course, the cat doesn't do what it's told and keeps getting underneath Mr Stitches' feet when he tries to go to the toilet at 2 am....errrmmm =D
  7. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    i agree with this but would extend it to sculptors too! I work digitally and would love to get into the industry but very rarely get a response from freelance enquiries. Some kind of review where you could be told where you mini doesn't work, does work and what could be improved. Moreover though, especially how to get the mini...feel. I wish i had a better way to put that but i'm just not sure yet what it is. That would be great! Absolutely!
  8. Golem Hired Muscle - Finished

    I finally finished it!
  9. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    Haven't really had much time to work on this lately so - mini update!
  10. Testing out Shapeways new Extreme Detail Material

    Hey man, no worries. It was $9.93 for the print and $4.99 for the shipping. It arrived fairly sharpish too. i can apply a fair amount of pressure and it'll bend slightly. i don't feel like it's close to snapping either. I'd say about as strong as the thick base parts of the Bones miniatures
  11. Testing out Shapeways new Extreme Detail Material

    Morning, fellas! Please note, i'm not trying to sell this wee lad. This mini was made solely to get a better understanding of what could work and not work from a digital sculpt to a 3d print. I'm just trying to learn as much about sculpting for miniatures as i can. I don't mind saying how much i paid for it, if that's ok with the mods? It's just in the spirit of learning =) i totally didn't. Wow. that seems like such a basic step! I was so eager and excited that i just jumped straight into it. It's still a bit sticky even now - 12 hours later. Ah well, it's all learning! My next thought was to smooth green stuff over the cloak to get a better finish. I'll wait until it's not sticky/tacky anymore and have a crack
  12. Just got back my Chaos Marauder sculpt from Shapeways. The primer is showing the print lines that were hidden when it was frosted. To be honest though, i can't really see that much wrong with it with my eyes, only when zoomed in. I've included the original sculpt for comparison
  13. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    OK so only a little farther today. started the sword, changed the kitten's approach, roughing in some placement stitches.staples on the head and generally, er.. just buggered about, really xD All the best, Andrew
  14. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    Just a little further forwards with the body and starting th process of cutting him up... and then sewing him back together. Loth - Thanks for the advice. I'm aiming at cute and vulnerable so i'm trying to get something... i guess... small with a big head. The proportions are all going to be a little cartoonish. Londwch - Morning, mate! No problems. I'm using ZBrush 4R8. If you fancy a go at it without the heavy price tag, they do a free version called Sculptris. Sort of like ZBrush Lite. Cranky Dog - Thanks for the compliment! With his body, the plan is to build him up, then chop him up and then sew him back together again. Hopefully i can keep the constructed feeling but i don't want to go the whole way and have limbs of different size Thanks for all the comments and advice, guys!
  15. First 3D Sculpt - Zombie Dragon

    It's definitely coming along, mate! The difference between those last two pictures is huge.. and fantastic! I'd say as a piece of advice (erm, that i know you didn't ask for) try to think as this bit as your blocking in. Try not to get too detailed and just get general shapes for each bit. Like, say head, limbs, body, tail, wings. when you;ve got a general shape that looks like a half sucked sweetie you can start going to town on the finer points of each bit. It's just one way of working but it might help. Looking forward to see how this turns out! All the best, Andrew