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    28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    I'd suggest taking a look at Nordic Weasel Games, which is actually a rather large portfolio of assorted rules from a one-man-band: http://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5701/Nordic-Weasel-Games http://fivemennormandy.blogspot.com I haven't tried the skirmish oriented science-fi rules, but I was looking around quite a bit for element based Sci-Fi rules that would work for my 15mm stuff for a couple platoons. That search was completed when I got Nordic Weasel's Five Core Company Command rules, which are quite elegant, intuitive, simple and tactically satisfying. I then bought the Beta rules for the upcoming fantasy mass battle game (An Orc Too Far) which is also really tight. You don't want to use Company Command for skirmish and it's rather bewildering when seeing just how many rule sets are available from the one publishers there, but probably Five Parsecs From Home would be the place to start. the second edition just came out and the author notes on his blog that Haven't tried them myself as I don't have skirmish based Sci-Fi-Fi figures, but "So Five Parsecs From Home is basically the single best-selling thing I ever did." I really doubt you spend the $7.99 and come away disappointed. Anyway, Good luck with it!