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  1. Exchange Minis for Generic Fighter

    That witch is fantastic! Your paint job makes me want to add her to my wishlist!
  2. 77514: Iron Golem

    Awesome job! I can't wait to pick this guy up!
  3. 03393 Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

    Good stuff! I really like your shading and that base makes a huge difference.
  4. Torin, Male Thief - Dark Elf 03047

    Wow, this is great! Can't be said enough: that cloak is fantastic!
  5. DSM5058 Lady in Waiting #2

    Very nice, I like the color selection a lot.
  6. 03322 Effreet Emir

    Looks great! Might be good to get a little color/shading on the base just to make it more interesting.
  7. 60061 Shazathared, Marid as an efreet

    This looks great! Really like that base.
  8. 77171: Stone Golem

    Thanks! Glad you like it!
  9. Reaper & Darksword Minis

    These are great, especially love the female pirate and Littlefinger.
  10. Dwarf Forge Priestess - 77571 (Bones)

    Very good!
  11. 02582 Queen of High Elves

    Good work! The dress came out nice.
  12. 77171: Stone Golem

    Thank you very much! I used nightshade purple in the shading too, which you can pick up in person, but I couldn't really get it to come through in the pics. Thanks! Thank you! I had just finished the paint job when I saw Glitterwolf's amazon diorama. As soon as I saw the pattern on the GSW website I knew it would be great.
  13. Boxer Dog Bust as my pet Brutus. By Glitterwolf

    This is awesome! Love your inspiration!
  14. 77171: Stone Golem

    Thanks! Thanks! Lol, oops! I didn't even realize I caught the price too. I usually just copy and paste the SKU and name from the item page. Guess I highlighted more than I realized. I watched one or two videos but I suspect this one was a bad choice to start with because of all the fine detail. They really are great though!