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  1. Schirf

    77015, Bugbear Warrior

    Nice work! I really like this line of bugbears, tons of detail for a bones mini.
  2. Schirf

    77521, Gravewailer

    Nice work! I like the use of gloss finish.
  3. Schirf

    77279: Tropical Narthrax

    Beautiful work!
  4. Schirf

    77503: Temple Dragon

    Nice color selection! My next one will probably be a red too.
  5. Schirf

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    How does it do with closer to 28mm scale? Cause this one looks incredibly smooth.
  6. This is fantastic! Really wish I could make it to Reapercon for your classes on faces. Hopefully next year! (Unless you offer them somewhere else as well?)
  7. Schirf

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Wow! That is beautiful! What printer do you use?
  8. Haven't had a ton of time to paint this summer but I've managed to get a few things done. I've also been working on my basing. I plan on going back and adding some OSL to Damien but saving that for another day. The Familiar is from GW, cira 1994 and was a fun little guy to paint. C&C welcome and encouraged.
  9. Schirf

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard with GW Familiar

    Thank you! There is a lot of personality in this one and it was fun to paint! If I recall correctly, I think with the imp I mixed in a little merigold yellow to make him "glow" more Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Wow, Thanks! Appreciate the feedback, he was a lot of fun to paint!
  10. Schirf

    77140: Townsfolk: Village Rioter

    Great osl work! Any tips?
  11. Schirf

    03321: Damien, Hellborn Wizard with GW Familiar

    Thanks! Thanks! If I remember correctly, brilliant red, dragon red, ebony flesh over top of a gradient base coat of black, snow shadow, and linen white. Possibly also have some deep or brick red as well. Thanks!
  12. Schirf

    The June/July Mushroom Crew

    Simply wonderful!
  13. Schirf

    60005: Arael. Half-elf cleric

    Very nice with a good conversion! I just primed this guy up and have him waiting on my desk to start!
  14. So I've found myself going between a number of different locations recently and wonder if anyone might have recommendations for a flight case style travel case. I'd like something that could reasonably hold a good number of paints, basing materials, tools, and some minis. I've seen some nail technician cases that seem like they might work, but figured I'd ask around before making a purchase.
  15. Schirf

    Recommendations: Travel Cases

    Thanks! I'll look into that.
  16. A few must have colors IMHO: - Brown liner - Nightshade purple - Snow shadow - Sapphire blue - Palomino gold - Naga green I use the first three on almost every model for base coating. For metallics the absolute best aren't Reaper, but rather the Vallejo Metal Color line. They are technically airbrush paints, but brush on beautifully and look better than any other metallic I've seen.
  17. You can pick up an LED 60 watt equivalent for less than $10 at any sure that sells bulbs. I find they look great and balance color well.
  18. Schirf

    First Time Miniature (Skeleton)

    Love these guys!!! Great work!
  19. Schirf

    Female Bard with Lute from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Beautiful work!
  20. Schirf

    Games Workshop, Tyranids

    Those are some good looking bugs!
  21. Schirf

    02242 Ian MacAndrew

    Excellent work! I've really wanted to pick up some of the highlanders and try to work on tartans.
  22. Schirf

    Calling all cars...

    What base stamps did you use?
  23. Schirf

    77201: Dragoth

    I'm really regretting having made it to the end of this dungeon... Awesome work!
  24. Schirf

    77194: Cthulhu

    Pretty sure I just lost the rest of my sanity! Great work!
  25. Schirf

    07005 Cairn Wraith

    Great job with the OSL!