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  1. Wizkids Dwarf Priest Speedpaint

    Great work!
  2. 77186 Tiik Warrior

    They look good, very creepy! If you have a printer, you can be good at photography. Over in the Shutterbug forum there are some links to backgrounds you can print up with a basic B&W printer that make all the difference in the world for your photos. Super easy.
  3. Finished my first serious mini since gettng back into painting. Had a lot fun with him!
  4. Ok, here is my first NMM paint job. I'm not sure if I dislike the technique, or just picked a bad mini to try it on first. I found it a bit fiddly and frustrating with all of the dully cast spikey bits. I did a pretty quick TT quality job on everything not NMM, so I know there are a lot of places to improve there. Also, I feel like the photos make it look better than it really is. I'm pretty happy with how the front of the armor turned out, but the shield and shoulder pauldrons were frustrating. Would truly appreciate any feedback on improving the quality of my NMM! I'll be doing Mangu next and tracking in the same WIP thread. Wip thread here:
  5. Converted Void Viridian Strike Commando

    Excellent work putting her back together and painting her up!
  6. Bad Squiddo Games Vampire Hunters (4)

    These look fantastic! The shading and highlights on Dum-Dum are especially good!
  7. 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) (Updated)

    Thanks! I'm definitely much happier with the second version, but I'm still not sure if I'm sold on NMM in general tho. Thank you! Thanks!
  8. 77092: Elquin

    Nice work! Good differentiation between the different leathers. Mixing a little bit of a darker color in with your base color and getting a light, thin coat in the shadows will help add some depth, and I personally find shading easier than highlighting.
  9. 14317 Jos Gebbler AKA the old dried plum

    "Get off my lawn!" Love how the yellow/green globe came out!
  10. Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian

    Nice job! I did a similar color choice when I painted him too!
  11. Minotaur 77013

    Good work, really like the color selection! My recommendation would be to pick one aspect of your painting that you want to improve and then with each mini focus on that aspect until you are sufficiently happy. But most importantly, make sure you're having fun while you're doing it or it defeats the whole purpose!
  12. My First Miniature!

    Excellent first mini! Welcome to the hobby!
  13. 25th anniversary Dain Deepaxe

    Very nice! He looks quite surly!
  14. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    Those swords are awesome!
  15. 14184: Bloodseeker Vampire, Necropolis Solo

    Amazing work!
  16. Elder Thing

    Cool figure and excellent paint job!
  17. 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) (Updated)

    Thank you!
  18. She is stunningly beautiful! And I love your style and it works particularly well here!
  19. 77503: Temple Dragon

    Thank you very much! I'm really happy with the way the colors came out!
  20. 77503: Temple Dragon

    Overall pretty happy with how he turned out. Would love any feedback for improvement...
  21. 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) (Updated)

    Ok, so I decided to go back and start right in the middle and work my way up and down. Used a 50/50 pure black and dragon white mix for the base then added more white to get highlights and then black for dark and it smoothed out much better. I did have to fight the casting a little but I don't think that affected it too much. Definitely think it came out better this time... Thank you, appreciate it! Thanks! I ended up watching the Hobby Cheating and the CoG video. I'll look up the P3 too though.
  22. 14528: Rageclaw Slayer

    Excellent work! Nice job with the OSL and the glowing blade.
  23. Vatanis, Maggotcrown Necromancer

    You did a great job bringing out the details in his face, excellent work!