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  1. Gyar

    02796 Ilsa Darkstep, Thief

    Added on to the base a little in the back to flush it out with the round base.
  2. Gyar

    77205 Alistrilee.

    I used a little cutter to make the leafs on the base.
  3. Gyar

    77078 Astrid Female Bard

    I like how some of Reaper miniatures they can seriously go "well they aren't wearing pants" or "well they are wearing pants, they are just *really* tight" it kinda opens up a lot of freedom of ideas.
  4. Gyar

    77204 Cassiatta

    Went with a silver armor but I ended up glazing it purple, seemed more fitting.
  5. Gyar

    77203 Alastriel

    77203 Alastriel. Did some glow effects on the crystal and off onto the hair and body. I really gotta get better with taking pictures cause its so hard to see lol
  6. Well he is the Gold but for me he is the Silver!
  7. Gyar

    77036 Devona, Female Wizard.

    I intended to do this one in turquoise colors cause the back cloth reminded me of a seaweed but I ended up going with oranges and blues and then added ice on the staff at the end.
  8. Gyar

    77057 Juliette the Sorceress

    Decided to use red to shade down instead of a darker purple. Made the dress look interesting.
  9. Gyar

    77079 Isabeau Laroche Female Paladin

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I Would like any pointers to flesh colors outside the norm. I will also try that reddish tone you suggested Rigel
  10. I decided to try the mirror shield thing again, since this models shield trim looks so much like an old mirror to me. I also tried different skin tone then the generic caucasian and will be diving into that more as well since I never learned to paint different ethnic skin tones and hope to pull off some different ones and maybe even move into some alien tones like in blues and such.
  11. This is the large resin version of this model I had the privilege to paint. She is 11.5" Tall and 9" wide. I guess there was a limited print in the early 2000's. A friend managed to find one in his closet so I painted it up.