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  1. Gyar

    77594 Solar Angel

    Thanks all! Also if anyone sees a Harvey Birdman mini that isn't a former heroclix model let me know! I would totally do that. Its a shame there isnt a Space Ghost Coast to Coast cast in minis.
  2. Gyar

    77594 Solar Angel

    I had to do a lot of research as I didn't have a clue what angels did or looked like in RPG's. Actually still don't. I assume I made a decent go at it.
  3. Thanks all! And as to the back of the shield, I always try to paint those if I can. If the shield comes separate in the kit I will always paint the back, it just seems like a skipped opportunity to add some creative details.
  4. I know, not typical paladin colors, but that's okay. She is still ready to take care of some undead :D
  5. Gyar

    02738 Helena, Female Gladiator

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try some more dulled down and less yellow, being the first jump I am all in for some ideas! Who knows, that may even change my taste! Sepia is a good idea, it has that red undertone... hmmmm
  6. Gyar

    02738 Helena, Female Gladiator

    Yeah its not too far off its just too modernized. I could see this on like Future Gladiator X or something. I should have tried to keep to more simplistic patterns. perhaps next time! Also good find! it is hard to find good shield art that isnt "300" Oh all good, what do you mean by "too deep" like too dark? Averland yellow (Citadel) was primary, Dryad Brown (Citadel) was the darker brown and I used a Orange Leather (scale 75) and just mixed up and down for shading
  7. First real attempt at NMM bronze, and I got carried away with the freehand. Doesn't really match the model but eh, I enjoyed it.
  8. Gyar

    77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior

  9. This model was so much fun to paint and I had so many ideas as I went along but I couldnt add them to this one so may be the next, anyways, great model, I would recommend painting it in pieces and just go nuts with it.
  10. Gyar

    Death Guard Plague Marines

    Very good job!
  11. Much like when Cobra Commander is defeated, there is always next Joes! Just gotta keep at it.
  12. Thanks! It took me like an hour and more cussing then I like to admit.
  13. Did this one for a friend as a gift.
  14. I follow a few Patreons to try and learn some new things and get a hold of painting concepts I havent got down. I tried an interesting method that put some texture and life into cloth by use of glazing and some more random movements of the brush when applying paint. Well at least on the cloths. I did add a base on to this one as well and some green stuff work to make her look like she is standing in a creek.