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  1. Reaper Equivalent of Rakarth Flesh

    Helps a lot Zink, thanks! If anyone has a side by side of the two it would still be extremely useful.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew a reaper equivalent for the citadel Rakarth flesh? I've googled a fair bit and the suggested closest is Vampiric Shadow, does anyone have a direct comparison of the two side by side or can feed back how accurate the comparison is? I'm planning to use it for the white lion from Kingdom Death.
  3. Hi all, I'm in Australia and due to large postage costs need to buy my reaper paints in bulk unseen. I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations for some favorite unique must have reaper paints. I'm a big fan of the skin and bone triads and have pretty much all of those as well as chestnut and mahogany brown. My current wish list is: - Dusky Skin Triad - Vampiric Skin Triad - Linen White A bulk of my paints are made up of the Vallejo lines game and model. I definitely prefer the reaper skin and bone tones though. What are peoples thoughts on the hair triads etc.