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  1. WhiteWulfe


    Oddly enough, uses for CAV did spring to mind, even if it's noticeably more for stuff like 40k. Doubly so with other offerings that have spring up on the market, like those new Hirst Arts molds.. (and of course, all the lovely upcoming CAV scenery stuff!) Now, for adding onto a Kill Team kind of board... That could definitely make things interesting...
  2. WhiteWulfe

    Where are the Spider and Scorpion?

    That Haunt is a downright sexy mech too!
  3. WhiteWulfe

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    Someone has clearly read the Evil Overlord List... Or the James Bond Villain List...
  4. WhiteWulfe

    The Army of the Republic of Ritterlich

    Wait... I picked the stompy, shooty, fry your brains computers and guidance with a bugzapper guys? ...Neat. I initially picked them because of the lore, and I liked the look of their minis the most - well, most after Malvernis and Templars, which will be a while before I can get their minis anyways. ^_^;;;;;
  5. WhiteWulfe

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    Yup, I've heard the stories about the Zenit cameras, and how they don't have anywhere near the best of quality control.... Still kind of want one, but we shall see. Nope, not referring to instant film. The 645 I'm referring to uses rolls of 120.... Just exposes them at 6x4.5 versus square (6x6). You can get 15 exposures on a single roll of 120. It isn't as popular as 6x7, or 6x9 though.
  6. WhiteWulfe

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    For wimps.. I dunno, it has its practicality some would say. Didn't realize it was only $129-149 for a 6x6, or a bit more for multiformat.... Hmm, we shall see. Besides, for 35mm panos I'd rather just get a Horizon Pro. Not pinhole fun, but at the same time it's a different tool. ...but aww, no 645 capability...
  7. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Such programs are nice from work... Ours does the same, although it's management that deals with the moving heavy boxes about but. Bonus part is since that time of December is cold, they usually just leave the frozen turkeys in the back of one of the spare vans, because, well, - 20C outdoor temps make a great freezer! >.>;;
  8. WhiteWulfe

    N scale railroad vehicles at Target

    I'm more worried about Amazon jail. Target jail is a lot harder for us Canucks to get into, but Amazon... They can reach you at work while you're out for a walk, and even more nefarious when you're grocery shopping!
  9. WhiteWulfe

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Tina sounds awesome and omg, the cat emblems o nthe guardswomen helmets!
  10. WhiteWulfe

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    I've contemplated such, they're gorgeous... Don't forget there's the 135 sprocket adapter too ^_^;;;; Downside is cost... But it's tempting either way.
  11. WhiteWulfe


    Hmmm, still undecided but I do like how it does indeed come with some floor tiles...
  12. WhiteWulfe

    Happy Birthday MissMelons

    Happy birthday!
  13. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Not speaking from personal experience but Badger's Patriot 105 seems to get good reviews as an all-rounder, and I think it was the Paasche D3000R that's one of the more regularly recommended compressors that has a tank and is reasonably quiet too.
  14. Iiii am the most fiiiiendiiiish dragon out there... Howww do you know this? ....im the hardest colour to blend, mwa ha ha ha ha! At least that's how my brain reacted to that. Bonus points if that was read in a late 80's cartoon villain voice.