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  1. WhiteWulfe

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    No, three sounds about right. *nods sagely* :p
  2. WhiteWulfe

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    Sweeeeeet. I have a distinct feeling I'll be going with a larger pledge amount Ooooh, can't wait to see how the larger one works out!
  3. WhiteWulfe

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Good to know. I wound up asking because thinking back about it, I've noticed a few things that were quite similar myself with how their paint handles. Maybe it's the flow improver already in the Reaper paint, but if you aren't careful about how you thin the Citadel paint almost seems "gloopy" at times, and dries almost unevenly in a dry palette. Maybe it's because I was using twelve year old paint, I'll have to try their new stuff. As for their washes, I definitely have to agree... They're rather lovely, even if they have some oddball names. Nuln Oil (brownish-black) is easy enough to remember, but trying to remember something like Druchii Violet (purple wash), Drakenthor Nightshade (blue wash), Reikland Fleshshade (reddish-brown wash), or Athonian Camoshade (greenish wash) is a lot more of a mouthful than "purple wash" or "Baby Poop". I kind of miss how back in the day Citadel used to be straightforward with their naming schemes, like Chestnut Ink, which was, as one might expect, a chestnut coloured ink that stained anything it touched rather well (but did a VERY good job on Catachan arms for example).
  4. WhiteWulfe

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    My vote is for the tank! Out of sheer curiosity, how are you finding the Citadel paints? Always curious to hear what others think of such, doubly so since I'm kind of sort of getting back into them myself, at least for having some alongside my other paints. I do have to say, it is kind of scary/eery just how quickly one can whip up a decent amount of detail with those washes o_O
  5. WhiteWulfe

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    I'll talk with hubby first, as I know he has a few things he'd like to spring on me, but it's definitely something I'm interested in. Just need to make sure finances are in order first, as I like to be able to inquire about quotes, and then, y'know, pay shortly after getting said quote ^_^;;;; I won't lie, they're tempting to me too, but it's one of those "I don't have any settings to put them into" kind of questions... It would definitely have some dramatic shock factor, even at 54mm... But yeah, 72mm and being almost three times the height of the players.... ...Then have it selling girl guide cookies or something totally silly and harmless after it does a whole dramatic entrance >.>;;;;
  6. WhiteWulfe

    The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

    Thanks Darsc Zacal! I would have pinged, but for some reason I thought you were in the same timezone at Gadgetman o_O Rumour has it you also paint!
  7. One secret weapon envelope down... One to go. Hopefully it'll be in tomorrow... ^_^;;;; ^That's a rather green look within the bottle, but it indeed does start coming out like what's shown on the site as it thins. Definitely looking forward to the other five coming in soon, and of course, in spring, probably acquiring all of them...
  8. WhiteWulfe

    The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

    No worries at all, they all seem to blend together at times
  9. WhiteWulfe

    Pottermore - What did you get?

    I'm thinking more along the lines of a raven in a lazyboy, puffing on a TOBACCO pipe with one of those "what, it's comfy!" kind of looks! Second edit: And maybe a wizard's hat on too, to seal the deal.
  10. WhiteWulfe

    The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

    They're definitely some rather neat looking designs. I do believe we already have a thread for this one http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82721-the-lost-dragons-3d-printable-fantasy-dragons/
  11. WhiteWulfe

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    Ooooooh, that is very much so something I will have to consider then, because both hubby and I rather do like that one and think it would look lovely a tad larger ^_^;;; As to removal of the base, I have to say nah, I kind of like what it feels like it adds into the whole thing... It's actually one of the first undead that REALLY catch my eye. A small part of me is curious as to what it would be like dimensions-wise at 72mm tall, but I suspect that would probably be over $50 USD by that point... I also suspect you'd get some rather colourful language dropped by your players if it came out as something possibly hostile!
  12. WhiteWulfe

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Exclusive paint is always nice to get one's paws on.. . Well, until it goes from a "this is nice for special occasions" paint to "it's one I absolutely LOVE!" >.>;;;
  13. WhiteWulfe

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    Many thanks for the quick reply! Had a feeling that rhino would get pricy quick if increased in size. Seems like he'd be a size hubby might like, he tends to prefer painting things that are at least 2" tall, keeps mentioning something about "too many fiddly details I can't see" or something like that. Kind of scary that the rhino's shoulders are almost as wide as both Minotaurs, or at least a minotaur and a half! No idea why, but I keep thinking that that 38mm minion in the necromancer pack would look downright epic at 54mm...
  14. WhiteWulfe

    Pokemon Go

    Noooo idea what you're talking about. Nope, none at all. *whistles innocently* Part of the problem for me is that I only play when hubby goes out with me. Joys of doing things as a couple together ^_^;;;;