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  1. I'll keep that in mind, but I won't lie... I really like their ground clutter mixes and how they look on their site - at least what I can see Oh, I'm sure I could find a use for it Yeah, they'll be nice to pick up soon enough. I definitely want wave 1, but especially the rust ones.
  2. That's a lot of big packs for not that much. ... Adding into the acquired stuff.. It. Finally. Came. In. YAY!
  3. Basilisk

    I agree. He looks like he's ready to take over a multi-national corporation, or better yet, get up to some serious mischief!
  4. Yeah, it probably isn't necessary but I said screw it, it's five bucks. Might come in handy for a few things though, like my Ebonwrath and building a riverbed... Also acquired today, thanks to ramping up to the company's hundredth anniversary... Chocolate, with house blend coffee mixed in! Bonus points to marketing for putting it in the two best colours, and additional bonus points for the shade of orange being close enough to my favourite! .... Triple bonus points for FINALLY bringing Revv to the Canadian market, I've been asking any and every executive (including our CEO) as they visit when we will be getting it without having to do grey market importing. It's in the next delivery, sahweeeeeet! Six and a half years of persistence pays off So can't wait to get home and enjoy chocolate while painting!
  5. Still can't believe packages from the US and Spain got here before something made it from just three provinces over o_O Anyways,. LOOT PICS WHOOOO!!! Most of it is from GreenStuffWorld. Wow, those cork tubs are, uhh, a bit larger than I thought. Not complaining, it's going to be nice to have a few years months of cork to use when I start basing stuff heavily Magic Sculpt is because I wanted to try it out (hey, it is $5 USD cheaper than a tube of greenstuff, AND has twice as much, AND I was looking at the Magic Sculpt (and other things) for basing anyways), greenstuff is so I have even more to mix with my Apoxie Sculpt (whenever CanadaPost decides to deliver it ::P:), and the bases are an extra blister from Reaper because my four packs of them didn't quite have 20 each. I just might have to buy a few more of the XL tubs from GSW, since I rather like their size, and how much is in them. Oh, and they stack too.
  6. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Pleaaase say that first one is available somehow, somewhere! EDIT: The second one is still rather lovely, but that's the Bones 4 gate in fan favourites, right?
  7. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Scratchbuilt, no, but I have gone "huh, there's almost a full extra guy in here, wonder what I cou... I know, I'll make it look like he was impaled on the Dark Eldar's bayonette!" I so have to find that mini again, because I want to actually finish it at some point...
  8. Reaper layer up learn to paint kit?

    I've used it, and have painted two out of three of the minis from it. Definitely a lot of interesting tidbits in it, and I like how it walks you through techniques I never would have tried (at least for quite some time I suspect). Additionally, I like how they're priced so it's barely more than the cost of paints - you get some decent starter brushes (although there have been mixed reports on their longevity), three miniatures, and a nice case to store your paints in. These next ones aren't mine, but by @Sophie was taken..
  9. 3D printable Sci-Fi Tanks by Duncan 'shadow' Louca Kickstarter

    One of those tanks looks surprisingly like a Leman Russ... But like a tank actually SHOULD look like, instead of "hey, look at our exposed tank treads that are exposed all around"... The flame tank looks rather looks to the Hellhound, and the APC looks pretty close to the Chimera as well, but with tweaks... Hmm. Wonder if auperheavies like the Baneblade are on the docket too...
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    You mean people don't automatically do this? ... It's how I justify my audiophile purchases Luff my HD 600's, so comfy, so much fun to game with. Paired with an Audio GD NFB-11. Smooth volume knob is smooth. Comes with a built in hand warmer too! (Class A amps run warm) A tasty one too!
  11. But I don't have the ring! I got the ring in a cracker jack box! ... Oh wait, wrong script. I'll be picking it up soon enough. Agreed, and that's generally why I like subscription boxes. Provided its a form of random that I'll generally like. I'd love to sign up for TeeBlox, for example. But yeah, themes so random in that one I... I dunno. If I had the cash I'd sooner go for that heroines and discovery box, because it's less random, is something I definitely don't normally order, and most importantly would let me try out different types of paints.
  12. Took a look at their blog and you aren't kidding it's random. Thanks for the info! I get to post pics of today's acquisitions in here when I get home, wooohooooo! (because taking pics is hard when the packages are still at the post office)
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I thought CanadaPost wouldn't be able to surprise me anymore... Packages from GreenStuffWorld AAAND Reaper made it in before a package shipped from Ontario has come in... The Ontario package shipped on Friday, while the other two went through Ontario on Sun/Monday.... Doesn't make any sense to me o_O I just want my Apoxie Sculpt, but guess I'll "have to do" with Magic Sculpt for now :p
  14. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I'll go with the looooooong, narrow corridor that leads to an empty room.... Where absolutely nothing happens at all in any of them, but the players are on edge. Then something happens right as they let their guard down... Another one is the infamous lit torches in a room, but no signs of anyone having been around to light them, let alone replace them as they slowly burned down... Then there's the two weeks of rations that never go bad, never get stale, or... Never get eaten at all...