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  1. Oh look, a suitable distraction from the Citadel Paint Handles! I, uhm.... Bought a, uh, err... Few things. *coughs nervously* From Green Stuff World: six rolling pins (blank, small bricks, pavement, small cobblestone, dark runes, runic), hobby blade refill, sculptor vaseline, brush repair gel, sculpting tool set, brass pinning rods (1, 1.5, and 2mm), hobby hand drill, and weathering brushes 8mm.... Three different basing kits from a company on EvilBay of Doom.... Which contain about 31 different things across the kits, compromising a wide variety of flock, clump brushes, ground cover/scatter, various sands stones, slate, and of course cork... From Reaper... Various bases, two pathfinder red dragons, some gnolls (Krokuta and Reaver), Kogo in metal, and three paints that Meeple didn't have... From Meeple, uh... Uhm.... Dijoro Female Kitsune, Gnoll Marauders, Toghra the Despoiler, nine Happy Seppuku Stamps (CreekBed, Forest Floor, Splintered Deck, Castle Stone, Broken Earth, Ferns, Broken Concrete, Stone Shore, and Standard Brick), a few Secret Weapon items (2x Blasted Wetlands 25mm bases, Wetlands kit, Mud & Water Bundle), and then, uh, ah, uhhmmmmmm....... a "few" paint bottles. Aka 51 bottles and one triad. Oh! And Wyrmgear too. Oh right! And the upright/wall paint storage case from Impudent Mortal too. ...Now the wait for those five packages, plus the two from other vendors on Etsy for stuff that wasn't hobby related (one is wallets, the other is keychains wheeee!) I also have this strange feeling recruiters from Figmentis are going to be talking to me soon
  2. Holding parts while super gluing

    I think for using what's on your desk it's an ingenious solution! Creative, reusable, and useful so fits all the categories, doubly so since it prevents gluing your fingers together while swearing about how they won't hold together...
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Whoooo, almost have my orders for the various places I'm looking at sorted out and get to start hitting the buy button soon. Feel sorry for whoever has to pick one of my orders though, because, uhm, one of them contains something like 50ish individual bottles of paint... All sorts of sculpting and basing supplies will be in said orders too, wooohooooo, can't wait
  4. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Not quite my first (as my very first was a model of a late 80's Dodge Viper from Revell, and I definitely don't have any pictures of it on my hard drive since I was using a 110 back then, and I don't feel like digging through all my old prints to see if I ever did take a pic of it), but... This guy is reasonably close to being one of my first minis, and still in the original paint scheme I did for him way back when... Please excuse the dust, he's been out in the open for a while, with the intent on eventually doing something to him involving actual colours. I do wonder if my first "smash various bits together and call it a conversion" guy is still kicking around in the colours I painted him in, or if I re-primed him ages ago or not. I'll have to dig through my various boxes and find out. I'm relatively new to painting as a hobby (at least one that's semi-seriously approached with a "let's have a ton of fun" attitude), but at the moment, the one I'm most proud of is.... 77068: Anirion from the Layer Up LTPK. That cloak, and especially the layering was, in the long run, a good amount of fun, and a few minutes in definitely sold me on layering as a primary technique. I paint for a variety of reasons... - I not only enjoy assembling the models, but also bringing them to life - I find painting rather relaxing - This is going to sound silly, but anyone who's ADHD (or has friends that deal with such) will understand it instantly.... It makes my mind shut up and just focus on a single thing - I seem to sleep better on nights I've painted, probably due to mind being a lot more relaxed when I paint. - It can really REALLY help you get through a hell day at work because you already have a list of things you'd like to do, or try, when you get home... And you're only an hour into your shift. - This one's more of a playful one, but kind of true at the same time... It's helped keep my desk area clean, because I'd rather have to only spend a minute or two getting minis set up to paint than have to clean first ^_^;;;
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    So happy, place smells great, soup looks like it's doing well too. Only downside? It's only halfway done, and still technically has another eight hours to go before we can enjoy it - joys of 16-20 hour slow cook soup....
  6. Hitting the big 40

    That sounds like me at 23 or so. Besides, a night at the pub is much better enjoyed sitting down, because trying to stand up while eating nachos is more of a "let's all bet how long it'll take for him to fall over because he lost his balance" for those watching. Aka, spectator sport :p On the plus side, as you get older you also wise up on alcohol consumption, and instead tend to drink to enjoy said beverage,instrad of just to get buzzed. Never could understand the whole get stupidly drunk thing though. Gardening on the other hand, I always enjoyed even in my single digits. It's one of the biggest things I don't like about living in an apartment, I can't have a garden!
  7. Black Rose Wars

    It could be handy, but it also did suck to go "I need a squad of guys but they only come in metal and therefore are $20 each" or "I want that new shiny Imperial Guard (or Space Marine) tank (or Ork doomsday weapon) but I really don't want to spend $150+ for a single model that isn't really all that big in the end" Or 750-1000 with only a few days wait due to shipping from various companies that aren't Games Workshop...
  8. Where can I find model dimensions?

    Hard to tell. Would be absolutely wonderful if such is the case, since a number of people find the quarter inch height marker that the B or M had to not be as useful as the half and full inch triangle markers have been. I just checked several from the round of Bones minis that were released on the 5th of Feb and they all had the B without any of the triangles. I'd be in heaven if they went back to the old one though, since it could actually show how large some of the larger ones were - a 4" tall mini (like the Minotaur Demon Lord, for example) would outright dwarf a B measurement and you would barely be able to see it, and while the triangles only go up to his ankles or knees, you can at least then hold something up to the screen to get additional measurements (or "go by eye")
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Was supposed to be painting today, or at least planned for such, but wound up spending most of the evening at a table top cafe kind of place. Was really fun. I can see why we now have like six of them in town, with two of them being pretty close to home... Still have plans to greenstuff the pair of Ebonwraths we have though
  10. Black Rose Wars

    That's why they invented sorbet and gelato! And that's before we also mention frozen yogurt as an option too....
  11. Where can I find model dimensions?

    Most of the older stuff has the triangles indicating approximately a half inch and a full inch in height. Newer ones use a different scale, with a quarter inch tall B (for Bones) or M (for metal) minis. Additional information can be found in these threads:
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Do it, give into peer pressure curiosity!
  13. Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters by Gangfight Games.

    I won't lie, the humans are nice, but I know I'd wind up finding a use for Tunka a lot faster than the humans. Question is if I can do the Kickstarter thing for more than one mini, doubly so since I'm trying to work Bones 4 core into the budget first (and several other things) so that Reaper is the first Kickstarter I've locked into
  14. Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters by Gangfight Games.

    Hmmm, it's now Jersey Devil and Tunka that look rather interesting to me...
  15. Sphinx - 77576

    I'm loving the wings, and especially the transition of skin to fur!
  16. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Wish I could be there, but I'm out camera shopping with hubby so I can do a big miniatures purchase if there's anyone on when we get back, I'll pop in! Edit: I'm not saying this in a bad way, it's more of an "I owe him" alongside it will quite possibly allow me to get a LOT more minis and stuff this month...
  17. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I agree, it will probably go through in the end I'll go from just shy of three dozen to..... I'll need to order in more than one Impudent Mortal paint wall rack. Everything in the cart plus what we have will be more than 135 paint pots, which I don't mind the idea of at all ^_^;;;; It'll definitely be nice to have options that I can go direct for colour with or mix, instead of trying to get shades I want through trial and error Doubly so given just how many other things I'll also be picking up, like the stuff for a dedicated mini workspace!
  18. Rising Sun River Dragon

    That is one downright gorgeous dragon!
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    There's an eerily high paint to mini ratio in my various shopping carts right now... Minis are outnumbered like 20:1 at the moment... Seriously contemplating just picking up all the HD and Bones paints, alongside a few Happy Seppuku stamps....
  20. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    They aren't as well known, but UFO Clothing is still around from that ear, and they've been taken on by a slightly different niche. They also sell the widest pants you can get on the market (40" flares) On the topic of buying stuff, wheee, working out how I'm getting my next paint order in yay! Aka it's going to be split between three different sources (two in Canada, one being direct from Reaper), but will bring me not only all of the HD line, but hopefully the full Bones line too if I can squeeze it all in... And a few triads too, for good measure... ... .... Yes, there will be gnolls too. Can't forget the gnolls, they'll eat all the cookies or.... Bake cupcakes! O_o Oh, and probably stuff from Happy Seppuku and Green Stuff World too, because I want to base all the things, and maybe do some sculpting too...
  21. Kev!'s 77187: Tiik Champion

    So awesome, so fierce... Such a lovely shade of orange too!
  22. Kev!'s 77059: Orc Berserker

    Also loving the blue skin tone!
  23. 89001: red Pathfinder dragon

    I would so go partying with that dragon! Or bring him cookies. ... Or both. Absolutely loving those colours!
  24. Not mini related yet but... Acquired T4 slips a week earlier than usual. Sweeeeeeeeeeet, here's hoping for a nicely sized miniature purchase next week!
  25. I'd looooove a gnoll that's as tall as the Minotaur Demon Lord. That would be absolutely EPIC.