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  1. For me, the fact things were pulled (and then stretch goals re-arrange) was a red flag, but I watched, and waited... A really big red flag (that I'll admit almost had me back out and say nope, not dealing with this) was the second time something was pulled, especially since it happened the next update. So many times I wanted to say something, but every time I wrote something it came across as seething rage to me, as opposed to what could be a useful comment and so I never actually posted them, as I didn't feel they'd offer anything useful at all. So I waited some more to see what would happen, since life was intervening with finances anyways. I was pretty happy to see the terrain come back, and then the aircraft albeit in resin... But they're back. Honestly can't remember if I commented repeatedly or not about it, but I hope it was more a case of "darn that sucks" and then leaving it be. Oh, and doubly so loving the fact the terrain pack has a bunch of awesome little elements. I say "albeit in resin" since they're less affordable, but at the same time they're out, and I'm hoping to be able to get at least one set, if not two. I'm still hoping to be able to get things sorted out financially so I can back for everything I want to back for (we'll just say it's a, uhm, few items, lol) though and while we didn't get the buggies, there is still a lot out there, including resin versions of the aircraft! ....and a mention at more vehicles, terrain (modular buildings sound rather interesting), and of course the dropship in a future Kickstarter. I'm also really glad that the Canadian... Distributor...? Will be happening soon, even if it isn't just a "simple" addition to shipping options on the main store. Flipside though is its shipping from Canada, which means wooohooo buying in Canadian dollars!
  2. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Ignoring obvious ones like what I'm typing this on (mobile phone) or something I use on a regular basis for a lot of stuff (my computer), I'm going to go with... The humble stove. Because without my electric stove man it would be difficult have a warm meal while living in an apartment building. And even though I don't have one atm, I'm going to say "the various things that help you automate the boring stuff in a fish tank's maintenance and cycle, like light timers". This is doubly effective for salt water tanks, because electric controllers for circulation pumps are quite handy for keeping a tank clean. A second alternative would be any form of single cup brewing device (Keurig, Nespresso, Lavazza, etc), since it's so much easier to make the coffee in the morning without having to do the ritual - although I won't lie, coffee from a Chemex, Clever Coffee Dripper , or other such things taste amazing, even first thing in the morning. I also heavily rely on another powerful electronic device that sees use regularly - the humble electric kettle.
  3. WhiteWulfe

    Nuns with Laserguns - By Troublemaker Games

    The ejection port just above the magazines implies some sort of projectile ammo as well. It almost looks like they took inspiration from two different weapons in the Imperial Guard armour - the lasgun (main frame/body of the gun) and the boltpistol (magazine), and then merged the two together. Ammo resupply box for the missile launcher also kind of looks like it would store muffins or something, as opposed to missiles (scale doesn't seem like it matches up all that well, and it's sculpted in a way that looks like it's aiming to be full, not "this one in my arms, this is the last one, let's make it count!"). Nuns with guns though, definitely not something you see every day!
  4. WhiteWulfe

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    The cardboard box of doom comment brings back memories of the Steath Box 9000 from Saints Row 4. Man that mission was awesome...
  5. So I'm looking at doing one of @buglips*the*goblin's seven day challenges (Dragons Don't Share - 2014 to be precise), and one of the main topics that keeps coming up is brushes, specifically ones I won't mind putting some wear and tear on, or even destroying. For those unfamiliar with such a challenge, here's some more info... Official 7-Day Goblin Challenge Rules Thread Awww, it doesn't automatically do the thing anymore, where it does the nice and neat and tidy box of doom. Anyways. The biggest thing I'm looking for is some brushes that will be legal (size 0 max, with a guideline of 1mm diameter, and no more than 10mm in length for the brush), since my main "scratch" and "priming" brushes are probably too big (Citadel starter brushes I happened to have lying around. One is clearly way too big, and the other is probably too shot to be reliable for a challenge).... And are hopefully relatively inexpensive as well as last a decent time through the rough behaviour that will more than likely be happening while I am painting such a large miniature, in such a short amount of time. Additionally, I do live in Canada, but have no problems purchasing internationally, it's just a case of us having a not as good Amazon (and the US Amazon doesn't always ship up to Canada). Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips on durable, yet inexpensive brushes!
  6. They are available on Canadian Amazon, but they're... Pricy is a nice way of putting it. Thankfully, I wound up finding a few that should work form a local place. They're $5.40-5.99 CAD per brush, but I'll live given how they work. Robert Simmons Expression E85, and then Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II 101's. First one works great for base coats, lining, and blocking in... Probably would work fairly well for washes too... Second one does detail reasonably well. A few other options has been suggested to me, but given that I had waited a decent amount (aka too long, as some would playfully out it, since I'm planning on starting this Friday) I won't be getting that 50pk or whatever it was o_o
  7. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Well, I will admit I've had a theme planned out, and even a semi-basic idea of how I want the first 24 hours to go down... It's just more how to thoroughly have that idea become the main plan itself. So far, it's pretty much... Friday night: Clean mold lines, assemble dragon, greenstuff gaps in dragon, assemble that one part of the tower that's two parts (and greenstuff the gaps), aaaand liner everything else. Sat morning: liner dragon and terrain that didn't get linered previous night, and do touchups on any parts of heroes that were missed, then work on heroes Beyond that, not quite certain yet, but I also suspect the main part of it all will wind up having most of said plan being utterly destroyed by... Something. Like all plans tend to eventually As for terrain, I'm pretty much thinking what you mentioned, although with a fourth step in there - liner, Secret Weapon Stone Wash, drybrush, edge highlight for most of it... Obviously a bit more attention would be put towards the areas where there are treasure piles and whatnot. Not going to lie, I'm kind of happy most of the heroes are most covered in armour, it kind of sort of maybe helps in some ways to me ^_^;;;;;
  8. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    No idea what you mean about going on and on... I was a warrior tank myself... Up until 3.2 ruined a lot of that fun anyways, especially for warrior tanks. My favourite in game quotes from a boss... "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!" and "I thiiiink I broooooke iiiiiit" from XT-002. off-tanking that one was fun. Sarth 3D was also fun, but man was that chaotic back in Wrath days. I don't play the game anymore though, because the draw just hasn't been there.
  9. WhiteWulfe

    Crowley's fellow adventurers

    Oops, my bad. Then you're a super mega awesome hamster of doom (tm) and should be thanked even more by the players with bountiful gifts, such as delicious cheeses, and of course, what seems like the forum's favourite food bacon, quite possibly prepped on a teppan grill right in front of you to fully enjoy the bacon nomming experience. ... As in they give you such gifts... Some days I need to double check how I mwriting things and that they could be misread.
  10. WhiteWulfe

    Crowley's fellow adventurers

    I am so going to have to get that ruined courtyard stamp, I love it! (and the temple one, I must one that one too). You're an awesome DM for doing stuff like this!
  11. Mental note: don't let wolves weaponize glitter, or if they do make sure to be standing behind lexan shield when they shake their fur...
  12. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Careful, that globe can still be used to press.... The big. Red. Button. (of doom) .. .... That dispenses party mix into a bowl and pours you a drink of your choice. Into a glass, obviously.
  13. WhiteWulfe

    The Heresy Miniatures Dragon - Production Wave II

    Gorgeous dragon, but that price is a giant nope to me.
  14. Yeah, I was hoping for one too but looks like I ordered too late. Most were reporting from orders that were placed in late September. I sure want that orange metallic sample though, so I sure hope it's one of the new eventually forthcoming paints in either Bones or CAV lines... I'll third the request for reports on the Badger paint!
  15. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Somehow I never noticed the border around your posts O_o;;;;
  16. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Hmmm, tough call, but I'll go with the "Frogger" section that was in Naxxramus in WoW. Not even a boss fight, but you'd be amazed how many people die to those slime every run... I never died to it, but yeah, I've seen hundreds get insta-killed by it. Not tough enough? Fine. Lich King in Icecrown Citadel, with Jeeves still out, because he'd have a bad habit of targeting Jeeves with Defile, which then becomes an instant wipe for the party due to how that mechanic works (Defile pool grows every half second someone is in it, and it does percentile damage while you're in it too). They fixed that bug several weeks later... (NPC summons aren't supposed to be targeted by Arthas).
  17. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Whoa, when did Froggy get yellow Moderator background status (of doom)? If that's recent, congrats! In other news, awwww, one of my Reaper packages has tax and duty on it - about time CanadaPost started showing such in the dashboard! Pity I won't get my package today though, due to the rolling strikes, but this means there's a slim chance both of my packages will be here tomorrow! ...Hopefully! EDIT: Oh, wait. Second package hasn't been scanned as even being in Canada yet. So guess that means I get paint and some minis hopefully tomorrow, then second box of minis shows up... Later this week hopefully?
  18. WhiteWulfe

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I've had a few mention I'm lucky. Still waiting on winning more than $20 in the lottery, although I do seem to have this unnatural ability to be able to time lights when driving really really well... Guess that's where my luck went :P
  19. WhiteWulfe

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I must have weird luck, because when I visited New Zealand in the mid-90's, I don't recall ever seeing one of those.... But I was chased by a kiwi bird. I second the sentiment that that is one gorgeous pigeon.
  20. They also have gem paints, if you didn't know about those! ...And refillable tank brush pens too.... And shades....
  21. WhiteWulfe

    Fancy Wallpaper

    Would something similar be available from a hobby shop in PlastiCraft / Plastruct kind of things? It isn't wallpaper, but it also doesn't absorb paint since it's plastic... But no idea what patterns are available.
  22. WhiteWulfe

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Yup, I know this one well... And people wonder why unless I can actually see the list of ingredients on the product they made, I refuse to eat what they cook. It's just too risky. I'm not anaphalactic with soy, but it'll put me in a world of hurt for upwards of two days... (okay, I'm more diplomatic than that, usually it's "hey, can I quickly check the ingredients on that, just to be certain?") Sad part is there are several "well meaning" people that don't understand what the words "you could kill someone with that" actually mean. For people with allergies, it literally can be life and death (doubly so if you're anaphalactic, or worse, it's something that WILL kill you (there are such allergic reactions in some people, where by the time it hits their bloodstream, it's already too late - shellfish is one allergen where this can happen.. Body reacts so violently, it literally shuts down)). Wow, that product had soooo much soy in it.
  23. WhiteWulfe

    The King in Yellow

    Wonderfully creepy!
  24. WhiteWulfe

    77497: we have to go smaller!!

    Oooh, those are some delightful little bundles of mischief. Do they take cookies as payment/bribery?
  25. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    *coughs* Redacted *coughs again* Let's say it's a peaceful, sort of scifi world, but LOTS OF REDACTED, because who needs VR or full immersion suits when.... Fantasy meets scifi becomes real, and since it's a magical dream land, magic and technology not only co-exist, but also thrive together. And it's peaceful. Alternate semi-redacted: Raver's paradise, where the djs have the power to actually take you on a journey. Not just with music, and an enjoyable mix, but... Like the power to turn the dancefloor into like... I dunno, from club into middle of the mountains New Zealand spring or something. BUT NO HOBBITON. JUST REGULAR NEW ZEALAND. :P :P :P