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  1. Hey guys! I've actually never modded minis, nor even painted them before, so this is kind of my very first miniature project... I'm pretty nervous about it, seeing as I haven't used a paintbrush in an entire decade. I've already spent a couple of weeks watching videos, ordering supplies, and researching painting techniques, and will be doing a LOT of practice before I begin to work on her, but I want to go ahead and start sharing some of my ideas with you all while I impatiently wait for my supplies to arrive. Model: 03700 Tyrea Bronzelocks Purpose: For use on the tabletop at D&D, and to be the inspiration for a main character of a novel that I'll probably never write. Name: "Runt" Backstory: ***Meta backstory incoming, please feel free to skip it*** Runt is a young half [wild] elf from a tribe of barbarians. Due to the genes she inherited from her elven parent, she is both very short and ridiculously attractive. This is somewhat unfortunate for her however, because her tribe very much values physical strength (and often machismo) above nearly everything else. Growing up as the "runt of the litter", she was often teased by her loving but oblivious human parent, and downright bullied by her tribe brothers. This has engendered into her a great ferocity, which she draws upon to fuel her barbarian rage. So please, for the love of all that is holy, do not call her "cute" lest you end up as little more than a collection of streaks on the tavern floor, table, door, wall, and chandelier. Mods: Add a bundle of javelins or bow and quiver to her back? Reduce her sword down to the size of a knife ???? Profit 1) Runt's weapon of choice is the great axe, but she often ends up using a javelin her first turn or two. I'm really not sure I am ready to even attempt to sculpt a weapon for her at all at this point (although I actually do have some experience with silversmithing) A bow on the other hand would look better, and could explain why she only has a guard over just one breast, but it's on the wrong side for that to make sense, and she doesn't even use her bow for combat. 2) My personal "Tyrea Bronzelocks" seems to be missing some metal from the end of her sword. This combined with the fact that Runt does not use a sword has me thinking that I want to just trim it down to the size of a bowie knife. I'm still not sure of this either though. Paint: I intend to try and replicate the absolutely gorgeous job that @Auberon did on Tyrea's skin, hair, axe, and cloth at http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71192-77374-tyrea-bronzelocks-barbarian/ I will also try to go for a blue doe eyed look to match the loincloth while further highlighting the contrast between her adorableness and bloodlust. (she's not evil, just very passionate and more than a little messed up) Most of her "armor" will be painted a dark brown leather like in the picture on Tyrea's page Accents will be silver/gold colored When I'm satisfied with my paint job, I'll varnish it with a satin finish, and start adding tattoos and warpaint on top of that I guess that's about it for now. It may be a few weeks before I have another update, but please comment if you have any suggestions for me!