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  1. Why would frogs ride other frogs? Are they being punished?? I don't understand! HAHA no but seriously, awesome job! I do especially love the detailed paint job on the Chinese Firebelly Toads.
  2. Finished Wizkid Minis

    Oooooo. Very cool!
  3. Love the colors! It actually kind of reminds me of Yondu from Gardians of the Galaxy haha.
  4. 03477, Brain Horror

    Look at that dripping goop! Positively horrifying!
  5. Finished Wizkid Minis

    Awesome! How do you give the wolves the kind of see through look?
  6. 02178: Knight Templar with Royal MacKenzie Tartan

    Totally agree! Awesome job!
  7. How I cheated at painting a tartan

    Wow! Thanks for the detailed tutorial! At first look at the picture I thought to myself that I could never do something like that. I still think my lines would turn out wonky but your tutorial makes it look less impossible at least. Thanks again!
  8. Super cool! I absolutely love the concept!
  9. DSM Sea Turtle Pirate

    Haha he's so cute! Good job!
  10. Behir

    Beautiful! The scales on the neck and underbelly look especially awesome.
  11. Fingerpainted Owlbear 77156

    Holly hell! I would have never guessed that was finger painted! That's awesome!
  12. 60022: Karzoug, Runelord of Greed

    Very cool! Love the colors of the robe!
  13. Awesome! Love the calico!
  14. Dark Young

    Cool! I like how the one has a transition from pink to green. Also the hooves look really nice.
  15. Wolf Tribe - Rageclaw Warrior

    I'm working on painting a tribe of wolf people and this is the second guy I've completed (first one here). This is also the first custom base that I've made. Funny side note: Early on in painting this guy I posted on the works in progress board asking for opinions on what is hanging on his foot. The conclusion that we came to was that it was some kind of buckle which apparently the sculptor of this piece (Werner Klocke) is obsessed with. As I kept painting I definitely started noticing the abundance of buckles across the various leather straps. It just made me laugh every time I discovered a new one. Anyway comments, suggestions, and criticisms welcome! Thanks!