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  1. I believe it was mentioned that the March figure would be small enough to fit in the standard packaging, so that would lead me to believe that it's a human-sized figure. Won't know for sure for another 15 days though.
  2. DavePgh

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    From what I've seen, I'll be backing this one too.
  3. DavePgh

    New Previews!

    Love the new Dungeon Dwellers! Any word on a release date on them or a price point on the Plague Doctor? They'd go great on a February order with a Rock Troll ;)
  4. Is this rock troll the same one from the Kickstarter? It looks pretty similar from what I remember.
  5. Cultists are back in stock if anyone else was looking for them!
  6. DavePgh

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    That's a good looking owlbear! The 21st & those new cat figures can't come soon enough so I can get one of my own!
  7. DavePgh

    Frozen Paint

    I hear horror stories about people getting frozen bottles of paint. Is there any way to tell if the paint has been frozen prior to using it? I was concerned about this when I did my holiday paint order, but it was a little unseasonably warm the day they were delivered. What does frozen paint look like & is there a way to salvage it if it has been frozen?
  8. DavePgh

    Doom minis reissued

    $200 for 15 metal minis isn't a bad price, especially considering what the originals run for.
  9. DavePgh


    385 left as of 10:15 eastern time. At this rate, I doubt he'll last through the day.
  10. DavePgh


    Yeah, I'm not sure I want to risk waiting until Monday. I'll be ordering him in the morning.
  11. DavePgh


    Ooh! I know what's going along with my order Monday! Will the details be any sharper on the resin than the metal? My gut says go metal, but I want to be sure.
  12. Oh, that ornament's nice. Saw there were even more $0.99 paints listed on the site so I threw those in my order too. Did not expect the free Christmas mini to stack at $40 increments, so I ended up with two dragon hoardes.
  13. DavePgh

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Most of them?
  14. Well, since I won't have to place five orders this month, that should free up a few ;)
  15. That's awesome! Now I don't have to explain the five Reaper orders showing up within days of each other! Lol!