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  1. DavePgh


    385 left as of 10:15 eastern time. At this rate, I doubt he'll last through the day.
  2. DavePgh


    Yeah, I'm not sure I want to risk waiting until Monday. I'll be ordering him in the morning.
  3. DavePgh


    Ooh! I know what's going along with my order Monday! Will the details be any sharper on the resin than the metal? My gut says go metal, but I want to be sure.
  4. Oh, that ornament's nice. Saw there were even more $0.99 paints listed on the site so I threw those in my order too. Did not expect the free Christmas mini to stack at $40 increments, so I ended up with two dragon hoardes.
  5. DavePgh

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Most of them?
  6. Well, since I won't have to place five orders this month, that should free up a few ;)
  7. That's awesome! Now I don't have to explain the five Reaper orders showing up within days of each other! Lol!
  8. I have a stack of boxes packed to the gills with unpainted minis... *tries to close closet door*
  9. Made a list & checked it twice... All set for the 8th, 9th, 11th, 14th & 15th! Had to do some hunting for the last day since the December releases I want don't come out until the 17th.
  10. I was making up my lists for the 12 Days of Reaper & came across these guys. Unfortunately, they're out of stock. Does anyone know if they come in metal too or just Bones? I checked but didn't see them.
  11. Hmm... Looks like I might be placing 4 orders this month
  12. DavePgh

    Christmas special edition minis

    Is the schedule of products for the 12 Days released all at once so we can plan or are they revealed on a daily basis?
  13. I like it, though with the size of the order I'm placing for December, I wish it was a monster since I'll be getting a bunch of duplicates.
  14. DavePgh

    Christmas special edition minis

    Hmm... I saw about 6 of those I want out of what's listed. Are they generally all available at once or is each model only available for one day? Because placing 6 separate orders would be super annoying...
  15. DavePgh

    Reaper Live Episode #007!

    That promotional Owlbear looks great! Though will the Dungeon Dwellers line continue past December or will it be ending?