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  1. Armored Little Grunty Goblins

    Went All-In for 9 packs of goblins, hoping this gets funded! I was wondering how one does add-ons though? Will that be something you do after if the project gets funded? Because I definitely want to add that cool goblin scout to my pledge.
  2. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    A couple of the minis look cool. If they sold them individually without having to get a game or anything I'd throw some dollars their way.
  3. Fortunately, I'm having the stuff sent to my grandmother's house so she won't necessarily be aware of when they arrive. Just a matter of where do I hide the, no doubt, person-sized box of minis I'll be getting At this point, I think I've ordered pretty much everything I'm going to. The roughly $900 is totally a wise investment! May still pull the trigger on the Stygian Barge, Mossbeard or the T-Rex, but they're not things I feel are super necessary. The Rex is a cool sculpt, so while knights, goblins & dinosaurs don't really go together for me, despite what certain RPGs say, it would probably be very fun to paint. I'd likely pick the barge over Mossbeard if I had to choose, simply because the barge seems like it has more value to it.
  4. Ooh... I like that plan! Wouldn't be noticeable at all in storage or a tool shed. She always finds my finished stuff pretty impressive, so I doubt it'd be a big deal if she did notice
  5. At this point, I'm just trying to figure out how to explain to my current fiancee/future wife about the giant mountain of minis that'll be showing up in February... Ah well, she'll be stuck with me by then!
  6. Great job! Don't think I've seen this figure before, but your version makes me like it enough to buy one of my own.
  7. Dreadmere

    All good now! Thanks Kit! Very cool read!
  8. Dreadmere

    Still getting the error in multiple browsers
  9. How Tall is that Mini?

    Gonna have to echo the inch or half inch sentiment. Quarter inch just doesn't seem like a scale that most people typically think in, myself included. An inch or even half inch marker, preferably an inch, would give a much better read on the size of things to most people.
  10. That's definitely my plan for the set. Maybe the Darkreach mushroom people too, but they're sorta growing on me... Ah hell... I was thinking I didn't need a Stygian Barge, but that's a mighty nice looking orc. Gotta expect the rest of it to be pretty damn nice too.
  11. Gotta decide if there's enough things in there to make it worth your while. Do you want to wait til it hits retail? The mammoth is definitely something I'm not interested in, but there was enough other things in there I wanted that I decided to pull the trigger.
  12. While I don't yet play D&D, I do enjoy painting miniatures & have recently gotten back into painting them after about a 20 year absence. Picking up paint today, I spied the Jungle Titan & thought it was too cool to pass up. I know a lot of Reaper's sculpts are inspired by various D&D monsters & I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the Jungle Titan. Is it something solely from Reaper's imagination or does it draw inspiration from other sources?
  13. Don't change it up, not looking to put my big order off for another month! ;)
  14. Shipwreck Golem

    That is an awesome model & you did a great job bringing it to life! Can't wait for it to hit the store!
  15. A gnome knight? Yeah, I can't find one.

    You wouldn't be getting them anytime soon enough to do you any good, but there's a few gnome knights in the Kickstarter's Darkreach expansion that look like they're what you want.
  16. Don't have my latest buy in hand yet, but it was so good of a deal I have to share! Been eyeing Ma'al Drakar for awhile now, but I always figured $150 was a bit much to spend on just one figure. Cut to today & Amazon is running a deal on them for $127.99 plus free shipping. I already had $60 in gift cards from work, so $67.99... Yeah, I can definitely live with that. What's that? $40 gift card for being approved for an Amazon credit card? Yes, the deal of all deals... Ma'al Drakar for $27.99 shipped! I can't wait for this beast to show up!
  17. Best dragon for Smaug?

    Been kicking around the idea of making one the Bones dragons into Smaug since there's so many choices of great sculpts. Therein lies the problem... Too many choices. I figure Cinder would be the obvious choice, probably the one I'm most leaning towards, but is there a better choice? I'd be leaning towards a more live-action look even though his wings are designed like a wyvern's. T'Raukzul would definitely have the grandeur I imagine Smaug to have, but the would put the project on an indefinite hold while we wait for it to hit retail. Thoughts?
  18. 01610 Dain Deepaxe

    01610 Dain Deepaxe, the November 25th Anniversary figure. Nice job!
  19. 01607 Elantor, The Lost Prince

    01607 Elantor, The Lost Prince. The model was August 2017's 25th Anniversary figure. Nice job with the color scheme, definitely has a classic elf adventurer vibe to it.
  20. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Does anyone know if when you add extra items onto your initial Kickstarter order, do the extra items ship separately from the first order or with it?
  21. Some treasure hoard bases would be cool; something to punch up our dragon displays.
  22. Ladystorm, any plans for Reaper to release the clear version to retail?
  23. Is the Kyphrixis that released today white Bones? It definitely looks white, but can someone say for certain?
  24. Jungle Titan

    Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
  25. 77492 Blue and Gold Behir

    Very cool! Especially digging the coloration on the gold dragon!