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  1. Bones sculpts of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, both mounted & unmounted, would be nice. Maybe something more dynamically posed than the metal ones? Or as one box set would be good too.
  2. DavePgh

    Boxed Sets Restock?

    Do the box sets get restocked eventually or once they're sold out are they gone forever? I had placed the Townsfolk & Pirates II sets in my cart yesterday to order today but when I went to order, they were out of my cart & out of stock. Obviously I was dismayed & annoyed, but if Reaper intends to do a restock, not a big deal. I guess I'm just wondering if that is something that will happen or should I look on the secondary market?
  3. DavePgh

    Boxed Sets Restock?

    Manually? Holy crap... I do not envy you! Thanks for the heads up! :)
  4. DavePgh

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter (planned start date 18th July)

    Hmm... I can't say I really have a need for these, but I can't argue with the look of the sculpts...
  5. DavePgh

    Strumpet, Minotaur, elementals, kitty oh my! PIC HEAVY!

    Really nice job! I was wondering what I'd do with my air elementals & I'm really digging what you came up with!
  6. Today is your day then! Stormwing released today!
  7. Any word on how big Argent is in reference to Ma'al Drakar? Pretty comparable in size? Anybody know what the deal is with the enlarged smiter? Originally I had thought it might be a statue, but is it a actually a regular-sized person? A giant dwarf under a spell? Or some other type of D&D thing I'm not familiar with?
  8. DavePgh

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Is this Occulus figure something that can still be found in stores? I certainly can't find it online & there only seems to be one example of it painted even.
  9. Ooh... Never thought of doing it La Brea tar pit style... May be stealing that!
  10. One day Goremaw, T'Raukzul & the Froghemoth will be on the upcoming release list & on that day, I'll be a very happy man!
  11. Orcs! Yes! Big order coming this month!
  12. DavePgh

    03903: The Dark Maiden

    Anyone know what this piece is or have a pic of it? It's under New Releases as of 6-4-18, but there's no image with it.
  13. I'll second Yeenoghu! Something the size of the Minotaur Demon Lord.
  14. Painting this guy up currently & I hit a bit of a snag. The details on this sculpt are pretty soft in spots, so it's hard to tell where there's flesh on the bones. The wings & torso aren't too hard & the arms look bare, but the legs look like they have some connective tissue on them. Every example I've seen of this model has bare bones legs; has anyone painted their own up differently?
  15. DavePgh

    03903: The Dark Maiden

    Based on price, I figured it had to be something new since the Dark Maiden in the store, 14106, is $9.99 & this one is $24.99.
  16. Really digging that top Roc! I was planning on painting mine up like a falcon or something, but the firebird look is pretty awesome. Would be a great color scheme for a phoenix too though I don't believe Reaper makes one. Hmm... Might need a second Roc...
  17. DavePgh

    Crowley's Goroloth

    As someone who also isn't into weird fish monsters, I gotta say, that's pretty damn awesome! Kinda makes me want to get one to paint up for myself now that I see how cool it can be.
  18. While I don't yet play D&D, I do enjoy painting miniatures & have recently gotten back into painting them after about a 20 year absence. Picking up paint today, I spied the Jungle Titan & thought it was too cool to pass up. I know a lot of Reaper's sculpts are inspired by various D&D monsters & I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the Jungle Titan. Is it something solely from Reaper's imagination or does it draw inspiration from other sources?
  19. I've gotta echo the disappointment with the Frost Giantesses. Being that they were my favorite items to pledge based on the concept art, the more I think about how they turned out, the more disappointed I am. The pose of the wolf, the "enhancements"... The figures just didn't translate all that well from the art. I can't change my pledge, so I'll be painting them up regardless. It's just a shame that one of the things I was most excited about I'm now not excited about at all.
  20. Not too keen on the extra boobage on the frost giantesses, but if the caribou's back it's all good!
  21. DavePgh

    03748 Lich - Dark Heaven Legends

    Awesome Lich! The glowing eyes, amulet & staff are really nice!
  22. About the only Bones I don't like to see are the ones missing a piece from the package. Fortunately, Reaper is super good about remedying things like that!
  23. Looks great! Can't wait to paint him up!
  24. DavePgh

    Armored Little Grunty Goblins

    Anyone who backed this gotten the backer survey for add-on items yet?
  25. Wish the trio of Stone Giants from the Lost Valley expansion were an individual add-on, but I'll definitely have plenty to paint waiting for them to hit retail. Added the Blacktooth Terror; still not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger on the Stygian Barge or Mossbeard. More likely the Stygian Barge than Mossbeard.