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  1. I've finally managed to get hold of a Marauder giant, the keg is missing and since I have no hopes of finding one at a decent price I'm trying to find a suitable substitute...in terms of size the barrel that came with the plastic GW giant from a few years ago looks quite similar but there are two differences that bug me: the wood has no texture, and the ropes seem to have a bit too many twists (minor discrepancy but I think it's noticeable) what would you do? would you settle for the plastic keg (and maybe carve some lines mimicking the texture) or try and find a textured keg and attempt to recreate the ropes with some green stuff? do you know of any good websites that sell diorama accessories? I've already tried on eBay but with no luck :/ thank you
  2. replacing the old GW inks

    sorry to bug you again but are these two the same thing? 'red tone ink' is not listed on Army Painter's site, maybe it's what it was called when it first came out and then it had its name changed?
  3. replacing the old GW inks

    according to this guy Liquitex transparent burnt Sienna is a pretty close match to the much beloved Chestnut Ink, for example, and in general I keep reading of people indicating Liquitex and Daler-Rowney acrylic inks as the best bet (Winsor&Newton also but since it has shellac in it I don't trust it much in the long run). I've never come across anyone suggesting a positive match for GW's Red Ink, though, and I really miss it - mostly for nostalgic reasons, it was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I remember applying a single layer of it and the orangish GW Blood Red of my minis would turn into a gorgeous, shiny darkish red
  4. replacing the old GW inks

    thank you for your suggestions, I've found a store in town that sells Army Painter paints so I'm going to give them a try. I've read mixed opinions about them in terms of similarity to the old inks but at €2.50 a piece they're definitely worth the risk
  5. hi all, I'm trying to find a suitable replacement for the GW inks that got discontinued some 10 years ago (I'm talking about the screw-on top inks with the glossy finish, red and green in particular). After a bit of research I've narrowed down my search to two brands, Liquitex and Daler-Rowney. In terms of gloss/shininess which one would you suggest? I've already tried Vallejo's red ink but it's fairly matte; Coat d'Arms is producing paints and inks which supposedly mimic the first generations of Citadel paints but from what I've gathered they have little to do with the 'screw-on top generation'; I've heard that P3 ink is fairly shiny but as I live in Italy that's a bit out of the question for me thank you for your help (on the left, GW's old red ink; on the right, an example of what I'd like to obtain)