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  1. Glad to see you back on form, Marvin.
  2. paintybeard

    Learning a new language!

    Voice of experience: Spend a night together. You will learn all the vocabulary you will ever need.
  3. paintybeard

    Happy Birthday paintybeard

    Thank you for the advice, Glitterwolf. The Anne Frank house is always my first stop in Rotterdam whenever I manage to get ashore.
  4. paintybeard

    Happy Birthday paintybeard

    Thank you all for your good wishes. It was a long, busy day for me, working cargo in Rotterdam. But reading all your kind messages lifted my spirits.
  5. Who ever said playing or preparing a game was meant to be fun? This is a concept that needs explaining to a few of the DM's I have endured.
  6. If painting counts then "Fire and Fury", I wouldn't like to think how many pots of Blue and Grey paint I've used up... If it's just book-work than it would probably be GURPS.
  7. Not sure about your contention that Adolf would have ineviatably attacked USA: After the Fall of France he was genuinely anxious to make peace with Great Britain IF GB would give him a free hand in the rest of Europe. If GB had fallen the indications are his attitude to USA would be similar: An armed and watchful stand-off. (And happy to see any sort of problems between USA and Japan.) As you say, US intervention in the ETO was an incalculable benefit to all of us.
  8. Pedantry warning! During and before WW2 Germany and Italy form "The Pact of Steel", and Japan joins later. This isn't an alliance, just a general agreement to co-operate. As I said earlier, it shows how dreadfully bad the dictators are at planning and co-operation: Mussolini is utterly jealous of Adolf's successes in 1940 and launches an attack on Greece without ever mentioning it to the Germans, thus leading to all sorts of extra problems for the Axis. Likewise Adolf is desperate for the Japanese to join in with his attack on the USSR by invading Siberia. As there is no formal alliance the Japanese ignore this and go in completely the opposite direction with the assault on Pearl Harbour and other territories in the Pacific. So no, a German declaration of war on America in December 1941 is neither inevitable or required by any diplomatic agreement.
  9. paintybeard

    She Who Sleeps With The Dragon

    What a wonderful present!
  10. paintybeard

    77364, Angel of Shadows

    Very nice, mounting her on the Pillar is an inspired move.
  11. It's a fascinating subject, isn't it? And an example of how daft dictators are that the Japanese and Germans made such a mess of co-ordinating their actions. There is a very good book called "Fateful Choices" by Ian Kershaw, that explains why declaring war on America seemed like a sensible idea to Adolf. (it also does an excellent job of describing how FDR gradually moved his country away from isolationism.) Oh, and many thanks to ttuckerman for reminding me of USS "Reuben James".
  12. The Flashman Papers - nothing else comes close for humour, historical accuracy and a genuine understanding of how people from another era thought and acted.
  13. All interesting points, TGP, and thank you for sharing your research with us. Deep breath... BUT. Would USA really have stayed out of WW2 without Pearl Harbour? FDR had (with sensible caution) been gradually been moving towards a war footing with Germany. US navy and coastguard vessels were taking part in convoy duties and I think I'm right in saying that at least one USN vessel had already been sunk. And of course Pearl Harbour only causes FDR to declare war on the Japanese. Almost incredibly (in hindsight) it is the Germans who then declare war on the USA.
  14. All very shrewd points, and well observed. On the "Bad" score I would add the contrast been the times when the hobbits (other than Frodo) are just figures of fun and when they are depicted as minor heroes. (Although this is a fair reflection of some of Tolkien's writing.) Like Beagle I was very impressed by the elves costumes and props, but not so much by the elves themselves. They look too much like the Hollywood stars they were, and not an ethereal, utterly different race of non-humans. But perhaps this merely proves that most Hollywood stars are, in fact, Aliens.
  15. Sorry Keianna, I agree with and enjoy all your posts, but I have to draw the line at L. Ron Hubbard. If I were stranded on a desert Island with only "Battlefield Earth" to read... I'd burn it to start a distress signal!