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  1. Takhisis mini

    Or this.
  2. Takhisis mini

    Yeah... I can talk to somebody from ironwinds that I know see if he knows anything. It'd be a start, and I know what my dad did he was a mold maker it's what he did even after he left them he just started doing it freelance. But your saying what pieces he did, sorry I wasn't thinking straight. And I mean here's enough proof that he worked for them at some point.
  3. Takhisis mini

    Ok that's good to know
  4. Takhisis mini

    Yeah I'm glad to see that my dad left me some cool stuff when he passed, it's actually nice to see the kind of community that was built around his craft if that makes any sense.
  5. Takhisis mini

    I found somebody selling a loose artist copy for 375 so I'd imagine itd be less than that, like I said I'm not even sure if I will sell it or not I was just curious what it would be valued at if I ever decided too.
  6. Takhisis mini

    Yeah I can't seem to find anywhere that says who the mold maker was for takhisis but his name was Brian hitsman so I don't know if that would do any good for context or not. Thanks for your help anyways! It was greatly appriciated.
  7. Takhisis mini

    He worked their from '84 to '91 Then did freelance after
  8. Takhisis mini

    Not exactly but I also don't know who the mold maker was for this piece so he might have been the one to make the mold He was a mold maker and like I said I know he was doing freelance for ral partha at the time it was just a year before I was born and I just found it a couple of months ago looking through some boxes so I don't know if he did that job or not.
  9. Takhisis mini

    The post it note is under the shrink wrap And yeah he knew a lot of people at rap partha he worked there once, it wasn't when this mini was made but he was doing freelance for them still during that time once I think
  10. Takhisis mini

    I got left a takhisis mini from my dad when he passed away and never really got as much I to the territory as I could of and so am thinking of selling it, I'm just wondering if anybody could tell me how much I should look for if I sold it. pic for details