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  1. Some advice please

    That's S'ygma, from Rackhams Confrontation minis. The pole is very thin and flimsy. Pinning seems impossible. I have considered cutting the entire pole off and pinning with something new and sturdier.
  2. So, this happened. The top is so top heavy, what a badly designed, yet amazing looking sculpt . Any advice on how I can fix it? And yes it's dusty lol it's been sitting a bit while I work on other things. He'll get a dust off soon
  3. Got a lot done the last couple days Thank you alchemist for help identifying her.
  4. Help with identification

    It did indeed help! I've identified almost all of them. One little pesky soldier guy left.
  5. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    Well, I think you nailed it
  6. Grey Maidens

    Lovin the colors. Beautiful work
  7. Help with identification

    Thank you Now i wonder where her shield went, or if I ever had it lol
  8. Help with identification

    I'm working in her now and haven't been able to find who she is. I know she's ral partha from her base (2nd pic) Also, I have a bunch of stuff with the imprint on the bottom from the 3rd picture. Anyone know what company that is?
  9. I finished her last night. Not a lot to say lol. Any critiques are welcome on anything I put up here
  10. Rawhide Survivors

    Very cool. I especially like those skull helmets.
  11. Hasslefree Argia Tholos

    Great job on those eyes!
  12. 02562 Gossamer Air Sorceress

    Another that had been sitting partially painted for a while. I lost the little air censer that goes with her a long time ago and have no clue where I got that base.
  13. Malifaux Death Marshals

    Finally finished these, they'd been sitting in partial states of paintdom for the longest time and decided to just get them done! Now the box showed the figures in different positions with their coffins, but decided change em up. Especially the one kneeling down on his. The box showed the coffin on his back. The other 2 i think I swapped the coffins they were supposed to go with
  14. 03786 - Andowyn Thrushmoor

    She's a beaut! Wonderful job on her.
  15. 03785 - Jakob Knochengard

    Love what you did with this. What did you use for the swamp water and the planks?