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  1. Release the Kraken!

    That looks fantastic, well done!
  2. 01566, Jacques the Fly

    The eyes have it! Great job!
  3. 01-129 Celestial Dragon

    Great dragon, I really like the water effects on the base, well done!
  4. Eyebeast - 77043

    Awesome! The eye and teeth are great and the color transitions are a thing of beauty!
  5. 01-106c Half-elf

    Excellent! Great color choice too.
  6. 77043, Eyebeast Bones

    Fantastic! I love the clownfish coloring. The eyes and teeth are especially good!
  7. Angie paints the Emerald Nightmare

    Outstanding!! Your choice of color scheme and additional pieces really make that come together.
  8. 01567, Mary the Chibi Mermaid

    She looks great! I really like your coloring of the gold, getting the reddish reflections and highlights!
  9. 77167 - Ingrid, Female Gnome

    Well done! This figure has been giving me a challenge as well. I will second the worth of using a wet palette. I have only been back to painting miniatures for about a month or so but my best "discovery" so far has been the wet palette. I live in the desert so keeping my paints from drying out too fast was a real problem. Now if I could just figure out liners, washes and glazes I'll be a happy person! :D
  10. Fantastic work! I especially like your work on the gemstones.
  11. IMEF Troopers

    Excellent! I love the heat discoloration on the barrel shroud.
  12. My Dragons Don't Share (pic heavy)

    That looks great, well done!
  13. Fantastic! That is very impressive.
  14. Tesla in Space!

    That simultaneous booster landing was amazing! Too bad the second stage didn't make it but ,WOW, what a rocket! They'll have it all dialed in next time. GO SPACEX!!
  15. Spoooooooky Ghosts!

    Those look great, love the basing treatment too.