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  1. I'm in like Flint. When the Dropship KS takes off I'll jump on that one too!
  2. Got my order yesterday with the extra paint and Ghoulie Bag! Looking forward to painting these.
  3. That's a good idea.
  4. DanH

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I noticed the same thing with my craft paints. I was thinking about how to make a larger adaptor perhaps from PVC fittings. I'll report my findings.
  5. DanH

    Dragon Queen

    The Queen's skin tone is amazing as is the coloration across the dragon. Fantastic work!
  6. I'm in! Pledged at the Dropship Pilot level. I haven't played any mech games since BT back in the day but I have been very interested in getting back in and this seemed like a great way to go.
  7. I did not get into the Pledge but I bought in before the Kickstarter closed. There are certainly a few I would love to have gotten but I am very happy with what I ordered. Most I've ever spent on miniatures ever (yet)!
  8. DanH

    Crowley's Dancing Girl

    Very nice! The skin tone of the model you posted is a difficult one to reproduce.
  9. DanH

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I LOVE my Vortex!! It is the best mini's purchase I have ever made (my Windsor Newton about ties with it.) I got it used off of ebay for about $65.
  10. DanH

    Fallout Terrain Tin Shack

    Very well done!
  11. DanH

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    Yes, inquiring minds want to know! Especially before I buy all the HD's I don't already have just to find out they will be incorporated into the regular line.
  12. DanH

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    That's amazing!
  13. DanH

    Fat Wyvern (RCon 2017 conversion)

    Very cool!
  14. DanH

    Another Grenadier dragon (I think)

    That looks great!
  15. Very nice! As a hat wearer, I love that you made the hat liner a different color.