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  1. DanH

    89008: Feiya, Iconic Witch

  2. DanH

    77322: Kassandra Of The Staff

  3. DanH

    Kyphrixis WIP

    Excellent color choice, looks great!
  4. DanH

    Cape Buffalo Bull Bust

    That looks fantastic! Nice job on the rage-fuelled murderbeast, Cape buffalo!
  5. Indeed, that is coming along very nicely. Her wings and skin tones are fantastic!
  6. DanH

    Japanese vending machine disney Princess

    Very cool! The lady is a vamp! :D
  7. DanH

    A New Mushrooms on the Block

    Very cool, those look great! Your art is very unique.
  8. DanH

    Kuden Sand Sifter

    I guess the Sarlacc isn't "Almighty" anymore! :D
  9. DanH

    03681 Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire

    That looks fantastic so far!
  10. DanH

    03821: Half Orc Merchant

    Looks great so far! A very interesting figure.
  11. DanH

    Orc Warband - Minions of Evil!

    I backed it as well. I really like the look of the orcs. I can use them as a different tribe.
  12. DanH

    Kar Drakir

    Very nice!