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  1. Four miniatures at various levels of progress

    Thank you both very much! I'd love to have them cast some day and see what they could look like painted. I agree that I made her hand too large. I need to practice hands in general, because even though I think her hand came out okay detail-wise on the front, the other side is a mess. I also made the mistake of sculpting her hand in that position rather than away from her body, so I couldn't reach most of it. Honestly I have a long list of little mistakes that I'm going to try to avoid with future figures. For now the mistakes I've made on her will remain as a snapshot of my current skill and experience level. As for the knight, I think you're right about the camera angle, but again, I just generally need to practice hands because there are a few wonky things going on with it. I meant for the plate you can see on his gauntlet to be covering the tops of his fingers. He has a larger guard that isn't visible in the picture covering the back of his hand onto his wrist. The way I sculpted the individual finger plates makes it look like either his fingers have too many joints or that his hand is too far forward and bent awkwardly. Anyway, I plan on finishing the halfling some time today or tomorrow, so I'll be posting more pictures soon.
  2. I've been practicing sculpting for about a year now. Before this I practiced making a lot of bits and pieces (mostly heads) and modified other minis. Here's my first real mini I've completed from scratch and a bunch of other works-in-progress. Feedback appreciated!
  3. Four miniatures at various levels of progress

    Another update! The halfling is almost done and the human archer has pants, boots and a quiver now.
  4. Four miniatures at various levels of progress

    Minor update on the halfling tribeswoman. Thank you very much! More is on the way