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  1. Cygnwulf

    What dragon would you choose?

    My ears are tingling... I really should finish that dragon.....
  2. Cygnwulf

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    Haven't tried yet, My earlier post was literaly just an unboxing. I'm hoping to find some time this weekend to actually work on him and see how it goes working with the material.
  3. Cygnwulf

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    Yes, he is cast in one piece plus the base
  4. Cygnwulf

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    Got mine in today, so first impressions and a few pictures. I'm uploading straight from my phone so the pick dump will be at the end. This new material is hard. There is virtually no flex at all, and it feels about like some resins I've worked with. He is all one piece, but with a separate sculpted base, so rather excited about that. The color is darker that the previous 'grey' bones, which really shows off the fine detail in the feathers. In the second pic are Kord, in white bonsium, and part of kyphrixis in grey Lastly he is a great intimidating size to face down your adventurers. Or Sir Forscale in a pinch.
  5. Cygnwulf

    Using a gift certificate

    thanks, I kept looking for it to be an option during checkout, didn't even think that it needed to be loaded to an account. My Mother-in-law and wife got crafty with the gift code and made a card out of it, but since I've never used one before I didn't know that it had to be loaded to the account and not just used during checkout.
  6. Cygnwulf

    Using a gift certificate

    Ok, so I'm probably blind, but I cannot figure out how to redeem a gift code that was given to me for Christmas. I go to check out, get to the payment window, choose the shipping method, and the only options there are credit card (With the 4 major to choose from) or pay pal, and a button to complete the order. but I can't see any where to use the gift code. Anyone able to point me in the direction of what I'm missing?
  7. Cygnwulf


    I dug out a pug to go with him too
  8. Cygnwulf

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    so, I know how much moderators like people piling in on some thredomancy here, but yeah, a wishlist feature alone would be awesome, if it supported some kind of back in stock alerts too that would be amazing.
  9. Cygnwulf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    GEM, hope you get to feeling better. Circling back to the shipping issues, I used to live in a complex of duplexes. No gate, everyone had their own mailbox on their porch. Had an issue with the local Fed Ex company, I had a package coming in on what was to be my first day of a 3 off of work (I did 4 on 3 off at this time), so I stayed home literally all day, sitting on the couch reading/playing video games, only leaving to go to the restroom or into the kitchen (still only 10 feet or so from the door) to cook. Never heard a knock or doorbell ring, package was not delivered because of no response, but they did have an approximate time of the attempted delivery Next day, I sat out on the porch for about two hours either side of that delivery window (nice weather that day) doing some various crafts, probably leather at the time. Never even saw the truck. Order flagged as no response. So I called the local distro center, and they pulled the package off the truck for me to come pick up there (like a 10 minute drive away or something.) Had a very similar problem the whole year I lived in that place, never could figure out where the driver was trying to deliver to, but it certainly wasn't the right place. And it was only fedex, UPS and USPS had no problems. this would have been in 2003, so before the popularity of google maps and such, though I think mapquest may have been a thing.
  10. Aw man... just realized the sale only goes through the 31st... wish it went one day longer so I could gets me an Owlbear with my order..... Oh well. I'll get you next time wrapping dragon! Next time!!!!!!!!
  11. Cygnwulf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    @kristof65 I hear ya. I worked DTU (download, transform, upload) for a business management system for years and it shocked me how much information was stored plaintext in unencrypted databases in fields that were never intended for the purpose. First time I ran in to this, I was converting a customer from a generic access database to ours. Pulled out the customer list, saw the contact name column and mapped it along with all the others. A week later, my manager got a call from the customer, he was very upset that he had just been chewed out by one of HIS customers because the invoice they handed the customer had the customer's social security number printed on it. Turns out their old system didn't print the primary contact name on the invoice, so in the past they had used that field to save customers information when they were setting up a retail financing transaction and never went back to remove it. and it was my fault, apparently because I didn't review all 45,000 rows of data in the table to see if there was anything sensitive in it.... Since then I've learned to run scans on the data for certain patterns. Basically, after ignoring spaces and punctuation, any block of 12, 16, or 9 digits is suspicious and I'm going to call the customer back and tell tem "go look at these customer ids and remove the sensitive information, and I'll try again"
  12. Cygnwulf

    Reaper Holiday Miniatures Party Celebration! (Open Thread)

    I don't know about the rest of you, but this little dragon is ready for Tuesday morning
  13. Cygnwulf


    They already said that there was going to be a table set aside for Tigerlily... at this rate we're going to need a Wiebe room////
  14. I would love to see all of the Koborlas or werewolves done up in bones. Maybe as an expansion or add-on on the next go round
  15. Cygnwulf


    Good luck! I see that number keeps going down. Like, 20 since I last commented....