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    Small Gaming Bases?

    Those are noticeably bevelled. (I have a bunch of them for another project) Basically I want something with the exact same shape and format of 74035-7 (non bevelled, hollow plastic) just in a slightly smaller format. I know, its very much a niche consideration :)
  2. araquael

    Small Gaming Bases?

    Hi all Occasional lurker, first time poster. I really want to love the "RPG Gaming Base" range (SKU 74035, 74036, 74037). I like how they have the same look and format as the Dungeons and Dragons collector's series miniatures, the Pathfinder Battles pre-painted figures, the WOTC and Wizkids prepainted figures and the various Descent branded figures. Except... Well, two things. Thing the first, the bases are actually 1.5mm higher than the various D+D bases, which is a mild nuisance (a future plan, maybe?). Thing the second: there is no smaller 20mm base for SMALL type creatures (Kobolds, Goblins, et-cet-era). I kinda like uniform "looks" to my figures bases. I'd love to use the RPG bases for a project, but I don't want to put the goblin-thingies on a 1 inch base. So any chance of Reaper making such a thing?