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  1. Echoside_

    01596 Joy, Winter Fairy, sculpted by B. Ridolfi

    Simply amazing work. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and providing some of us with some too.
  2. @Zanderina and I just saw that model today and nearly ordered a few of them. That's very close to the style she has been searching for.
  3. Echoside_

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    That's pretty much what i meant. I have tried hitting up the University of YouTube for such, as well as creative beginning basing ideas, but without the working basics of the ideas I get frustrated. I know it takes trial and error, hence why I have many models with arms and weapons glued on funky or some on blank bases with just a little Citadel texture paint globbed on. The more you know, the more pleasure you can get out of the journey to a finished mini, at least that's my thoughts. This x2!!
  4. Echoside_

    ReaperCon 2019 -- Classes I Would Take

    Didn't see a class this year about it, but maybe a 202 level class on model prep would be helpful for many newbs, kinda like me. Now i'm not suggesting a tutorial on washing the minis, but proper pinning and general positioning on bases. I can't for the life of me pin a tiny weapon, or an arm, or a model who is standing on one foot to a base Would be nice to know a trick or such for it.
  5. Echoside_


    The "I am not good enough to paint this mini" syndrome is so real. I have 2 busts and MANY models I feel I could never do justice at my current skill level and that has stunted me I think. Hence why I like to think I'll use practice models, but even then I feel i'm not good enough to do the different techniques. Maybe I should do like y'all and just drive face first into the work and see what happens... what's the worse that can happen, right? And I do want to thank everyone on the boards for inspiration to keep going after Reapercon. So much great work was shown and I felt overwhelmed and under skilled. Makes me want to reach new personal achievements.
  6. Echoside_


    Where do you find $2 busts ?!? I been trying to find the Disney princess set to practice on but keep hitting dead ends...
  7. Echoside_

    Getting Started With Busts

    I won the same Bombshell bust during the auction. She'll be a trip and a learning experience for sure. I'm scared i'm going to mess it up royally. Was told many many times over the course of the Con, practice is the best teacher. Here is to us, sitting our butts in our painting chairs. Cheers!
  8. Echoside_

    Maiden Bust Exclusive?

    Now i'm regretting being to broke to get a couple while there.
  9. Echoside_

    First year thoughts

    Was great chatting with ya as this was the first (and not last) Reapercon for my girl and I as well. So many connections made, and friendly painting rivals perhaps? Hope y'all get good use out of the paint bottle stand y'all won at the auction. Looked pretty fun to setup.
  10. Echoside_

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Your Tiefling bust is amazing. My blending skills need work, but i'm willing to plop my butt in my painting chair and practice. Will be checking your other WIPS shortly. Thank you.
  11. Echoside_

    Hobby Hijinks Events Post Con Thoughts

    I first want to thank @Ludo & @OneBoot for organizing the Hobby Hijinks tables. Some of the best time my girl and I had at the Con. I believe she did every paint by dice roll she could. I would second, or even third, the idea of a small time window between events to allow for painters to assist in minor cleanup, get supplies for next event, and give y'all's voices a quick break. I hope I can get y'all's blessings to possibly borrow some of these hijinks events to run at the local painting events around here. Doing a Paint by dice roll, or a Sophie Says would break the typical silence we all seem to paint in. I learned from the hijinks that there can be so much more fun to be had than just finishing a model.
  12. Echoside_

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Already planning my entries for next years MSP, and I haven't left the hotel yet from this year's excitement. Anyone suggest good bust painting tutorials?
  13. Echoside_

    Roll Call for Con

    Checking in, finally. After a rememberable gathering last night I thought to myself I need to stop lurking so much. Be here through Sunday.
  14. Echoside_

    Hobby Hijinks Events

    After chatting with ya last night, I think you'll find me up to some hijinks.