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  1. Goddesstio

    Froghe... mudgullet?

    D&D also released their own Foghemoth figure, so that might have something to do with it
  2. @MattParody You're going to need to take a lot from the box as closing it up again was a two person job! ☺
  3. I forgot to post earlier but the Generic Fighter box has been sent out!
  4. Sorry for the delay, my box should go back out tomorrow. It's been A Week.
  5. I have a picture! Husband and I just got around to taking a good look this weekend, because holy cow, there is a LOT of stuff in this box! It looks like we took a lot but the box is still stuffed to the brim even before we added our stuff in. Once I update the journal and figure out how to get this box closed again I will send it along, hopefully in the next couple days! This box is awesome and I can't wait to see what the next people take out of it! There's so much cool stuff!
  6. Generic Fighter box has arrived!!
  7. Goddesstio

    Secret metal release

    I rally, really miss the news posts advising future releases. It helped me budget and allowed me to make bigger orders. I wish they'd go back to doing them.
  8. I lean a little towards the humans but any of them could be fine!
  9. I would do a paint mini if no one minds my medium - level skills.
  10. -near Chicago, IL, USA -prefer not to ship international - prefer not to start I'm so excited!
  11. I'd love too be in in the next one; this looked like a lot of fun! I forget to check this section of the forum a lot though, any chance someone can pm me when it starts if I miss it?
  12. Goddesstio

    Zombie flesh colors

    What are some good color combos for zombie skin? I've been doing a green undercoat with a gray highlighting to do a sort of bloodless, gangrenous sort of appearance on a few, but I want to use some other colors for variety. Suggestions? I'm not coming up with anything good myself.
  13. Goddesstio

    Help with pinning

    I was thinking instead I'd cram some green stuff in the large holes and stab the long bit of the arm pin in it, hoping that when the GS hardens it'll make a strong joint without the drilling? Does that sound like it would work?
  14. Goddesstio

    Help with pinning

    I don't actually need to drill into the main body; she was made with big holes in her body where the arms are supposed to go. They're supposed to have metal nubbins sticking out that go into the holes, but the sprue was kind of messed up and they came off wrong.