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  1. Goddesstio

    Micron Pens for eyes

    I tried those pens and they were More trouble than they were worth; if you ever have to go over the eyes again or you don't get it exactly right on the first try, you're screwed because the ink runs and bleeds and I ended up having to repaint the entire face of 2 or 3 models because of it
  2. Goddesstio

    77186 Tiik Warrior

    Evil fish creatures are a must for a pirate campaign I'm really bad at photography I've got the Tiik Baron and Tiik champions sitting on my desk waiting to be painted... soon, my pretties... soon..
  3. Goddesstio

    60100 Horned Hunter size?

    So I like the horned hunter model, but I got him in bones and... he's TINY. Way smaller than I expected. I was hoping to use him as a villain NPC but he's just too itty bitty to be intimidating. The metal version seems to cost a bit more than some other models so I'm wondering if he's decently sized?
  4. Goddesstio

    77447 Werecrocodile

    Crocodiles... for the swampy islands
  5. Goddesstio

    77494 Dire Bear

    No lions or tigers... but a dire bear, oh my
  6. Goddesstio

    77494 Dire Bear

    No lions or tigers... but a dire bear, oh my
  7. Goddesstio

    Minis we would like to see

    I'm a huge fan of more monsters, and especially mythological types - I really want a Catoblepas! And also a Crocotta, and a giant lizard (maybe with extra legs) and some merrow or at least some more evil looking mermaids
  8. Goddesstio

    77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    So I was thinking about doing pupils, so I went and googled Octopus eyes just to see, and I found: THEY'RE REALLY WEIRD So I had to try I put down a little orange first, then black over it They came out well enough, though it's hard to get a good shot
  9. Goddesstio

    Wizkids' Mimics

    I couldn't pass on having a good mimic for our campaigns, or in this case 2. I also want to grab the bed mockingbeast from Reaper and just make a whole house full of living evil... mwahahahah
  10. Goddesstio

    Cyr's Mom's First Mini!

    Super cute!
  11. Goddesstio

    77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    I'm probably not going to try any freehand on this piece in particular - in part because I want to leave my first try at blending out to show, and in part because I'm not the greatest at freehanding and I easily see myself screwing it up and not being able to fix the blend, Thanks! I'm really bad at selecting my own color schemes so the first thing I do when I'm starting something is search for inspiration, and when I saw that octopus I knew I wanted to try those shades! So now that the blending fun is more or less over I went in to work on some details I did the rest of his fins over with a little more blending I brushed Frost Blue over some of his face and edges Anywhere he had these little valve things... And did the suckers on the bottom of his tentacles Then I went back and did a blue wash over everything I just added And blocked in red for his 3 eyes So I was originally going to leave his eyes a solid red and do some shade/highlight, but now that it's blocked in I'm thinking maybe I want a pupil, especially since he has those little blue orbs on his face too. Thoughts?
  12. Goddesstio

    77505 Dragon plant

    I actually painted this one for my husband's campaign and not mine, but I kind of like him now that he's done so maybe he'll show up... :)
  13. Goddesstio

    77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    I think one of the things about coloring is that I don't have a triad. Like, I'm still newer at this and have a limited paint set, so what I did for both colors was pick the darkest color and the lightest color. I started with the darkest one and then added the lighter color to it a drop or two at a time to go up, but I think I was probably so new at it that I added too much light color because it didn't seem like enough of a shade difference, especially with the blue. I definitely want to try and have a few more shades next time, and glazing too. And the brush trick you mentioned sounds interesting!
  14. Goddesstio

    Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian

    I especially love the stone at his base! It looks totally realistic!
  15. Goddesstio

    77156 Owlbear

    I couldn't resist a good old fashioned owlbear!