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  1. Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian

    I especially love the stone at his base! It looks totally realistic!
  2. 77156 Owlbear

    I couldn't resist a good old fashioned owlbear!
  3. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    So I went in and started on his fins My first go was way too defined So I went back, thinned the paint more, and tried what ended up closer to a 2 brush blending I think it definitely helped, although it could also still be a lot smoother. He's starting to look better, I think Still looking for tips!
  4. @Guindyloo That glaze tutorial earlier on was amazing and super helpful! Thank you so much!
  5. So one of the things I'm doing right now is that I'm about to run a pirate-based campaign, and as such I'm going to try to hone my skills by painting my way through a large chunk of Reaper's pirate and marine based minis, among others! We'll start with an NPC pirate captain: I actually painted him a while ago, but still would love tips in case I go back and touch him up!
  6. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    So in the end I went back and based out the areas I had already tried blending for a variety of reasons, one of the main being I didn't have a wet palette and so the colors would be really hard to try and reproduce. So I started over with new colors and a wet palette. He looks... Better, at least. Not sure if he's what I'd like but he doesn't look quite as harsh as he used to. Next up I'm going to try blending blue out on his fins...
  7. 77343 - Goroloth: An experiment in blending

    Yeah the formatting didn't work the way I thought it would... Seems fixed to me now
  8. So... I got into D&D last year because of my husband. I liked it, but I really like painting the minis for our campaign. I used to paint as a kid; I'd go every weekend with my grandmother and we'd paint ceramic figures (think lawn gnomes) while my mom worked. So when I got into dnd and started painting, I had fun and have since painted a ton of stuff. Now I've got some skills but one of the new things I wanted to try was blending. I've never done anything like it, and when my husband got me a Goroloth I decided he would be my experiment piece. I'm not good at choosing my own color schemes, so I looked up some stock images and found this: And that's where I decided to start from. I based him in a darker purple and blue And then things went downhill I added a light mix of pink and purple, but even though I don't want there to be too much dark purple left - mostly around the edges - the lines look too solid to me. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong. Did I not thin it enough? I tried to go back and wet blend in some of the original purple base to soften the edges but mostly I don't think it worked. I do like his tentacles though. Those mostly worked If anyone has any idea how to salvage him please let me know, otherwise I'm wondering if it wouldn't be too much to repaint him in the base purple and start over or if I should just put him on the shame shelf and buy a new one to try again Edit: Sorry I have no idea how pictures work either.
  9. Sphinx - 77576

    I knew I was gonna get one of her but now I want it now just because of how beautiful you made her. She's stunning! Can I ask what colors you used on her skin tones?
  10. Reaper and Tru Color (I need some serious help)

    You can also offer to not use the paints, but put them in clear view during the demo so people will see the brand name at least? That might make the sponsor happy
  11. Model suggestions for a Leviathan?

    Oh, I already have plans for those three :) When I looked up the Leviathan and saw his picture on the official DnD monster stats, I guess that kind of influenced what I was thinking of in terms of miniature. I do love Viridius' facial cast though; and the campaign's just starting, so I would have time to wait for him to be released. Will probably depend on how much he costs when he comes out
  12. I'm going to be running a pirate based campaign and really want to have a Leviathan, but I'm having trouble finding a suitably menacing model. I thought of using Verocithrax and just clipping off his wings but it looks like he's not actually very tall? I kind of wanted him to be larger. Do anyone have any suggestions for a model that would be good as a Leviathan?