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  1. My 8 yo son really enjoys your reaper miniatures and he purchases and paints one almost every time I take him to our FLGS. Recently he was looking at your catalog of minis online and asked about the Great Worm #77006 which is currently out of stock. We found some online for more than double the price so He wondered if there are any plans to release this model. I took this opportunity to teach him how to email a company, so he typed up his question and sent it. Well I guess he learned the reality of some corporate communication as he hasn't heard back or even got an acknowledgment, so i thought I would try the forum to see if he could get an answer. Thank you for your time.
  2. Thank you. Our local store shows them as out of stock at their distributor. Looks like he will have to decide if he wants the model enough to pay the extra for it online