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    Post to Australia: How long is too long?

    So it appears that my tracking number works for Australia Post (sometimes if you try it too early it just doesn't work) and the item is on its way. If I don't have it in a few weeks I'll lodge a missing item form with them. Let me tell you all about the corrupting influence of the Wraiths. It would seem that they weren't keen on the weather in Sydney and after arriving via Dubai they immediately corrupted the other minis in the package and convinced them to holiday for a while in Greece. (This part isn't completely a joke the AusPost tracker clearly shows them departing Sydney and then being processed in Athens) in in the meantime thankyou everyone for your responses. They have put my mind at ease. Now I just have to figure out how to do a conversion/paint for a wraith on a Mediterranean beach.
  2. Sibling

    Post to Australia: How long is too long?

    Thanks guys. I feel a lot better about it now
  3. So I put an order in with Reaper on the 2nd of May. I've done at least one order each month. The one that took the longest to arrive took about 2 and a half weeks. Most of them arrived pretty quickly (two weeks or less). The tracker says something about leaving an exchange. I don't know if that's supposed to be customs or Australia post. So my question to other Aussie forum members is, at what point do I panic and try to track this down, cause I'm starting to get nervous.
  4. My list of things to do in May is based on getting a bunch of stuff done for the Halfling Hack’n’Slash game I am running which was supposed to be a one-shot but has somehow continued on. This looks like a lot but most of the things listed for finishing are well over halfway through. Finish up Kobolds (6) Finish Troll (1) Finish Killer Frogs (2) Finish up humanoid NPC’s (3) Hope the weather behaves and put a sealing coat on everything destined for the gaming table. (1/2), (got a day where I sealed everything but now the troll and the kobolds need to be sealed too.) Paint up a Cobra as a Fire Snake (1) Paint up some hobgoblins (2) Paint up some bugbears (2) If there is any time to spare start on some extra goblins.