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  1. Small shipwreck golems, a bit smaller than human sized and made from flotsam. Small flying ship/skiff. Dead trees, with or without creepy stuff hanging from them. Cool basing bits, so pieces of statues, corpses, loot, signs.
  2. Brianuk

    Bones River Troll

    Thank you. I think every mini painter is intimidated by but wants to perfect osteoderms.
  3. Thanks, that is part of a sprue from Grendel.
  4. Brianuk

    The newbie and the Giant

    Looking good!
  5. Brianuk

    Ghost archipelago warden

    Here is a warden from the North Star official Ghost archipelago range. Painted and based quite simply. Not sure why he has a quiver full of arrows and no bow but oh well.
  6. These two are done I think although my do some more highlighting in white on the sea elf's base.
  7. Brianuk

    Bones River Troll

    Here is the Reaper Bones River Troll. Will use as the swamp troll for Ghost Archipelago. Nothing fancy here although I did use gloss mod podge for a basic water effect again.
  8. Have painted up the Ghostly Summons, banshee, demi Lich, night spectre, spirit, and shadow, all translucent spirit minis from Reaper Bones. I say painted but as they were all pre coloured see through plastic (apart from Demi Lich) I just washed them with Army Painter green tone then a really light and selective dry brush with Vallejo green sky. The purple one was just washed with Purple tone, no highlight. Will do a bit more to the bases and may paint some of the skeletons on the bases but don't want to do too much and over complicate.
  9. Thanks everyone He has a small square base that fits easily on a 25mm round base. He is presented in my view as a 'large' figure, bruiser but actually is relatively short. The newer Tre Manor, Damian Helthorne, etc Reaper human figures are much taller and more imposing. In fairness he is well fed so probably a lot of metal goes into making him!
  10. Am painting up Stieg Brinegrog as a crewman/bosun and Sushanthe as either a warden or a pearl diver. Was a bit annoyed with the stieg figure as smaller than I was expecting. Had a go at tattoos just using a 0.4 black drawing pen. Will glaze back over them. Am deliberately trying to have brighter colours for the sea elf so went for dark skin as a contrast and will highlight everything back up.
  11. Better photos. May go back in and re highlight as the green and brown palette and green wash have made them a bit murky.
  12. Here are some Reaper Warlord Necropolis faction zombies, painted up as swamp zombies in a speed paint for Ghost Archipelago.
  13. Brianuk

    Ghost archipelago warband, warden

    Yet more. These are all Foundry miniatures. I need to paint up a couple more wardens and Heritors then I should have enough to put on a 3 player game. Am putting together a reduced set of critters as well...
  14. Brianuk

    Ghost archipelago warband, warden

    More Ghost Archipelago spam! These are from Bad Squiddo Games, Foundry, North Star, and also from Reaper. The Heritor and warden are Lanura Windsong and Andowyn respectively. Have enjoyed putting more effort into the bases although these are still quite basic. Thank you @glitterwolf for advice on crossbow lady.
  15. Here are some of the finished crew I have been posting in the WIP thread. I also made some islands, just using MDF, pink foam, and gloss mod podge for a basic water effect. The figures are a mix of Bad Squiddo and Wargames Foundry. I have an eye on a few Reaper figures for wardens and Heritors. I am trying to make more of an effort with basing. Have been making a mix of shoreline bases, sand, planks, then jungle/green bases. Will then mix those up on a few models.