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  1. Auberon Paints His Bones...

    They both look really smart, and think the use of the liner and the washes was really well done.
  2. Speed paint monsters Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    I think I posted twice by accident once with pics once without... Sorry. There should be pics now.
  3. Fire Giant Jailor 77593

    Looking good and the grey comes out really well
  4. Have had to rush some minis for our ongoing Dnd campaign, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Am not the DM but paint the minis. All Reaper Bones that started with Army Painter ink washes in one colour over the whole thing. Then using Vallejo paints as base layers and finishing off with another ink wash to tie things together. The Drakes are "young fire dragons" with the wings cut off. With more time I would have sorted out the two stumps where each wing was. The Lizardman is standing in for a troglodyte and the Lilies are standing in for Violet Fungi. The cultists are just the Mythos / Cthulu cultists. There is a roper as well. Can really recommend lining Bones with ink as a liner which I know a lot of others recommend. The whole lot took 3 hours so it is a quick way of getting things onto the table.
  5. Dwarf watchtower

    Painting came together quite quickly. Grey stippled on with a stencil brush in three shades, then using acrylic paint bricks in different colours to add texture. Still need to make the extras (deck gun, maybe a broken door and a hanging skeleton or corpse) and paint on arrow slits.
  6. Dwarf watchtower

    Used Eva foam to cut out and stick to the joins. Then sealed it with a mix of mod podge and black paint. Didn't touch the roof/ceiling. Will see how it all looks when it dries!
  7. Inspired by getting the docks done I did some more work on an unfinished watchtower project. It is a hexagonal pencil pot that I sawed in half. I put in balsa supports then layered coffee stirrers for the roof. To defend it I have added foam core board annexes either side of the door. I need to figure out how to do a lip all around the upper part (which will lift off) to disguise the joins. For the door I am probably just going to stick some magnetic material to the back of a couple of one sided resin doors so there can be a broken and unbroken option. Will paint or stick on the other doors and arrow slits. I haven't put it on a hill, wanted it to be versatile so a fairly limited wooden base. Will landscape it but keep it relatively flat. Will also add the ability to stick in artillery, I have the dwarf organ gun from Mantic and think that would be ideal as a 'deck gun'.
  8. Have been stealing coffee stirrers for a while and thought I should disguise them. This is a modular set of docks for pirate settings/City docks, ghost archipelago. All I did was make platforms of various heights with layers of foam core board. Then Iaid cross pieces and laid the decks on top, just using different thicknesses of coffee stirrers. The stanchions are just pva glued to the side of the foam core, under the decks rather than showing above them. I painted the foam core black and am painting the wood using the Crafting Muse video on YouTube as a guide. I won't be basing these. The boat is a lucky find. It is a decoupage model ocean liner. I cut the top off and had a curved boat shape 15cm / 6" long and perfect for 8 models. Only £1.25 on sale. All I did was lay a deck of coffee stirrers then took some of the bits I cut off and glued them back on to the sides. Painted like the Dock. I don't want to add seats, mast, similar detail to this model to maximise how many based minis can stand in it.
  9. Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    Painted the basic colours on the cleric.
  10. Have started off Lanura and Andowyn, painting them as a duo for Frostgrave or GA. So heritor and warden or wizard and apprentice. Lots of the ideas for the colour scheme come from this board/online. Vallejo flat green coats, french blue trousers, grey brown gloves and boots, and saddle brown skin tone. Also did some simple frostgrave treasure tokens. Those are just resin bases with Frostgrave and Fireforge spare parts stuck to them. I went for relatively bright colours around the rims and for details to make clear that these are counters and not terrain.
  11. Otherworld Miniatures Hirelings

    That knight in particular is brilliant
  12. Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    Thanks for this, once you have a few sprues and spare parts it gets addictive.
  13. Good seeing greenstuff on Reaper Bones, does it stick OK?
  14. Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    Am probably going to base the Arab crew simply a mix of sand bases and some on wood planks. I have a roller from Green Stuff World which I may try to use. Have done some more work on the two Frosty Frostgrave soldiers. With a bit more detailing these should be done. As the bodies (Fireforge Rus Kiev militia) don't come with either slotted or integral bases it was really easy to use some resin bases I had. Have also done some more conversions. A bit more basic than the others with no green stuff. A heritor (Frostgrave cultist body, barbarian head, crew arms), a cleric (Fireforge foot seargant body, templar cloak, frostgrave cultist arms, Westwind Pict head), and either a ninja/assassin or just an over accessorised crossbowman. Also an NPC type with Fireforge militia body, Frostgrave soldier head and Fireforge seargant arms. Crossbowman is Fireforge militia body, Frostgrave soldier arms, Gripping Beast Arab soldier head. Fireforge Scandinavian infantry axe. Frostgrave arm converted slightly by cutting off glove at wrist and rotating it. Idea was that he is signalling.