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  1. Brianuk

    Frostgrave assassin, Knight

    thank you everyone - the armour was just black undercoat, gun metal drybrush (a bit old hat now but still how I paint) then a wash with "strong tone"/Army Painter dark brown ink. Main thing I need to learn is highlighting cloaks after shading with a wash. I am trying to do blended highlighting...
  2. Managed to do more painting today. The assassin is by North Star. I was aiming for a lighter palette, rather than a ninja. I think I need to go back in and highlight more. The knight is mainly fireforge, templar body, cloak, and scandi infantry head. The arms are from the Oathmark elves set though. They are just based on 25mm washers and will add some texture, foam rocks, and snow effects to both bases once grey base coat has dried. It takes ages to get a consistent coat on the washers and that and the hole in the middle are the only downsides to using them.
  3. Brianuk

    Lanura, Andowyn and treasure tokens

    After something of a lull have done more work on these. Base coat completed and some washes and highlights. All Vallejo paints with Army Painter washes, apart from the skin which is Idrian Flesh by P3. Am enjoying picking out all the little details and tchoches on Anowyn. Am trying also to have a lighter and cleaner look to these two, most of my figures end up looking like the peasants in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  4. +1 for giant wasps, and mountain goats. Also: More low level/non heroic archers/crossbowmen and women of all races. In the current kickstarter only about 10 figures have long range weapons out of '00s. Low level soldiers/spear carriers from the "good" races so elven archers and spearmen, gnome engineers, dwarves with axes and crossbows, etc. There are dozens of amazing character and NPC models that fit these descriptions but what if you wanted 3' common' elven archers? A big broccoli djinn or genie, ie the size of some of the new giants. With or without someone on a flying carpet trying to get away from them.
  5. Brianuk

    The Werendor Watch

    Really like these, they have their own distinct style. Also, always want to encourage minis with late medieval sensibilities that don't have puffy and slashed sleeves!
  6. Just need to base these three. They are all fireforge, with a mantic ghoul head for the knight who I have painted up as a half orc. The idea is to have two merchant caravan guards for dnd /infantrymen for Frostgrave, and then a knight/templar (I forget which) for Frostgrave.
  7. Brianuk

    Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    Going bit by bit on these. Have done base coat and wash on the demon hunter, and more highlighting and details on the others. Have also used the Fireforge resin Arab infantry and archers to make a thug/crewman, an archer, and an archer / hunter.
  8. Brianuk

    Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    A bit of highlighting and detailing. Main ones I need to catch up on are the Frostgrave summoner and demon hunter. I also need to find or make a dual wielder and someone who looks like a hunter or ranger.
  9. Brianuk

    Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    Thank you - I had imagined a thousand and one nights when I put these together then toned it down a bit when actually picking paints. I think it is because everything else I paint is dark red/drab green/blue grey with a brown wash!
  10. Brianuk

    Frostgrave conversions and Arabian crewmen

    After leaving these for nearly 4 months have made a start, putting on the base coat and a wash with Army Painter light tone. I wasn't expecting to have so few colours but there we are!
  11. Thank you! Have also been able to cover a third to a half of a table for about £12 to £15, which I don't think is bad.
  12. Hopefully this shows what I am trying to put together. I probably won't highlight these now, will just add green in some of the corners for moss and algae then add flock and tufts.
  13. With primer, base coat, and wash. I am rubbish at dry brushing so will try not to cover all this back up.
  14. So managed to spend some time yesterday evening applying the foam. I used the "Ancestral Recall" Greenstuff roller for some of the walls and all of the floors/roofs. Then mainly used "bricks" for the walls with some of the end pieces done with "cobblestones". Pictures show various configurations including using them as a set of docks, and including stacking the "C" and "L" shape blocks into a structure. The finished bits are 55mm high so come across as 10 to 12 foot high structures unless they are stacked up. Will use foam and card to create some grates and openings where I have not covered with foam. I am probably not going to do much filling as these are meant to be ruins. I will be using flock and tufts though. I now need to decide how to paint. I did some trials of a sandstone colour washed with brown ink but that didn't work. Will probably just go for grey with a Grey wash and keep the tone light.
  15. Have done the boring bit and have cut up and stuck the various bits back together. Next step rolling the foam and sticking that on.