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  1. Brianuk

    Citrine paints Oathsworn Tiefling Paladin

    Good definition andike the use of bright colours!
  2. Brianuk

    Bones Black owl bear

    Love owl bears and really like the pudgy but dangerous pose of this one. Although he does look a bit like a flamenco dancer. Really simple brown primer, dark brown rush then Zandri Dust and Ghost Grey (Vallejo Game Colour) highlights.
  3. Brianuk

    80031 - Decker Lugstampf

    This is the Bones version of Decker Lugstampf. Am slowly getting into Victorian Sci fi minis as a break from the hundreds of fantasy ones that I have. Could also use him as an enchanter for Frostgrave though... Simply painted with a dark grey primer, black wash, then brass and gun metal highlights.
  4. Brianuk


    Two speed painted mimics from the Wizkids line.
  5. I never know when my minis are done but here are the two fighters from the Dungeon Dwellers line, painted as a pair. Am using more and more Scale 75 paints, most of these colours are from their fantasy line with Army Painter washes.
  6. This is probably a weird one... I would like to see an ogre that has been raised by halflings. So, half a barrel on its head, contented look, eating a cow leg instead of a drum stick. Then, one raised by dwarves. So quite well fitting armour, scary looking axe, but a bandage/bump as he keeps hitting his head. Finally, one raised by elves. Arrogant far away look, pony tail, bow like a child's toy and sword like a dagger, smart robes and armour, but his toes and gut are poking out. All possibly inspired by the films des Steve Martin..
  7. Brianuk

    The mighty Uruk Hai

    I think the red comes out brightly, without being pink or scarlet. In the film obviously they have very very dark brown or very very dark grey skin and black gunmetal armour. Easy to paint but it would look like you just primed them!
  8. Am liking the bloodstone gnomes in Bones 4. It would be good to see more of the Warlord metal gnomes released in Bones or Bones black. Also, the warlord lupins or werewolves look cool and would be brilliant in Bones black.
  9. Brianuk

    The mighty Uruk Hai

    I like the lighter palette on these, they are quite small models aren't they so good idea not just to have blacks gunmetal and greys.
  10. Brianuk

    Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Understood! I can see the attraction in theming a group even if you don't use them in games. Look at Dixon miniatures (UK company) if they haven't come up on your searches yet, they have a historical and fantasy samurai range.
  11. Brianuk

    Dungeon dweller orcs

    thank you good tip
  12. Brianuk

    Dungeon dweller orcs

    Enjoyed painting the single DD orc and brought two more. They are a bit bigger but very much in the same style. Applied the same colour scheme. Am looking out for the remaining two but think they may be limited edition.
  13. Brianuk

    Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Enjoying following this. Check out "Daisho" by Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare or "Ronin" by Osprey Games if you are looking for rules. Daisho in particular looks fun and has stats/lists for Japanese fantasy creatures.
  14. Converted Gregor the Wizard, who is a druid type character, well wrapped up with a bird as a familiar. I thought the model would look good as a female character and the way the coat bunches up means that a conversion looks OK, in my view. I just cut off the head with a razor saw and swapped it with a reaper bones head for Drys the Dryad. I just stuck it straight onto a blob of green stuff. I didn't need to do much texturing because the beard on the original male model just looks like a scarf following the sawing. The mittened hand holding the bird just got accidentally bent back while I was sawing the head off (is this forum externally monitored?). It wasn't an intentional part of converting. Then a pretty simple paint job, have done the washes in these pics and need to do some basic highlighting and a winter effect on the base.
  15. Brianuk

    54mm toy orcs painted as ogres

    thank you - they are single piece, unbased, and come in a pack of 4 (all different poses( in metallic green plastic. These aren't converted at all. That plastic isn't as bendy as say Reaper Bones or toy soldier plastic. Sometimes the paint started to fleck away but that could just be my primer (Vallejo). I am happy with them. The company does some 30mm ones and also some 'Chibi' style minis. Look on Ebay for "Tehnolog".