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  1. Brianuk

    Coral golem

    Have finished this cheerful golem, from Bones 3. Did a basic water effect. Most of the paintwork was using coloured primer from Vallejo (a mid green) and then washing it with purple. Lots of washes, minimal to no highlighting, then the best bit was constantly finding and picking out new cool details on the figure.
  2. Brianuk

    Paladin/female fighter

    Have nearly finished this basic conversion of a Hasslefree mini. I just added a head from Statuesque Miniatures and then a scarf made from greenstuff. Am unsure about colour of said scarf but it looks better than the purple one I had before, and orange is apparently opposite purple on colour wheels. Who knew.
  3. Brianuk


    I think they are the best kit GW do, in terms of originality. I just brought a 4 troop sprue on ebay though, not a box so have nearly run out of ones to make!
  4. Brianuk

    Priming Reaper Bones Dragons

    The Vallejo air brush primers are also really good - no need to use them in an airbrush they are fine out of the bottle. Lots of tank/WW2 colours (which may not be your proposed look) but also bright red, bright blue. They go well on top of Bones if the model has been washed in soapy water in the usual way. If you used the primer then immediately lined or did an ink wash you would have painted a lot of the dragon.
  5. Brianuk


    Thank you - I need to set something up for photos as currently just snap them on my phone...
  6. Brianuk


    Here are two GW plastic dryads/sylvaneth. Loved painting these and it was quite easy to do with brown primer, dark brown wash, highlighting then (how original) adding some flock and tree foliage to them and some leaves to one of the bases. Will use them in Frostgrave or GA, as thugs/thieves or encounters.
  7. Brianuk

    Tough monks and statues

    Thank you - there are quite a few of the older bones minis that I have my eye on for statues.
  8. Brianuk

    Tough monks and statues

    Wow hadn't seen those will look out for them
  9. Am getting into the new Frostgrave based game "Rangers of Shadow Deep". The spiders are the smaller Reaper Bones spiders. The rats are from Black Tree Design, and the zombie is an old Grenadier miniature by Mark Copplestone that I brought from EM4. All basic paint jobs, tried to have a bit of a lighter pallette on the spiders in particular, and wanted to make sure they could be used for Frostgrave as well.
  10. Brianuk

    Tough monks and statues

    Here are some "Brotherhood" monks from Westwind Productions Vampire Wars range. I also used some earlier Bones miniatures as statues. The monks were base coated/primed with Vallejo air brush primer leather brown then washed with strong tone. Flesh areas base coat cream then flesh tone on top. The statues are just Halbarad and Aglanda, stuck to a stack of 25mm mdf bases glued together. They had been washed in soapy water, then just painted with Army Painter grey primer and washed with Army Painter Dark tone.
  11. Brianuk

    Half orcs or hobgoblins

    Have painted up some half orcs. They are from Mark Copplestone, who made them for Grenadier Games many years ago. They are still in print from 2 or 3 different small sellers. I used Vallejo leather brown Air primer (with a brush though) and Army Painter Strong tone. This covered the whole mini and made the process of highlighting and building up the base coats much quicker.
  12. A shipwrecked party. So the typical adventurers but they have had to improvise half their equipment from driftwood or desert island items. Captive/chained/tied up figures of both genders that don't look like creepy/like they are in a specialist independent film. Modern/Chronoscope and fantasy (ahem). Prisoner breakout. So in broken chains and laying people out with their picks or spades.
  13. Brianuk

    Lady Rose Riding Hood

    Have painted up the last mini I got from the Privateer Press mini crate service. Think I will leave it for a while. This is "Lady Rose Riding Hood" according to the fluff. I will use her for Frostgrave (as a witch) or GA as a warden or herbalist. Tried to use a mainly brown and orange pallette and have pale skin without it looking boring. I must be a child of the 70s. One thing I found difficult was that because I used a brown undercoat (Vallejo air primer leather brown) I found it difficult to treat particular areas as 'done'. There is a trick of the eye I think when you use a primer colour that will be present on the finished piece. The leaves are real leaves cut out with a leaf cutter from Green Stuff World. A great little toy.
  14. Brianuk

    'Sleeping beauty'-esque scenic diorama

    Javis (model railway supplier) do some nice creeping vines (spring, summer, winter) and perhaps you could add flock or greenstuff roses to that. Or see if bead suppliers on ebay make anything at the right size.
  15. Just need to base and do final highlights on this mini. I brought it from a great small company called Battlezone miniatures, they have the rights and moulds for a load of old Grenadier miniatures. Mark Copplestone is probably my favourite sculptor so pleased that these adventurer minis are still in print. I also love the cheating/sense of achievement when you paint a figure in plate armour. This one was standard drybrush over black, blue ink wash, lighter silver tone dry brush.