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  1. Thanks again for all this! Yes I think that diagram is the 'Pinterest' image of what I will end up doing! At the moment the mast is going to be t shaped. The crows nest is a bit of card and I will glue coffee stirrers to the top. I will leave it flat. That way any 25/30mm based model can stand on it. The cross bar could be a chop stick or 8mm dowel. The plumbing parts are 10mm wide but that means that you can slot in something 10mm wide but not pass it all the way through. All obvious to plumbers I suppose. The sail will be cheese cloth or thick paper Thank you, this is the idea, very much a wargames model. On looking at these I may need to add some colour to the ships. At the moment they are just being painted raw umber and dry brushed up a bit. I want them to be versatile though.
  2. "Kaljit wonders how you will do the rigging..." The good news is that I painted the shipwreck section with a primer of brown tinted mod podge (about 5-10% acrylic raw umber to matt mod podge) then a base coat of raw umber. I was worried that the thing would melt with all the liquid being added to it as it is effectively just a thick cardboard box. That hasn't happened and because I used a cheap coarse brush I was able to add a wood grain effect to the smooth card just by brushing all the strokes laterally. I also brought some brass plumbing fittings for the mast and the crows nest/Cross piece. Thank you for the idea @TGP.
  3. Found some more time for these today. Built up more of the gunwhales on the smaller ship. I could have been smarter about how I did the original work and avoided having to add another layer of card but oh well. I have cut a mast out of 10mm dowel and am going to look for some kind of fitting for it in a DIY shop. I thought I had some copper pipe but it will be too wide. I made a hatch out of mounting board, match sticks, and coffee stirrers (I don't have sugar or sweetener in drinks but...). Once the mast is fitted in I will detail the portholes or windows to the rear cabin, just using match sticks and coffee stirrers. Then add a rudder using mounting board. I have found an mdf ships wheel and will see how good that is. Then I just need to paint and will have my first ship.
  4. Slow progress on these due to other commitments but have laid the desk on the smaller ship and stuck in the foam panels for the cabin windows and doors. The wooden frames will be painted the same colour as the foam plank walls so it should cover my wonky wood work. Next steps, adding rails and building up the gunwhales, and then biting the bullet and painting and adding whatever texture or detail I add to the exterior of the ships. I also need to add masts, figurehead, hatches, stairs. So lots to do!
  5. They come up on US ebay for USD 4.14 or USD 5.26 plus shipping of USD 4.66. I think there is a shipping discount for buying more than one. I would put a link in but some fora don't like it when you do that. I just typed "paper mache boat" into ebay and the company I brought from came up. I don't know if shipping makes them too expensive though...
  6. Wow thanks for this. The middle deck timbers run 'fore and aft', but the ones for the upper decks (ie the roof to each cabin) runs horizontally. I am not sure if that is accurate or not but I liked the effect. I might use pvc or brass plumbing pipe as a base for the mast. The authorities here would probably tell me off if I try and find small arms shell casings! There must be somewhere in US that makes these boxes. Efco dot de are the German distributor and I have seen the on UK and German Amazon and on ebay. Thanks again
  7. Managed to do a bit more work on these. Have added a foam plug to the underside of the two cabin decks. I have then used coffee stirrers to make the deck floors. I haven't cut the ones on the main deck because I am going to use 5mm foam to create the detail for the cabin doors and windows. That will sit on top of the rounded ends of the stirrers.
  8. Have got some photos showing the ship wreck bit, and the only major structural addition I had to make. I used strong mounting board card to make the focsle for the sloop. I am clamping it together after gluing (just using mod podge) and seems to dry well and hold.
  9. Thanks everyone, yes I was pleased to find these. I think the original craft application for them is for trinket boxes or small sets of shelves so they are actually really sturdy. The main attraction was to have the curve shapes and the compartments below deck and for making the focsle and captains cabin (I part company with nautical terms quite early). That is the way I am looking at it. I probably won't have a full sail or maybe won't have a cross piece to the mast, in particular. Or it will be something I can take out. Have pm'd you but I think they come up if you search "paper mache boat box to decorate" or "box ruderboot" (I am English but they come from a German distributer).
  10. I found some cardboard boxes in a boat shape online and am turning them into a Cog, a sloop, and a shipwreck. At the moment am just cutting and putting the cardboard structures back together. Once it is all assembled will figure out how to texture it and add detail. In particular I need to think about a mast and about how to show planks along the curved sides. All ideas welcome. Am going to keep it so that the decks come off and allow access to the hold and the cabin. These boxes only cost £3-£3.80 each so it cost about £13 for the raw materials for two ships.
  11. Brianuk

    Basic stone house wip

    Have had my first go at a thatched roof. I untwined some garden twine and stuck it on. It gets really messy so I may need to think again. I am no Lester Freamon, at some point I don't want to sit there teasing out and combing bits of string! Painting is just a dry brush with grey for now, will follow up with a wash and some more highlighting. Am probably going to do a tiled or shingle roof for the next house, need to fill in the corners and will paint that when it is dried.
  12. Brianuk

    Basic stone house wip

    Hello have done a bit more work on this using domestic filler / spackle to fill in some of the gaps, also made another house. Yes! I used a GreenStuffWorld roller "bricks". It really works well with this kind of Xps hard insulation foam. I have not had any success with foamboard or with softer polystyrene (ie TV packaging). I didn't do this one very well but the mini (a reaper one for once!) has a cobblestone rolled base. In terms of the real basics of the construction method, I have found that superglue can melt the foam, fine when you are doing ruins but not maintained houses. I used mod podge and secured it to the cardboard house whilst drying with rubber bands. Not rocket science but then I was sitting there holding it till it dried before... I am going to seal these with a mix of mod podge and black paint, heavy drybrushing grey, then use a grey ink wash. The roof is going to be thatched with twine.