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  1. DSM8013, Fox Dual Wield Warrior

    It looks amazing! Almost like a painting! This technique you used to make it look cartoonish (that's not the right word BTW), almost like an oil painting of sorts, what's it called? I find it magnificent, really adds a lot of character to the mini.
  2. Another Danged Vampire: 50157: Townsfolk, Lady of the Night

    Thanks for the explanation! Very cool character that one too. Been so long since I've played WoD, it brings back memories.
  3. 03814 D'mona female elven vampire

    Nice one! Depending on the story and character you might not want to give the dead ringer (zing!) that the character is something else, but just enough that later the players will facepalm "i shoulda known". You've reached that sweetspot! Well done, sir!
  4. 02887: Evil Toys and Hasslefree Alyx

    Great scene! Would love to hear how it turns out in the end. Because of the jack in the box holding scissors, this could be her last spell as well! *shivers*
  5. 03506: Egyptian Priestess

    Great mini with great hair! I'll try your recipe with one of my own, so thanks for that as well!
  6. Kev!'s 77573: War Pug Leaping

    Would love to play pug of war with this dog. Very nice work. Is there any reason why its in a forest or swamp, or it's just a backdrop?
  7. Another Danged Vampire: 50157: Townsfolk, Lady of the Night

    Very nice work. She does scream beware, and in more than one way (i'll suck your blood, spice up your drink and rob you blind). Would be a nice NPC for a WoD game. Excuse-me for my noobness, but what is WIP?
  8. 77109 Fire dragon, red and gold

    Finished the fire dragon, painted using a red and gold theme. Used lots of metallic paints mixed in with matte paint, especially on its torso. Hope I got the right effect. Tell me what you guys think, would appreciate it. P.S.: I'm a bad photographer so don't mind the shadows and the bad lighting in the pics... If need be i'll take another batch of photos.
  9. kaladrax

    Holy molly! That thing's huge! Better you than me, pal! Seriously, now, you should grow some moss over the stones and rocks. Maybe adding some tall swamp grass or a broken overgrown tree trunk... Anyway, amazing work! Would not like to cross with one of those in an adventure, it looks dangerous.
  10. Bonesylvanians class of 2015 (Heavy pictures)

    Great collection! Lots of love for the tiny Cthulhu! He looks fearsome and cute all at the same time.
  11. 77384 Arathanel, Elf Ranger

    Thanks! I'll work on that!
  12. 77148 Mangu Timur

    Thanks! I thought the black/purple theme would look good for this mini so gave it a shot.
  13. 77148 Mangu Timur

    Finished my version of Mangu Timur just now. The pictures may not be that great 'cause i'm a bad photographer. Would like you guys to say what you think of it.
  14. 77384 Arathanel, Elf Ranger

    I was posting things out of chronological order. This is the very first bones mini I've painted. Constructive criticism is very welcome. Got another mini that's almost finished and I'll post it soon.
  15. Crusader Knight with two handed sword

    Finished my first metal mini. Took some time to get the chain mail the way I wanted.