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  1. DSM5012 Lannister Lady in Waiting

    That collar bone is an inspiration. I imagine it was very frustrating before you learned the eyes are closed! I've never even seen a mini with closed eyes before.
  2. Ye Olde Minipainting Inspiration

    Thanks Glitterwolf! I got into this because I felt like too many of my minis were ending up in various shades of earth tone. Or if a creature is a bright color, it's all one bright color with *maybe* a different tone belly. This is ironic because while I have a great selection of inexpensive, vibrant colors at my disposal, the pigments in these medieval works often cost a literal fortune. That's probably *why* they're so multicolored: a display of wealth. In particular, I like the last two pic. The colors are boring in one of them, but they both tell tales of forbidden love between griffons and farm animals. One shot inspiration?
  3. Ral Partha AD&D Marid

    Looks great! I've been having a really hard time with greens lately. You should consider putting some flock under the pits: this looks like a guy that should have very hair armpits.
  4. Jedi Babies (I made ornaments!)

    [when there are just too many minis to paint] "Master Pochi. There are too many of them. What are we going to do?"
  5. 77565 Kyphrixis, Copper Dragon

    I like the choice of oxidized green for the copper dragon!
  6. I recently ordered a dragon (Ral Partha 01-146) with a sculpt that looks closer to something out of an old medieval manuscript than an rpg bestiary. For inspiration, I started looking through some actual medieval manuscripts for inspiration and found some great stuff! Below, I have attached some of what I found, as well as a very nice 19th century (I think?) print. Finally, I've included some images of the famous 16th century Deruta ceramic style - we've had a Deruta dragon teapot in my family as long as I can remember, and I'm excited by the idea of doing a Deruta-themed dragon at some point in the future. Feel free to post similar images for use as inspiration below, but please no contemporary stuff!
  7. Dwarf with Wrench Hammer Thing

    It's a sphamner: part hammer, part spanner.
  8. 60156, Graveknight

    That lava glow OSL is unreal, and the little red eyes are super cute.
  9. Fire Giant Jailor 77593

    Looks great! Definitely makes me want to avoid fire giant incarceration. If that mini had the albino skin you originally planned + a shave, it might resemble your avatar! Ever attempt a conversion Kill Face mini?
  10. Imp (in 30 min)

    Great looking base! Wow, the "evil acolytes" from that collection are... poor taste maybe?
  11. DSM7970, Fox Bard

    Those pants are absolute magic. Do you just free hand stripes like that, or is there a technique?
  12. Star Wars Riot Troopers Heart of the Empire

    [disclaimer: total novice here!] I've had some success using fun tack for masking on non-flat surfaces.
  13. 14418: Bloodstone Gnome Scragger

    Perfect warts.
  14. Anyone Painted an Opal?

    Not perfect, but perhaps you could use opal metallic vinyl. There are also some interesting looking tutorial on youtube for opal-esque nail art.
  15. Jungle Titan

    I agree that this does not seem to be directly inspired by a recognizable D&D creature, but you could certainly use the mini to represent one. A search in dndbeyond 5e does not appear to reveal any humanoid reptilians that are of the large/huge size, aside from some Yuan-ti creatures that aren't really a good fit. Could only find medium sized reptilian humanoids. Still, I'm sure there must be something in an older edition that looks like this. It doesn't have a great search feature, but this site has a nice catalogue of 2e creatures.