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  1. You want randome ? I got your randome ... oohold school randome ... December 1888 randome ... I give you, the Electric Corset ... We will be forming a mob to lynch Dt.Scott between 11 and midnight , promptly followed by a riot and then the lynching of said Dr. Scott.
  2. Is your fridge running ?

    I knew it was hot water heater and not just water heater ... and now I have roof ... from December 1888 ...
  3. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    At least your not typing it out in 1888 ...
  4. Foods of yester-yore

    She made it with T.L.C. , like all grandma's do ... I have a 1972 saterday evening post cookbook floating around here someplace ... as well as a bunch of 70s sunsets with diferent focus ... you never know where you'll find a jem of a recipe.
  5. Kulathi lore ?

    Adding to the planet Kuden eco system ... the Kuden sand worm ... He is still a work in progress but seems a Natural fit ... not sure if he something the Kulathi brought with them, serving a biological use or ops, how did that get here (they start off small) ... or ... is it native to Kuden and one more thing for the Kulathi to deal with ...
  6. Tools of the Trade

    It would be nice to see different levels of the same tutorials together ... for example a single tutorial for basic hair, a medium and an advanced technique together to give the reader an idea of what is involved at different levels of detail ... not on every subject, but a few that might naturally fit a multi skill level tutorial.
  7. Micron Pens for eyes

    What do you guys think of fine tip sharpies for detail like that... Asking because I haven a few nice high light and edging videos using sharpies.
  8. Kuden Sandworm

    At this rate he might cost me ... maybe 5 bucks in material and paint ... maybe. And he just fits so well into the Kuden eco system ... as will his lazy cousin , more on him laters.
  9. Kuden Sandworm

    First touch of paint ... Have a good feeling about him ... not sure on gum color yet, tentacles probably flesh washed with purple but fairing into what for the gums ... and teeth , metallic ? Crystal ? ... Any way ... vision of things to come ...
  10. B.B. guns can be your friend ... not to kill or wound ... the lil co2 cheap pistols are just enough to say ... hay, you, go away or I will plink you again ... most animals figure it out fast enough ... just don't get caught doing it, kinda hard to explain your a relocation therapist and not the great hunter. Paint ball guns work too ... but can be more costly ... So ... two termites walk into a bar and one asks ... is the bar tender here ?
  11. Rust-oleum have changed their propellant/active ingredients so it will micro-etch plastics getting the spray paint to stick ... it used to be a special separate paint line but it seems they found it better to mix that ability into their standard line ... I suspect Krylon did the same thing ... it's the Xylene that eats into the plastic ever so little you don't see it but the paint sticks ... any spray (or brush on) paint with the Xylene warning should stick to most plastics ... but not all plastics are the same.
  12. Murgmo - Reaper Miniature

    But he is so cute ... he is like the huggi-goblin of smiles !
  13. Like the shield ... I tried the mirror spray paint, got shinny silver ... yours is so much better!
  14. Foods of yester-yore

    Still leaning forum option ... a guinea pig is still food right ? Still need to figure out that pop up pic trick ... but a last few food related shots ...
  15. Got a few gifts for the gals in the office ... got me thinking about food (I let them pick the gift subject) ... thought I'd let you all have a snek peek ... and I'll throw in a few extras ... Funny how food has hardly changed at all ... or has it ???