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  1. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Pizza bread ... no post oven cutting, made just the way you like, all fresh ingredients, 5 min to slap together and 10 min in the oven ... next best thing to pizza meatloaf .
  2. Foods of yester-yore

    Beer pancake batter = deep fry goodness ... chicken stripes, onion rings, jalapeño poppers ... anything you want to deep fry dip in batter, dip in fryer.
  3. Is your fridge running ?

    More of an personal thing vs house thing but a thought with warmer weather coming ... cleaned out you computer lately ? Might be worth a goggle moment to make sure you treat your motherboard right ...
  4. Foods of yester-yore

    The old time logging camps did not have a lot of milk ... but they always had beer ... I have used beer in lots of baking resapes , and also to cook rice or pasta , as well as tea or broth ... adds extra flavor. Sobe pina colada tea to cook white rice ... toss in some diced pineapple and raisins ... yum yum for every one ... The brown beer cooking brown and long grain rice with beef jerky diced up in the mix ... don't get me started ...
  5. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    This guy started off wanting to be an artist ... somewhere along the way he had to pay rent ... so he did this ... He probably did not go to art school to be a Comercial artist but it paid some bills ... he might have had to force it, or go for a long walk, or stand on his head and hum ... buy he got through it and today ... 90+ years later ... it's no longer an add, it is art. His art outlived him ... and now we are looking at it ... relax, reflect, rejuvenate ... and get back in the fight !
  6. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Too the tune of ... I always feel like someone is watching me ... Toys in the attic ... nope Brain wessile ... nope Secret squirrel ... maaaybe ...
  7. Foods of yester-yore

    Their was a time years ago, I was living with rellatives when I discovered ... if I leave beer in the fridge my grandmother would steal them and make logger style flap Jacks the next morning ... once I put 2 and 2 together it got to be a habit ...
  8. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Ah Tuesday ... the day of double blessing ...
  9. Is your fridge running ?

    You know , this brings up a good point ... where are your electric motors and heat exchange radiators in your house ... both benefit from cleaning now and again ... Radiators ... fridge , freezer , AC unit , swamp coolers (you change the pads not clean them), others ? Electric motors ... in your fridge / freezer , fans (bathroom , ceiling fan or fan/light , stove hood , attic) , pump house / sludge pump , AC unit / swamp cooler , others ? All the above will last longer and run better / more cost effectively if cleaned from time to time ... a small price for a nice return.
  10. 03015: Maeral Female Elf

    Distracted by big blue critter with blade like claws ... look at elf ... look at monster ... look at elf ... look at monster ... my brain hurts ... but, they both are coming along nicely !
  11. Wymrgear, a synthetic image (Reaper 77177)

    Check out guitar strings for wires ... the thick base kind , they came in very handy when I converted 2 heroclix sentinels to WH40K Knight titans ... the thick coiled look of the base strings look great on figures that are supposed to be ginormous ...
  12. Is your fridge running ?

    You can partially disassemble a ceiling fan (take the blades off and housing down) to get to the electric motor for deep cleaning if you feel up to it ... Keeping the dust down is why I try to vacume things out instead of blowing them off.
  13. Is your fridge running ?

    I have had to swap out a few bathroom fan motors in the last couple of weeks, they tend to over heat if gunked up too long, a good cleaning and a little lube dose wonders ... I have been picking up new style replacement Motors on plates (side displacement style) and taking them apart, flipping the main motor but not the shafts and remounting the top and bottom shaft mounts so I can mount it to the cross bar with the old pusher motor fan blade to use a box fan motor (15$) instead of the replacement pusher motor (140$) ... in an old tube fan housing ... seems worth the half hour to swap motors ...
  14. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It has been this kinda Monday ... Do you know how you can tell if it's John Wayne toilet paper ?
  15. Kuden Sandworm

    Almost thar ... I'll pick up some gloss finish for the maw and flat for the body after work tomarrow ...