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  1. This is no joke, is your fridge running ? More than normal ... all the time ... not as cold as it used to be ? When was the last time you vacumed your fridge ? You have haven't you ? No ? Then keep reading this spring cleaning post is for you (and about as off topic as one can get). I would like to introduce you to the dark side of your fridge, the underbelly of a place of light and goodness you go to almost every day for a lighted selection of food and drink ... but hiding a dark secret, a secret that will ask, nay, demand the intervention of the wondrous invention ... the vacume cleaner! That right boys and girls your trusty vacume is your friend and I will show you how to use this wonder of scientific ingenuity to save the day! Step one, if you dare, is to look at your fridge radiator, just like a car a fridge has a radiator for heat exchange,and if it is clogged you effective heat exchange is reduced till your freon fails or the pump or cooling fan fail ... the death of you fridge. But fear not gentle reader, their is hope, with our trusty friend the vacume we can clear the overburdened radiator and return our fridge to full power, warp factor cool ... If your lucky your radiator is on the back of your fridge and easy to find brush/vacume clean ... others are under or behind a panel on back bottom of fridge with the pump and fan ... also good things to vacume clean to avoid heat build up. Note the before and after ... and please accept my apologies if dirty pictures offend you ... As you can see (if you squint enough to see the dim pic) a dark place revealed ... and clensed with the power of vacume and a long thin brush ... what once ear a marathon fridge running all day long is now a loafer, hardly working at all to stay frosty ... Fell free to add your own horror stories and narrow excapes ... life hacks or life hatches ... spring is in the air and in my step so aping forward and don't forget to mix in the worst puns you can come up with ... A chuckle a day is ... better than being hit on the shin with a tire iron !
  2. ... silly little fellow ... with a sword ... maybe not so silly after all ..
  3. Yay ... it's stll ginormous but on ambush mode ...and no eye symbols, just a tiny pop up key pad slight smaller than my finger tips, you don't want to know how much fun it is to type on this thang ... labor of luv. Thx you two !
  4. That right guys and gals their not just for wedding cakes ... I like to fill mine with expanding foam (when I have a few foam projects lined up, the can of foam never works for me later so it's a use it or lose it) chop em up (once dry) and butter the ends with something rough and stout (I used flexall) ... a few examples from a city set I was working on before I moved (still unfinnished) ... cities abound in hard cover so it's mostly for looks, nice looks but looks ... in a jungle or desert set it's a great way to add hard cover and have an overgrown lost temple (jungle) or lost oasis side ruins (desert) ... it's a simple and straight forward technique to add just the right sized cover in just about any table set you got ... I got a large bag of them fairly cheap at a craft store (Michesls) a great value for the buck. P.S. the Grey rubble is old model sprew rum through an old hand crank meat grinder ... who knew modeling could be so much fun !
  5. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Randome vroom vroom ...
  6. Thanks but I'd er you'd probably would be better off if I knew the code to the pop up pic ... o don't have a computer at the moment ... just this phone.
  7. I bought this yesterday ... almost half gone already :( *Ginormous photo of Marie sharp's fiery hot habanero pepper sause removed due to crazy phone insisting it be as large as a house* Yikes ... I have no control of photo size on this phone ... and I can not find good hot sause in this area ... I miss obrotherorganics.com ... and then I looked online wail making this post and found its sold at whole foods ... and their is one in town , joy! #Chipotle habanero you will be mine again ...
  8. Is your fridge running ?

    So sunny weather is coming. And with it the hot weather ... make sure your AC is clean, it's grill is a heat exchange just like the one in your fridge or car radiator ... if you live in hot climate get some shade on it or look into a automated mist system for your cooler, when you cooler kicks on the mist system will start misting and add the power of evaporation ro your AC heat exchange, giving it a noticeable bump in efficiency.
  9. Got a few gifts for the gals in the office ... got me thinking about food (I let them pick the gift subject) ... thought I'd let you all have a snek peek ... and I'll throw in a few extras ... Funny how food has hardly changed at all ... or has it ???
  10. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    If you finish enough of them to make some space ... you can start more !
  11. Auberon Paints His Bones...

    The face on the bard is outstanding ... mischief, in the corner of his smile and treachery is in his eyes ... you might be better off without him ... Last pick up D&D game I was in included a gnome Rouge who's only goal was to cause trouble and grief the party ... about half way through the second session I thumped his noggin, tied him up and the party played hacky sac with him till he was severely subdued, I then informed him he would be released once he stopped trying to get the party killed ... he did not come back ... hope you have better luck with your group.
  12. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It was ether a 6 or an 8 gallon crock , it was a few years back (ok, decades) I spent 6 years making wine in Sonoma and Mendocino California in my younger years It was in the ssme year we made the exploding water melon wine ... it was my years in the wineries that prepared me for such events , I once saw a 2500 gallon tank blow it's top ... now and then you have to help the wine along , hook up a pump and gently roll the wine over to help it ferment ... gently as its carbonated at this point ... saw a guy hook up a pump, turn it on, forgot the valve was closed so he opened it way to fast ... ever open a well shook soda can ? Imagen if that can was two stories tall ... thar she blows, we had a gusher ... The mechanic saw it and started yelling for the guy to get on the lid and stop it ... he tried ... tried ... the cellar master on the other side of the tank stand saw him wrestling with the lid and knew better, he started yelling at him to let go and get back to safety ... as he backed up the mechanic started yelling again, then the cellar master, then the mechanic ... did I mention thay were brothers from Italy, and more than a little excited ... this pore guy was soaked head to toe and just blew about a thousand gallons of wine out the tank top hatch ... would have been a youtube classic if I'd filmed it ... crazy ... After that the exploding water melon wine was not so big a deal after all ...
  13. Kuden Sandworm

    If you followed along you saw what I did to get here ... if / when I do it again this is what I'd do differently ... To start, smaller starting tube sections, and smoother conections ... Take more time with the tentacles before assembly, smooth them out more ... Spend more time between tooth & tentacle and mounting the lips ... once the lips went on getting to the gums was next to impossible without a shrink ray ... And finally I think I'd use cardboard to build up the base to make things stronger and faster ... A few other points are builders choice, I wanted lumpy globy tentacles and scraggly teeth to test a slimy finnish, cleaner smoother finnish would work with more looks but the first glue gun and soggy towel project in close to two years, I cut a few corners ... I think it will turn out ok for the table top ... If anyone wants to add suggestions, comments, observations, recommendations, or any other big fancy word for tossed in your 2 cents ... the floor is open ... please do.
  14. Kuden Sandworm

    It's hard to have a desert planet without a sand worm ... but after buying a load of Kulathi and hounds of Tindalos my stash of doubloons are stretched thin so I turned to GM Scotty and his youtube channel "theDMsCraft" (two tentacles up) for a cost effective option ... after viewing his techniques in video #74 DIY purple worm cheap and easy and his video #129 how to make the watcher in the water from LotR ... I'm ready to start crafting ... Started with a basic TP tube frame and a lil hot glue ... followed with a paper towel and white glue wrap, not all at once as I did not want it to melt into mush, I covered no more than half, spread out, and let dry (the hard part) before applying the next layer , with a few hot glue bridges to help round things out ... At the same time I started twisting up the tentacles, then reinforced them with hot glue, as well as shaping and reinforcing the teeth ... glued body to a base to match my Kuden terrain set (could have used cardboard as I made sure it was balanced naturally) then hot glued on teeth cut tenticals to mount at nice angles and ready for next step ...
  15. Kuden Sandworm

    The base is finally dry enough to move forward with masking the maw and top coating the skin ... getting close ... Once cured I'll paint the base Kuden brown ... A gloss finish then flat mate for the skin ... and base to match Kuden.
  16. 77211: Gauntfield

    He sure looks like a happy guy ... and no bones in his closet , he carried them with him in a bag , how thoughtful ... Nice job
  17. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Or just time to purge the cookie file ...
  18. Hay I have seen this some place before ... wink ... looks way better than the battle mat I drape over my TV for a backdrop , good stuff.
  19. I used to use ' mean green ' to soften paint when I had to clean up a house painting oops ... put a little on for 3 - 5 min and pick out with a toothpick ... it get paint soft and dose not mark metal ...
  20. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Lol ... I think we breaky the boardy ... Speaking of fruit wine ... Pear Apple Mellon Grape Plumb In a 6 gallon crock pot ... some german sherry yeast and 8 lbs of sugar later ... 20% by volume ... it was too good to age ... made at friends grandpa's house and it got drank in less than 3 weeks ... lot of hangovers in raw wine ...
  21. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I kinda feel like we all just hade a 'moment' there ... not sure what to do now ...
  22. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Are we making fruit salad or mash wine ?
  23. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Is that the fresh prince of ...
  24. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Tough call ...
  25. Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    *hangs head* fancy new age color posts ... all I have are crusty old 1926 photos from books I got in my teens ... *mutters to self* you young wippersnappers don't know how good you got it today ... fancy cars ... indoor plumbing ... and what the heck is a microwave anyway ... I'm going to go watch a movie on my new fangled laser disc ...