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  1. Got a link to some 1926 saterday evening post full page adds now art ... Here ... the gallery will grow with time and ... if any of you have some cool old school to share, add a link or through up some pics.
  2. I have an idea or three ... but would like to hear others impression of the impressive Space Mouslings by Gene Van Horne ... who are they in your galaxy what are they like and what do they do ... we each have our own lil galaxy and no two are exactly alike ... so ... how do you see space mouslings in your galaxy ?
  3. Boaz

    Interdimensional Beast

    I was watching the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and it occurred to me ... using the same techniques I used to make my Kuden sand worm I could make a Interdimensional Beast ... that shoots energy out of its mouth ... a Beast from another dimension with some soggy paper towels and a glue gun ... he just got put on my list ... It then occurred to me, my brain is not nearly as large as I like to think it is ... so I deduced their has to be a metric ton of other monsters out there than would not take a professional to make ... hence my call out to other monster fans ... cool monsters, with not too many fiddly parts ... what's the best 'makeable' monster ?
  4. John Carpenter's "They Live" ... knee jerk reactions to haves and havenots turned into American classic.
  5. Boaz

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Kevin ?
  6. We have all had brushes with the hard to explain , the apparent impossible , the out of this world ... here's a chance to share a memory or few ... So way back in my younger days me, my brother and two friends we coming home from an all day "monsters of rock" concert in San Francisco, we stoped at a store to pick up some liquids refreshments and snaks for the ride home when I saw them ... coming down the street was a largish gang "wilding" , basically thumping everyone that came across their path ... they were a block away and I was the last one to get into my car ... "hay guys get out" , I said, "let's teach these punks a lesson" ... now I was the assistant wrestling coach at the local college wail I was still in high school and have had a wide range of training over the years so this wad kind of a natural response for me ... the other three had way more common sense, asking me to get in so we can go , this went on as the gang kept coming down the block beating up all who crossed their path ... Just then I herd a car screech to a stop, out of it flew a figure dressed all in black with the bat man emblem on his chest , he dashed across the street in short order armed only with two sawed off baseball bats and laid into the gang ... after over ten years of hand to hand combat training I can tell you, he knew what he was doing and executed every move with impressive precision ... after one of the best fight scenes I have seen in any bat man movie he dashed back to the bat mobile (A primer black ElComeno) and was gone ... leaving a mess of moaning thugs and cheering fans ... What a day, Monsters of rock and Bat man ... hard to say witch was more intense.
  7. Boaz

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's beer thirty somewhere ...
  8. A different kind of superhero movie ... Beowulf & Grendal ... beneath the legend lies the tail ... my favorite take on the old tail to date.
  9. Boaz


    Is that Arnold / Conan cammo ?
  10. Boaz

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    A lot of pig hunters use super glue to mend their dogs up ... it was originally developed as chemical stitches in battle field conditions (thus fast acting) you can rub a shell over the area and tend to him till it dries ... should be fast and stand up to a few days ... check online for application tips and tricks.
  11. Boaz


    Boot Hill ... so classic, gave my copy with several modules to my cousin on his last birthday ... he is big on collecting old school TSR . It had my go to combat system for Top secret and gangbusters ...
  12. Boaz

    The Great Race of Yith (Custom Mini)

    Two tenticals up
  13. Boaz

    Bad Kitty

    I like the contrast, it fits the figure well ... though a little blending inside the wings might fade (only a little) the dark wings to the lighter webbing ... bridging the transition some ...
  14. Boaz


    Nice job ... what game(s) will you use them in ... I used to build multi tree bases to make 'forested' areas and leave the trees removable for larger things moving into the area marked by the base ... worked well for table top war games that used 'area' terrain rules.
  15. Boaz

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Noone suspect the Spanish inquisition !!!
  16. Boaz

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Add a feeder and you'll have a regular day spa for you feathered friends ...
  17. Boaz

    Kill Team

    <--- in same boat , most win and get better lose and , well , lose systems have a few good/lucky players jump out ahead and the rest drift out... usually in about a month or so ... The mention of tournament play dose suggest a balanced game but with a very small model count ... looking forward to how this one turns out.
  18. If the sign is clip on / removable or on it own post you can use different signs for different themes and get multi use out of the hanging cages ...
  19. Kung fu hustle ... over the top martial arts meets gangsters in a hilarious battle with the world's top fighters ... sort of ...
  20. Boaz

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    He reportedly fielded Eldar in at least one tournament ... no word on how well he did but eldar trnd to dance around the table and kill everything they see. <-- former Eldar player ... notorious for 52 strength 6 shots in a 500 point (40K in 40 min.) tournament.
  21. A sign warning to others ... clipped on or standing near by would be a nice addition ...
  22. What makes a good table top war game ... model count, system complexity, special characters, great background fluff, core rules ... what really makes one system more fun to play than another ? I have noticed several folks are working on a system as finding one that is 'just right' is almost impossible and if you do its tied to a model line you don't have ... I'm one of the folks working on a game system but I'm aiming for model independence ... a solid system that is not tied to any model line but open to use with any force you like ... I just want a good game I can bring any army I want to, and stll have a fair and balanced game with others bringing any army they like ... Most of the open army systems I have looked at are too light or over regulated and most don't have a viable point system ... a solid point system might never be perfect but it's the only viable medium for pick up games and turnament play in an open army game system , so I'm starting with ... A universal point system, based on force type templates. 1d10 based for all randome resolution. Smooth and straight forward game mechanics , with some special rules but keeping the system simple / fast is a primary goal. Looking for player preferences, likes/ dislikes , why one system stands out over others, what worked well and what just never seemed to get it right or seemed sooo wrong ... for all of us poking around at what could be ...
  23. Boaz

    Shadowrun Troll

    With that gear and that hair do someone is just begging for a brawl ...
  24. Boaz

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    The old black powder did not propel things as fast as modern smokeless powder so mass played more a part of a projectiles effectiveness ... that big chunk of dence old cheese probably had some weight to it ... For the same reasons you see an era of elephant rifles being short 4 gauge rifles... a 12 gauge = the barrel is the size of 1/12 pound round ball of lead (A single round 'slug') ... so a 4 gauge rifles is throwing a 1/4 pound ball of lead down range, and with the slower burn of black powder probably not breaking your shoulder doing it.
  25. Boaz

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Only 2 more days of being 'on call' for this quarter ... I love rushing to people aid and saving the day for others ... but a call at 1 am followed by a call at 3 am about parking spots is not why I have a phone ...