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  1. wickedshifty

    Stone Giant

    From the Facebook contest, although my frost giant queen was better I’d already shared her so I ended up using this guy. I was the only person who chose this model- I guess he is a bit understated. i was happy with how he came out. c&c always welcome!
  2. wickedshifty

    Earth Elemental

    Large earth elemental- he has moss for armpit hair :)
  3. wickedshifty

    Frog Demon

    This guy was a blast to paint.
  4. wickedshifty

    Dungeon Dwellers Goblins

    These are probably some of my best work ever, which is a little silly. But they are such nice little sculpts and I love them. I got them for free for ordering so much.
  5. wickedshifty

    Kassandra Of The Blade

    I’m pretty happy with how she turned out. I’ve been working on contrast for a long time- so I was happy to achieve some in her cloak. I kinda thought she was “tinker belle”ish- so I painted her sorta with that in mind.
  6. wickedshifty


    I didn’t glaze over them, but it was a verrrrrry thinned paint I was working with.
  7. wickedshifty


    His name is something to this effect. When I figure it out for real I might submit him to the inspiration gallery.
  8. wickedshifty

    Egyptian Priestess

    I find this mini problematic and objectifying. that said I wanted the baboon that came with her. So I figured I’d make some progress on skin tone and paint her up. happy with how she came out even if I might not ever use her
  9. wickedshifty


    He was a lot of work. like a lot. im glad he’s done.
  10. wickedshifty

    Pathfinder Red Dragon (as a blue dragon)

    I stole some spell effects from a nolzurs beholder who didn’t need this one. Pretty proud of this guy!
  11. wickedshifty

    Mushroom Men

    A group I’m in on Facebook had an underdark challenger so I couldn’t share these until it was over, the big guy won it! I love these sculpts and I can not wait to get underdark (I’m sorry....darkreach) expansion pack when Bones 4 arrives...
  12. wickedshifty

    Shadowsea Sea Dragon or Mosasaur

    I love the colors you used!
  13. wickedshifty

    Silver dragon 77329

    Silver dragon done up in red...
  14. wickedshifty

    Water Weird

    This was a quick and fun paint...
  15. wickedshifty


    My Druid found a tan bag of tricks in a Dragons horde. So now animals are on my list... here’s some heyenas